Wise words from a guide of mine Petre: –

So as ye suffer these are but momentary lapses of the moment for these are not of the time of all time but fleeting glimpses of a past time.

These cannot harm you they are but glimpses of something that was

Forgive those that harm you for it is all illusion.


More wise words from Silver Birch:-

An inspiring piece from ‘Silver Birch’ direct to all mediums.

‘Have no concern for tomorrow. Today is the yesterday over which many people had concern. All is well and all will be well. Perhaps you heard me say that in serving you are served. None who serve the power of the spirit are forgotten, overlooked or neglected.

The Great Spirit is the Great Spirit because provision has been made for everybody and everything. The power that has brought you to where you are, that gave you realisation of your potential gifts, is still at work. All you have do is open your mind and soul to their fullest capacities so that more and more of that power can stream through you to help others.

Much has been accomplished, much more will be accomplished. Do not be in a hurry. The universe has been in existence for billions of years. The Great Spirit knows what it is all about. Keep calm, tranquil and all will be gradually revealed as the plan of which you are an integral part unfolds itself to you. They have heard me say it so many times. Do the best you can.