Leo Bonomo

Leo Bonomo professional Inspirational Clairvoyant Medium and Psychic. Genuine mediums don’t ask questions.

Hi, I’m Leo

I am a professional Inspirational Clairvoyant Medium and Psychic. I have been privileged to give readings in Germany and have appeared on TV on “The Circle TV on Channel 166 the information Channel. In October of 2010 I did a small tour of New Zealand doing private readings and a theatre booking. I also spent a week supporting an international healer and his workshop. I am proud to not only be an accredited member of ASSMPI (I have the CFTPS which is the highest standard they have) but also the UK Manager of the organisation. ASSMPI – The American Society for Standards in Mediumship and Psychical Investigation.

For my terms and conditions for readings  please go to T & C. For information on development circle click here.

Among my gifts are Clairvoyance (Seeing) Clairaudience (hearing) and Clairsentience (feeling), clairgustance (sense of taste) clairessence or clairolfacrience (being aware of smells) addresses and readings in varying degrees of trance when the occasions are due. I have written poetry, books, and spiritual messages by automatic writing. Some of my poems have been published in two compilation books; these are “The Spirit writes” and “Joy of Peace” published by Tudor press.

I have been fortunate enough also to have channeled a book directly from Spirit called SUMMERLAND which gives explanations of passing, life on the planes, spirit possession, cot death, mediumship and many other related topics. I have another book of 54 poems called A BOOK OF THOUGHTS. I have been given permission from the Leslie Flint foundation to produce a book of transcriptions of some of Leslie’s work and this is an ongoing project at this time. I am proud to have witnessed his marvellous work first hand. Leslie’s site is: www.leslieflint.com

I read most objects, flowers, ink, sand, ribbons, keys, rings, and paper, photo’s etc, etc but do not do Tarot or other Cards as “Cards” but as objects.   You are welcome to bring any of those along to a private reading. I can help with relationship issues, spiritual matters, careers, money, self-development, and afterlife questions. I began reading for psychic phone lines and have since read very successfully, I have clients from all over the world one or two are internationally known.

I am a development teacher working to bring out these gifts in others and have been blessed with seeing others blossom and able to give evidence for themselves. One whom I taught many years ago developed trance and spoke in perfect German (Xenoglossy) when a certain guide came through and only when in trance. I am also a healer. I run very successful development circles in east London.

I am a compassionate and caring reader, giving accurate readings and making it my priority to deal with all subjects with the utmost sensitivity. I always want to help others especially in developing their spiritual paths, and to guide and ease pain.

I trained for 8 years at the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain in London as well as other circles. While at the SAGB, I was voted on as a councillor and declined the kind offer to stand as president. I have much experience over many years in sittings, teaching development, and working on the platform.

My first platform experience was at Plaistow Church in east London. My guide told me to go do the service because the medium that night would not be able to make it.

I was the very first student at the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain to give private sittings. This was in September 1990.

I gave platform demonstrations successfully at churches ranging far & wide from Wales to Maidstone Kent and into Essex and as far as Huntingdon for a few years. Church demonstrations are now rare.

I have been most fortunate to always have had contact with spirit and my earliest memory was at age two when I saw my first “Ghost.”

During my formative years I have been blessed with many varied experiences from materialisations of different kinds, astral projections, light and heavy trance, overshadowing, prophecy, and near death experiences and automatic writing. The first at age of around nine, and feeling so sick one night and unable to cry out accepted at that point, that I was to die. That experience completely took away any concern for the point of change, or as many call it, Death.

Since then I have been lucky enough to have experienced Direct Voice with Mr Leslie Flint, table rapping, and portals in a north London home to name but a few things.

At a time when I was being pushed by Spirit to do something more with my gift I told my guide that I wanted 100% proof that now was the time to begin my development in a more professional way.

That positive proof came during a spirit communication while sleeping, the Medium Robert Brown came to me telling me to go to the SAGB and speak to Gerrie March another famous internationally known medium, that I was to attend her development circle and this I did, I attended development classes at the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain, First with Robert Brown and later joined Gerrie’s group being there for eight years and even on standing in for Gerrie as teacher at the College of Psychic Studies on one occasion.

Invited at a meeting to stand as president of the S.A.G.B I gratefully declined but accepted a position as councillor.

I have continued to develop my gifts and believe “Mediumship is for the masses” knowing that if more were enlightened this would help the world, I intend to continue to develop my abilities “because we never stop learning and to be of help to others”. I learn something new everyday.

Client confidentiality prevents me from revealing any details of private sittings but it is a fact that many have had readings from around the world and some well known people are among my clients. I have been called a “Medium’s medium” due to the fact that many other mediums have had readings with me, having asked for me directly. During my development at the S.A.G.B. I have been privileged to have known or associated with some of the finest mediums in the world including, Ivy Northage, Coral Polge who drew some of my guides, Ursula Roberts and many others. I was also privileged to have met and sat with Direct Voice Medium, Leslie Flint, I also met briefly Robert Brown and was privileged to see him give a demonstration there whilst also attending his development class.



“They [Mediums] understand fully that their part in the work being merely passive, the value of the communication in no way exalts their personal merit. It would be foolish to allow oneself to become vain about an intelligent work to which one had only lent mechanical assistance.” Allan Kardec’s ‘The Gospel According To Spiritism.’