I want to recommend the following people highly.


My great friend Brigitte Rix – Known as the French After-Life Lady. There is way too much to tell about this very successful Medium and Author… So follow this link for a special page. You won’t be disappointed! Brigitte Rix Author


This is Georgie Deyn. https://www.georgiegdeyn.com https://www.georgiegdeyn.com/about/

Georgie Is a wonderful medium, artist and singer/healer Please do look at her Pelowah healing and courses.

In 2010, Georgie had an Angelic intervention which changed her life and took her from stressed and depressed, to fulfilled and blessed. An Angel named Love spoke through Georgie whilst she attended a spiritual development group. During the Angel’s visit, Georgie went into an altered state of awareness, her metaphysical appearance and voice changed, and the Angel, Love, informed the group that she had come to help heal her Soul and connect her to her Life’s Purpose.

Love announced, “You will sing with the Angels to heal your Soul and then you will share our healing love and guidance through your voice.”

She then exclaimed that together Georgie and the Angels would help others find their Soul’s Purpose too.

After several years of working with Love, Georgie had a self realisation that the angel that spoke through her was in fact her Angelic Self. So now Georgie is enabling others to connect with their Angel within and find their Divine voice residing in their own heart.

Most people who meet Georgie say that she is an Angel on Earth, or an Earth Angel. She touches the hearts of all she meets and brings them closer to the love of the angels and their own Soul’s light.

Georgie is an international Singer, Spiritual Teacher and Medium who passionately supports peace, unity and oneness. She is also an Angel Ambassador having founded Angelic Harmony Therapy, teaching Practitioner Training to other Spiritual Practitioners in Europe, North America, and Australasia. The AHT family is growing fast.

Georgie also is the enchanting voice of Seraphisa and has recorded five angelic albums of heavenly music with producer and musician Marcus C Dolan.



Tamara Caulder-Richardson A fantastic medium and so much more! Tamara




Tamara is known as the “Southern Belle Medium”



Peter Benson is an engineer, do look at his “About” page and has engineered his “Tensor Technology” Jewellery for Harmony and life.


I have extensively tested these pendants and ankle bracelets and they certainly work powerfully. please visit his site and let Peter know you came from here.


You can also find Peter interviewed on my show at this link, you will find the interview amazing!




Life does not always go to plan.


For over two decades I have been helping people remove blocks in their lives; be they spiritual or mental, they are all energetic. These blocks can manifest within ourselves, or within our houses, places of work and even our cars. Changing this energy is life-changing. The journeys are not always easy but bring enormous freedom.


So if you’re looking to remove the blocks in your life, I can help.


Please join the archive there are many amazing guests to enjoy and the interviews go back many years… I would also like to promote:-

Stewart Alexander’s Highly recommended CD Stewart Alexander has over 50 years of experience in physical Mediumship. There are few to compare with the experiences, except perhaps Mr Robin Foy of the famous Scole experiment.

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