Leo Bonomo is a Prestige Award winner. Leo was nominated and won the Clairvoyant Medium of the year 2021 – 2022. It is fair to say not many mediums win awards in this category. To read more click here

By Leo Bonomo

The Voice of Spirit.

The Leslie Flint Transcripts and Recordings

Hear real people speaking intelligently from Spirit about their passings and what it is truly like in Summerland/Heaven.

Talking about their real experiences.

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There is no book like this!

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Leo Bonomo is a professional inspirational psychic medium and brings to you this unparalleled book of our time. 

Recordings and Transcriptions of Spirits speaking intelligently about passing and the world we all go to. Listen to their fascinating insights!

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By Leo Bonomo

Summerland written directly from spirit… for you…

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Afterlife Novel





Leo Bonomo is The Voice of Spirit and is regarded as one of the best mediums and psychics in and around London. He is also a noted author and journalist on afterlife topics and subject matter. Leo has developed over many years and continues to do so. He is also a serving board member of the ISSMPI of the ASSMPI.

Leo continues to teach workshops in psychic development and is the host of his own global radio show with professional guests from around the world who discuss spiritually related matter.


Booking With Leo For

Mediumship & Psychic Readings

Leo is available for private psychic readings by phone or camera and in person at his home office.


If you have lost a loved one and require evidence of their survival, then you may book Leo for a one to one sitting.


Would you like to attend a workshop and see how you can devlop your own psychic ability?.

Radio Show

Would you make a great guest on Leo’s show. Then contact him with a guest proposal…


Excellent Reading with Leo, I was left in no doubt that he was in contact with my loved one. There was a slight hiccup with the phone connection, Leo wasn’t phased at all, he just picked up from where he left off. Leo is a very patient, kind and genuine person. I look forward to speaking with him again in a few months time.


I had an reading today with Leo. I was a little bit nervous because of my english skills, but he made me feel comfortable. You do not need to say a thing and he will know the problem and begin telling you in detail even about your future. He is a warm hearted man. He showed me that I am on the right way. I will book a reading with him in the future again.