This week we are going to start a new theme for the show.

The Voice of Spirit is going to feature well-known bands and musicians about their spiritual experiences.

I’m blessed with the people I know and I’m going to interview top bands, musicians and instrumentalists making this a regular feature. PLEASE SHARE EVERYWHERE. As we are all aware, so many musicians and artists are sensitive’s and greatly inspired, spiritually with their work. So, this week I am proud and amazed to interview John Macaluso One of the top drummers in the world, John has recorded over 200 records and multiple demos, movie soundtracks and sessions and has played with many different bands including YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, ARK, MICHAEL ROMEO, SYMPHONY X, JAMES LaBrie, TNT, JENNIFER BATTEN. Too many to name. John will be speaking about his experiences and music. So, join us this week on KCORradio join us why don’t you? Same time, and place.