Scientists are Baffled as a man with no eyes paints.

“He draws with his fingers… feeling the colours”

Scientists are baffled as a man born with no eyes paints. It appears that scientists are performing tests on a man born without eyes in an effort to understand how he manages to do so, especially how he gets perspective, depth and colours into his paintings.

Mediums are well aware that colours have particular vibrations, and energies including musical notes. So, is it particularly astonishing?

Once again it appears that scientists are entirely ignoring the fact that it is possible because without eyes he has had no experience whatsoever or remembrance of any object or colour to memorise or relate to. In their experience, and without an understanding of the spiritual or esoteric they cannot fit into their experience or professional training as is often the case, any answer that goes against their (biased) training. As all hard-core sceptics will testify it just can’t happen/doesn’t exist. Except that it does.

It appears to me that they are once again trying to fit the unimaginable into their reality. Trying to force fit what appears to be a miracle into sciences realm of what their perception is possible. It’s not going to happen. So many cannot get past bias they have been taught that “Science is king” and that if “our science cannot explain it, it isn’t real” style of thinking. Yet, scientists do understand that science has to change we as humans are far from infallible. Science, leaving aside Quantum Physics, is still in some respects living in the past. Science is constantly rethought, adjusted, and reorganised. However, it is blatantly obvious that for nearly all sciences that the “impossible” is always looked at last. That being the reality of the continuation of life after death and all that encapsulates it is unimaginable, it would destroy the basis of much of some sciences as we know of it.

It would of course be a huge defeat. We all know unquestioningly that we are seriously flawed as humans yet, we still argue because scientists and hard-line sceptics refuse to properly investigate in a totally unbiased way the facts presented. For many, it would destroy much of their work which, by the way, tends to be funded by sceptical organisations, and would show the hidden agenda of control that is plain to see. It is all being exposed. So there is a quandary that has now to be faced and admitted to. How do you fathom out the unfathomable? After all,

When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, stated by Sherlock Holmes. As we are well aware, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle the author was above all a dedicated spiritualist who seriously investigated the subject. Indeed falling out with his friend Harry Houdini in doing so.

It (the subject of the truth behind this) is only unfathomable if you don’t believe in the Spirit world and from a mediumistic point of view, based on my certain knowledge of sixty-three years of experience in many if not all branches of mediumship, and you also need to read my book, The voice of Spirit,  Leslie Flint Transcripts, currently being revised and on sale later this year, I know that he is drawing images he connects to in Spirit. There are many mediums in the world that perform this kind of thing yet, They are called fakes. Now the certainty that the eyes cannot be used is evident scientists are looking at this from a physical perspective. They will never find the answer unless they open their minds to the reality of light, love and the knowledge that life is eternal. It is in fact they who are blind.

Judge for yourselves the evidence from the paintings of Esref Armagan the wonderful gentleman in question. Here’s another.

Light, always, Leo