Join Me On You Tube

Having been interviewed and enjoying the experience, I began in 2014 to start my own radio show on Blogtalk radio. I stayed with Blogtalk for around two years.

I then progressed and had successful shows with Paramaniaradio and from there to KCOR where I currently reside KCOR Archives. To date, I have hosted close to three hundred shows and been interviewed many times myself…

During this time I have had the great privilege to have interviewed some brilliant mediums, astrologers, healers and psychics. I have been privileged to have interviewed some of the greats of spiritualism such as Robin Foy, Stewart Alexander both hugely successful and influential physical mediums.

Some of the shows have also been transferred to my Youtube channel and also include video of demonstrations, I have also been interviewed by Paul Salmon, on his Eternal Spirit programme.