Workshops With Leo Bonomo

These are the workshops for 2016. Be sure to give the REF and your name when you book.

Workshops With Leo Bonomo I teach very differently and work very differently to others. you will be amazed at what you can learn and how you can work! There are no limits! You will be amazed at what you can learn and what you may need to unlearn!

Go to the bottom to be given further details on what the workshops will cover. Please not this is not an exhaustive list.

These are all at The Quakers meeting house in bush road Wanstead/Leytonstone.

Workshop 1 Beginners 5th June 2016. Give code REF WS 1 with your name.

Workshop 2 Intermediate 17th July 2016 Give code REF WS 2 with your name.

Workshop 3 Advanced 14th August 2016. Give code REF WS 3 with your name.

Freinds meeting house Map


The first part will include (as all will) opening up, the reason and why and
the “new energies” and the reason for them. Meditation, stressing the
importance, how it actually works (through me) how it should work with
others or yourselves (if you are going on to teach yourself) why it differs
from all others and how and why we cleanse, the reason for it and

We shall go extensively through the “Clairs” how they work the “sliding
scale” why they are important and how they relate to us through experiences.

Why we have our own “private code” what its purpose is, how it works and
advances; how it helps to greatly improve communication.

How pre cognisance and cognisance are of great importance in mediumship.

Recognising the difference between actual “real/true” experiences in
messages and those that are examples of  interpretation by way of
representation/metaphorical of subject matter.

Why it is so important to get confirmations all the way through messages.

How to get information that is relevant and modes of working.

What you need to ask for, communication wise. How to take control of the
communicator and why it is important.


Why prediction is so important in mediumship (You cannot cold read  a

How to get and find techniques that work for you; How to ask for and get
predicative statements. The rolling calendar method. The who is it (Student
and clock= mother etc).

Finding techniques that work for you.

Setting standards. What you should accept and what you shouldn’t.  How to
get communicators to properly identify themselves = YES /NO ANSWERS.

Why checking the information is so important. How to reconnect when you
might have lost the connection.

If a guide is not responsive enough, change them. How to take control and
make sure that you and a guide work properly together (Guides need to learn
too).  Tell your guide what you like and want to keep and what you don’t.

Learn from everything you do. Read as much as you can on all subjects o
nothing  is wasted. If you learn something for example about engineering a
guide or communicator that may have been an engineer is more able to pass
that kind of information on (You don’t have to be an engineer).

We learn from all our experiences. Mediums are like agony aunts. open
yourself to all emotions, enable a greater palette of colour for the
communicator to use.

Never allow your own prejudices to derail your communication and readings
why this is important.

Trying trance and transfiguration the great importance of inspired speaking
and its importance, allowing a communicator to come through, how it feels.
Trance the true feelings and experiences of the beginnings of trance.


How to recognise signals in  speech patterns and divide the subtleties of
meaning in what is given as opposed to what’s implied. How to allow
transfiguration in daylight while you work. How to allow transfiguration
while we demonstrate.

How to decipher if (an example) a person was deaf in life if they don’t tell
you… Often it what is not said that tells you most…

I addition the workshop will touch on the how’s and how not’s as to working
professionally on the psychic lines and which lines are recommended etc.
There are many pitfalls in the industry and it is a dog eat dog world

If enough are interested I will do this as an add on course. I have 11 years
unique experience in companies good and bad. I am not aware of any that so
far have run courses for working professionally on the lines and how to