Prestige Awards Winner – Leo Bonomo. Leo was nominated and won the Clairvoyant Medium of the year 2021 – 2022. It is fair to say not many mediums are nominated let alone win awards in this category. Mediums may win awards for a great looking site, but to be awarded in this category needs something special.

Nominated by an anonymous customer all candidates are securely scrutinised for suitability making this an award that is highly desirable, and hard-won. The awards can be in any category and it is safe to say that Clairvoyants and mediums are not the first to be noticed. you may wish to go to the site and see for yourselves just how rigorous the conditions are. Leo considers himself to be blessed just to be nominated.

Leo says “It is not something I expected many mediums like myself do this work for the love of Spirit, for the love of making that connection and seeing the understanding of the reality of life after so-called death expressed in peoples faces, the relief of which is palpable. It takes away so much fear with the knowledge that we and our loved ones can meet again in Heaven, or as Spirit call it, Summerland.” Prestige Awards Winner – Leo Bonomo.

Below are some pictures of the awarding ceremony.