Preparation for Crisis Enlightenment

We are, as so many are aware, reaching a stage of ‘crisis enlightenment’ a stage of ascension we have to reach and it is not far away. This is why the world is in turmoil a last, fighting back of those who are of a lesser substance.

You may know of my sign-off. 

‘Light, always, to everyone/All’ 

Now may come the realisation of the true meaning. It is forgiveness, when you forgive truly no true harm can come to you.

Those who harm you have little knowledge of our strength.

Those who harm you have little knowledge of their weakness neither money or influence shields them it merely enables them to dig deeper holes. None can truly be happy in the sense that the light supports.


Those who deal with and are of the light have been so long under pressure and the last two and a half years have been extremely hard for all true light workers we have been battered and we are still here.

Salvation is at hand.

We know that these great changes affect those who are tinged with the darkness, encapsulated by it and are beginning to run, they are now the ones who are beginning to understand truly and fear. Their fear traps them ours feeds them.

There are so many under the guise of ‘light-worker’ many have achieved status and are adored by the public and the pretences that have endured. They are failing.


Speaking for all who GENUINELY work for the light and for those whose understanding is of a learning and no lesser appreciated it I stem learn something every day and I am grateful it is humbling. We are all of a lesser knowing simply because of our existence here, on this denser plane.

I ask that prayers be said for those that have harmed you, interfered, stalled and caused pain on any level because it is they who have hurt themselves. Greater is the pain for those who under the guise of light-worker who befouls those around them. Many are hidden in plain site.

Send them love, and ask for them to begin to understand. Ask for them to be freed and know that whatever their works ultimately they will feel true love and shall understand the harm that they have done. So many of them that become aware of this will laugh, and see this as a weakness. They could not be more wrong. The continued ascension of vibration on this planet cannot be stopped it is ordained. It is a mere few months at most.

If you let THEM drag you down to their level you may be affected. Send them genuine love and light. 

NO greater power than love.

The evil that was founded on this planet many million years ago has until now never been defeated and they have ultimate confidence in their powers of influence. That is why they cannot perceive of any form of defeat. With the rising of the vibration from (approximately) 4.25 dimension to the 5th dimension (Christ consciousness), they cannot survive. They are desperate and trying to cause chaos with limited success.

In the 5th dimension, the reptilians and all influenced by them cannot ascend. It is beyond any spiritual law. This place (Earth) will transcend without them the rest move on. Therefore we say, send them love, light and healing, always.

Revenge is a boomerang.


In the transcendence of light vibration that will flood this place (Earth) all those of an ulterior motive will be found simply because of their lack of or shading of light and will stay at their natural resonance it is a natural separation like oil and water. It is the law of Spirit, one we shall all face after the transition. One that can never be outwitted it is beyond all laws of love (THE CREATOR) known and unknown.


Those who are truly evil and have governed for millions of years have fed their egos long enough. FEAR is what feeds them. These proxy wars and the resultant fallout we are all experiencing is COMING TO AN END What we are experiencing in this fear, of war of inflation and of crime, etc, is a final throw of the dice. Do not give in to it. It is so very difficult I know. Do not get personally involved, it is the way it works but in resisting and sending light, especially to those who have worked against you. What they want is the ‘lash back’ it makes them feel justified in their hatred towards you. It feeds the ego it gives reason to fight on. 

It deflates them and in their stupidity, they feel they have won. It feeds their ego but it is far from a win. Evil blindness won’t let them see the reality of the law of Spirit. So, they move on to find other weaker souls (SUPPOSEDLY) to feed on. Feel sorry for them because the karmic kickback, lack of light and imprisonment they face is greater than they can ever know. It is beyond me how those who stand in the darkness refracted into false light can even contemplate a kind of goodness. Still evil is as evil does. 

Forgive them for they know not what they do.


Submit to light and we are further enlightened and strengthened. 

Send light, healing and love because the change of this world is so very close at hand.

Light, always, to all

Petre a Guide