Reviews of The Voices of Spirit

Amongst these reviews, you will see many well-known names from those highly respected within the field of mediumship. These reviews are in no particular order.

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Stewart Alexander

For over half a century I have studiously researched all aspects of the Spiritualist movement particularly that of Physical Mediumship past and present. During the early years and several years before my own mediumship was to commence the very long process of development, I was privileged to sit on a few most memorable occasions with ‘Leslie Flint’ who was possibly the finest Direct Voice medium in history. Indeed, I shall never forget what I witnessed within his séance room.  Loved ones – men woman and children from the world beyond verbally communicating with sitters who had travelled from various parts of the country and flown in from various parts of the world to be there. How could I possibly forget speaking directly with my beloved grandmother who only weeks earlier had taken her transition. And also speaking with my own principal spiritual guide who, in just a few words, changed my life forever by confirming his reality in a way that was absolutely unknown to Flint or to anyone other than myself.  Throughout his life as a medium, and indeed ever since his departure from this world, it has been claimed, with justification, that in order to establish the ‘voices’ that spoke at his séances were quite independent of him, Flint was possibly the most tested Direct Voice medium in history. Today he is remembered – and rightly so – as a medium who for a great many years gave of himself to enable the living and the so-called dead to verbally communicate and the comfort this undoubtedly created is surely without measure. Over a period of a great many years literally, thousands of his séances were recorded and preserved for posterity. However, of particular note and interest are those that were recorded over a twenty-year period by George Woods and Betty Greene who sat with Flint on literally hundreds of occasions. Within this most interesting book are the transcripts of just a few of those recordings. Reading them is almost like actually being present at those long-ago séances and from them, we can learn a great deal about ‘the after-life’.  Readers will learn from communicators from the world beyond what the process of dying was actually like for them.                                                                                                                      The surroundings they found themselves in and what they personally experienced after death and more. As Leo Bonomo states in the book’s dedication: ‘This knowledge will enhance your entrance into Spirit when the time comes, it will change forever your views on what happens and the comfort that it gives is inestimable’,

For me personally, I found early in the book one particular most striking transcript of a Dr Marshall communicating with George Woods and Betty Greene. He had this to say:   “I know it is an important thing to give the personal truth and evidence and comfort so many people. Ones who sit back and do nothing else – they don’t do anything to forward the truth to help others. You are doing the real work and it’s a great pleasure and a great joy to come to you”.  So the doctor on behalf of the Spirit world was, in effect, thanking Mr Woods and Mrs Greene for their foresight in recording the séances and preserving them for posterity, so that in effect, they would always be available to interested parties and not lost with the passage of time. That the communicator’s voices and their message would never be silenced but would live on. And today – many years after George Woods and Betty Greene took their transition – those recordings remain so we owe to them both our absolute gratitude.

So too do we owe that to Leo Bonomo since he has, in producing this book, furthered their work, their legacy, by tirelessly creating a faithful transcript of a few of those wonderful séance recordings. One can only imagine the amount of diligent exhaustive work and the time that he must have invested in creating what must surely be a ‘must read’ book for anyone with even a passing interest, and or curiosity about what happens immediately after death.

I have no doubt that Mr Woods, Mrs Greene, Leslie Flint and all those communicators recorded within this unique book will be eternally grateful to Leo Bonomo. 

Robin Foy – The Scole Experiment

“The best way for anybody to learn the truth about Life After Death, is for them to converse at length with those spirit people who have themselves enjoyed an ‘Earth Life’ before passing into the spirit world after their ‘Death’. In this superb and unforgettable book by Leo Bonomo, he has gone a long way towards realising the case for ‘Post Mortem Survival’ by presenting a carefully chosen cross-selection of conversations with various spirit people – some well known in their lifetimes, and some not – speaking in their original (earth time) living voices, but recorded well after their ‘death’ through the remarkable physical mediumship of Leslie Flint. These voices did not come through Leslie’s own human voice box but could be heard clearly by everybody who was present at the time — speaking from an independent point in mid-air. At the height of his mediumship, there were times when Leslie had several spirit voices speaking clearly at the same time in the same room. It was quite normal for Leslie himself to be joining in the conversation so that his voice could be heard simultaneously with the voices of the spirit communicators.”

” I have personal experiences of sitting several times with Leslie Flint from 1974 onwards. It was after my first session in that year that — from then on – I dedicated my own life to the cause of physical mediumship and its phenomena, as being the best way of providing the most convincing ‘Evidence’ to prove the reality of Life after Death. Leslie was the honorary Vice-President of the Noah’s Ark Society which I founded in 1990, until his sad ‘death’ in 1994, when I attended his funeral. I can recommend this excellent book (and particularly the accompanying recordings) to anybody who is interested in learning the truth about what happens to us after we ‘die’. It goes a long way towards proving that ‘THERE IS NO DEATH’. Clearly, Leo has worked hard and long to bring these transcripts and recordings of spirit voices recorded during seances which featured the wonderful mediumship of Leslie Flint to the attention of the public, and should be heartily congratulated on his remarkable achievement.”

Love and Light,


Anthea Turner Tv personality

“I met Leo through a mutual friend at a dinner. What he said to me about my life could never have been gleaned from a newspaper He’s the real deal and has a kind heart”  Love  Anthea Turner

Having read this amazing book of transcriptions, listened to the recordings, a real must-have, they are incredible, I am blown away! In one recording there is a “fairy tale ending” in which a gentleman after losing a loved one early, turning to a life of crime, is reunited to live the life the lovers could have had. A real Romeo and Juliet moment to give us all the consolation that we really can be reunited with our lost love! How romantic is that?

Leo has captured the essence of these experiences from the recordings in the very first of a series of planned original books like this. There is no better example than to hear it from the lips of those who have died to give that ultimate comfort that we all survive death and there should be no fear as the convincing evidence is that death is not painful and a wonderful peace ensues are we are met by our loved ones”

With real, contact from those who have gone through the experience of dying talking about their deaths and their lives in spirit one of the best ways is to hear the real people themselves speaking, in their own voices. Those like Queen Victoria (who states “I am Victoria, queen no longer” underlining that such status carries no weight in spirit, and her medium, John Brown, can be heard on these remarkable recordings. There are guides talking too, giving some great insight into how things work. The death of Leslie Flint is a sad loss to the world but, Leslie must be so proud of his work.

Kai Felix Muegge Physical Medium

For his new book or better Multimedia-Release, well-known Author and Radio Host Leo Bonomo could not have chosen a more interesting subject – amongst the vast subjects in the field of Spiritualism or Mediumship. 

It is about an outstanding medium, one of a kind we have read in the parapsychological history books about, but no truly convincing evidence was available for this rare kind of Physical Mediumship until we get to Leos subject ‘Leslie Flint’.

Leslie Flint, born 1911, portrays a kind of physical mediumship mainly, the ‘Direct Voice’-mediumship, that has its roots in ancient mysticism like in the end all mediumistic phenomena. World religions have been influenced by disembodied voices – received by their disciples, apparitions spoke to seers, nasty spirits – or better known as ‘Poltergeists’ – harassed their victims all over the globe with disembodied voices telling uncomfortable private secrets to the frightened but petrified spectators watching and listening – and of course in the young contemporary form of western spirit communication – within Spiritualism – from early on so-called ‘Trumpet Mediums’ did let disembodied voices speak through a long cone-like ‘trumpets’. 

But even the later generations of Physical Mediums within Spiritualism produced powerful voice-related manifestations, like those voices appearing around the gagged Eileen Garrett, or the ‘independent’ Direct Voice of Margery Crandons brother ‘Walter’ that floated through the room and spoke from every thinkable location, Bastians ‘Direct Voices’ tried to convince him to stop smoking, Indridasons ‘Direct Voices’ sang in different sexes loudly into the ears of sitters behind the net, in front of which the medium was held by a control person. Some mediums could join the conversations of their spirits respectively could talk simultaneously – but only a few. 

And meanwhile, we are impressed to read about Etta Wriedts, Moncks, Husks and Emily French mediumstically produced voices we need to state eventually that – also due to the technical conditions of the time – there is merely no convincing evidence anyhow available documenting the sensational voice-manifestations described by witnesses.

If we did not have the evidence around the Leslie Flint mediumship because thousands of the voices were not only recorded but literally exhaustingly interviewed. Leo Bonomo met the outstanding Mr Flint in 1990, 4 years before he transitioned and became a witness of the outstanding voice phenomenon himself what made such an impact Bonomos resulting in the publication. 

The biggest strength in Bonomos Book/recordingsis clearly the combination of Audio and the transcripts of the produced voices and the insights they enable. Bonomo recites partially very long discussions between the experimenters and the talking spirits. This is one of the main differences between Bonomos and other – mainly online – publications. Underlined must be the massive value of the transcripts themselves, helping a lot to understand better the many expressed accents of the spirits. The recordings have partially a low quality due to their age and rightly listening is sometimes very difficult and the voices additionally sometimes hard to understand.

As Leo states in a chapter of his book, we are on the one side privileged to dive into a multitude of very personal stories and viewpoints expressed by the spirits. But as he also states at the same time in the first place they sound very normal, if not ordinary sometimes. 

At that point, we need to be aware that, like all forms of Physical Mediumship, we can approach Leslies mediumship additionally and necessarily from the phenomenological side as well. 

And with that approach, another massive value of Bonomos published recordings comes to light. Because what is above described as very much being missed and rare, the documented evidence of voices claimed to be embodied in the case of Leslie Flint can be studied here extensively. 

Incomparably varied are the voices and mannerisms and ages and sexes and viewpoints of the disembodied voices. Flint who had allegedly undergone a plethora of testings mainly in his earlier years with taped mouth and held water inside, with microphones controlling his larynx-activity asf… Unfortunately, protocols of these sessions are nowhere available anymore and in later days the apparently most different voices under the conditions they were presented were outright believed and considered unable to be faked. A lot of Flints sessions were held in the smallest most private groups and any thinkable fraud was by the most observers thought to be out ruled simply due to the transparency of the present conditions. 

And so the voices in Leos publication speak about religion and transition, about possibilities of the consciousness state they are in, about a lot of personal experiences in a seemingly astral environment where there is a lot to learn about their personality, their past and presence, their relationships and the perceived environment they are in. For Leo the common tone of dozens of ordinary spirits telling their story is evidence for their authenticity and this viewpoint sounds justified. 

Impactful on the contrary are the sayings of Flint’s guide ‘Mickey’ or of influential personalities like Arthur Findlay, founder of Stansted Hall, commenting then-recent events and developments which could not be more actual!

Findlay, through Flint, meticulously dissects certain currents and complains about the lack of development of Physical Mediums. ‘I do realise only too well that there is a great undermining of the movement going on’, namely to the disadvantage of Findlay’s most committed form of mediumship, the physical forms of Mediumship. 

‘It is not enough encouragement and development taking place for (…) the Physical, which is, after all, what convinced me and I feel it is sadly lacking.’

‘Err, I’m not suggesting that you… mustn’t have or shouldn’t have mental mediums’ he is carrying on, ‘but, er the standard of Mediumship, by and large, is enough to put most intelligent people orf.

I don’t mean to be unkind, but I must admit that I am very disheartened and just occasionally disappointed with the college. It’s not what I anticipated. It’s not what I intended, and it certainly isn’t going in the way in which I hoped it might go.

Of course, you must have mental mediums, and they are absolutely necessary essential – you should have healing also.

But the point is that I do feel there is a great dearth of good physical Mediumship. And we need physical mediums. Why aren’t they utilising this form of Mediumship? Why aren’t mediums being developed? Why isn’t the college being used as a development centre of good first class

(Physical) Mediumship (…)?’

And he gives his question right away an answer himself: ‘I feel there is a great lack of co-operation, a

great lack of co-ordination. And it seems to me at the moment that your work (…) seems bereft err, to a certain extent (…)’

Findlay speaks here from his own most powerful experiences in the field of mediumship when regarding the complete ignorance, if not hostility, expressed by the College for decades towards Physical Mediumship. Until today regulations against the very nature of Physical Phenomena as described for centuries do avoid any foundation or development of Physical Mediums in Stansted Hall. 

Neither the Physical Medium John Sloan, Findlay’s main research subject, nor Leslie Flint, would today be anyhow allowed to work or demonstrate in Stansted Hall – simply because both were working in the dark, what excludes them from any further evaluation. 

Isn’t that sad?

The great Leslie Flint would stand in front of closed doors of Stansted Hall!

With Findlay’s unmasking remarks – through Flint – we now want to hand over Leo Bonomos new Book/CD publication to your hands, believing there’s a lot for you to discover in it from so many viewpoints!

Leo Bonomo’s release about Leslie Flint is a clear recommendation, should not be missed in any researchers or Spiritualists bookshelf.


Kia Muegge

Kai Felix Muegge

client-centred and Holistical Therapy/

‘Clearings’, Spiritual Possession Treatment (blog English)

Lyn Gibb De Swarte

I have had a happy time reading and listening to the recordings from the Leslie Flint seances. The book deserves all the publicity it can get. A worthy and important publication that provides excellent and simple proof of individual human survival in another dimension for all who are born on earth after physical death. Leo Bonomo is to be congratulated on his hard work that presents a positive picture of mediumship and the Spiritualist religion, its philosophy and scientific principles that it underpins. Lyn Gibb-de Swarte (Principal Minister NCSS)

Sophia Psarakis – Biographer to Susan Nicholson – International Medium

As a gifted psychic with a warm and gentle disposition, Leo Bonomo has spent several decades honing his phenomenal mediumship abilities here in the United Kingdom. With the capacity to channel information from higher realms, Bonomo always knew that there was an unprecedented tale to be told from the perspective of the spirit world about the mysteries of the great beyond. In his latest works, Bonomo transcribes some of the many recordings of Leslie Flint which tells of the exceptional story for the ages held together with a depth of spiritual effervescence. A collection of transcripts derived from conservations with spirit, which are recorded for posterity, it essentially details the plight of the human condition, the journey of the soul through its earthly incarnation, and offers answers to the age-old questions we all delve into when we eventually awaken to our truth. The beauty of Bonomo’s story lies in his ability to channel verbatim with a rare authenticity of soul. His words honour the individuality of each spirit giving a unique voice and energy to those whose messages he channels. It is a rare insight into the world beyond the veil and should be considered as essential reading for anyone wishing to learn more about one’s spiritual path here on Earth and in the ether.

Jock Brocas – Evidential Medium, Author, Founder Of ASSMPI/ISSMPI, and Paranormal Researcher

I have known Leo Bonomo for a long time and count him amongst my closest colleagues and friends. We have often discussed the intricacies of life and mediumship both in person and over a wee dram when we have been together. One thing that makes him stand above the crowds is his passion for service to spirit and the work to bring knowledge of the afterlife to the masses, but his love for the pioneers of mediumship is even deeper. Many of our conversations started in Historical lore and our love for the pioneers that have gone before us. One such Pioneer is Leslie Flint.

 Leo was touched by the work of a humble man by the name of Leslie Flint, who was one of the most tested mediums of his time. Unlike many other’s who only know of Leslies work through the lore’s told over cups of tea and the end of a church service or through media publications. Leo had the unique opportunity to actually experience Mr Flint. I only know of two other person’s who sat with Flint and that was Robin Evans and Robin Foy, both of whom I count as colleagues. However, the passion that Leo had for Flint’s work was something else, a formidable and unbridled need to carry on spreading the work of Flint.

 Flint was a humble man of humble beginnings and rather than me going into the why’s and flint’s history to support his story. I will say this, Flint had a unique ability to converse with the other side using what is known as Direct Voice or Independent Voice as it is also coined. The disembodied voices of loved ones and teachers would be heard by all in the room, coming from the air and holding conversations with loved ones within the séance circle. Divine teachers of authority and merit would come and hold discourse with those who would listen and these teachings would be spread to others outside of the circle. Things in those day’s were hard and Flint’s work was not without it’s skepticism, he was attacked by many and the work of service did not reach the masses as it should. In fact, the imbalance of professional mediumship today is rife, and if you ask many about Flint, few know whom he is yet alone the great teachings that spewed from the air with clarity and prose of the greatest teachers on earth.

 What you will find in this book is Bonomo’s unbridled passion to bring those teachings to the masses and examples of life in the hereafter that it will educate those who remain ignorant to the work of a great and yet humble man. Flint was bound, gagged and tested in more ways than any other medium on the planet and yet the voices still came. You will read the transcripts of many of the sittings of some well-known and not so known individuals and will find that Leo, A Londoner himself, has painstakingly transcribed, with an understanding of the language and timbre, and tone of voice to help the masses understand and learn from these teachings in a layman’s way. Listen to the accompanying cd’s and then read the transcriptions and get a feeling for the real hidden lessons. One who opens one’s heart to the possibilities of life in the hereafter can learn to have more peace and compassion on this plane of existence when you touch the veil on the other side and have a deeper understanding of life.

 This is a book that should be on every mediums shelf and in the hearts of humanity. It is not a story, these are lessons direct from the minds and voices of those on the other side of life. Listen, be touched and open your heart to the truth of the world unseen. I applaud my dear friend for this work and know the passion that he has for the teachings are reflected in that same passion Flint had to serve humanity.