Hi all, I am sure the long-awaited next book very anticipated and will be eagerly received. Called “The voice of Spirit”.

It’s about Leslie Flint The Worlds Greatest Direct Voice Medium” It’s a book of 21 verbatim transcripts with the recordings. This is the first book in a series. I have exclusive rights to produce this and following books and I am taking pre-orders now. The book will be out beginning of May. Write to me at info@leo-bonomo.com TO RESERVE A COPY.  This is not one to miss! YOU NEED TO PRE-ORDER THIS BOOK SO GET YOUR NAME DOWN NOW.

Most mediums write about themselves, I am not like that as you will see from Summerland (Five-star ratings)*, and the second book A Book of Thoughts. This third book is about Leslie Flint with whom I was privileged to have sat. There has never been a book like this. The tales of passing and the new life in which these people have found themselves, with the real people themselves talking, in their own voices, intelligently, often humorously, and certainly with sincere emotions. Long conversations, this is not white noise and unintelligible utterings these are clear, real and thought-provoking on the only real subject that anyone in this world should be interested in.

Light, always,