When Wikipedia strikes!

Another misinformed sceptic posing as a “qualified person” “DMD” Doh!

Hi, Thank you for all of your hard work. My question is about helen duncan and her presence at the scole experiement. I conclude that you think of her as genuine, but there is that famous picture taken at her seance which the supposed material form was a face of a doll wrapped around chese cloth. That totally dissapointed me. I really want to know your thoughts on that? I mean that picture completely tarnishes her validity as a genuine medium.Thanks a bunch,Regards,Houman Dehdashti DMD

I just wonder how a “Qualified person” can not only not know that names start with capitals, but that cheese is spelt with two “E’s” and while they have an interest in “Experiments” the word they probably use a lot to justify the scepticism, they cant spell that either or disappointed for that matter? How can we take a sceptic seriously when they use ego to impress and cannot spell even simple words let alone investigate (Yes I know that is an alien word for sceptics, they don’t like to properly investigate in case they prove themselves wrong? Dear me lol!

Anyway, in answer to the question.

When Wikipedia strikes! Another misinformed sceptic posing as a “qualified person” “DMD” Doh!

Hi Houman, you really must stop reading Wikipedia, Wikipedia are very well known for telling lies about this sort of thing. The new word for this fabrication is that something has been “Wikipedia -ed.” Your information is all wrong. Yes, ectoplasm can take various forms and yes it can on occasions resemble cloth.

Point of fact.

Helen Duncan was the last person in England to be tried under the witchcraft act. She was so very accurate in the information that came through for instance sailors materialised in the séance (This can only be done with ectoplasm) that had passed when their ship went down three hours before. Such was the impact this and of many pieces of other verifiable of information that this went to the very top during the war.

Churchill himself whilst a believer in this was absolutely convinced that there was a spy as only the very top hierarchy themselves knew that the ship was lost. He ordered that Helen be taken into custody where she could be thoroughly questioned as a spy.

Ectoplasm and your disbelief?

Well I need to inform you that sudden shocks can harm, burn and injure the mediums. The fact that ectoplasm can be dangerous is why idiot sceptics are not allowed into séances in case they disrupt things.

The violent entry and disturbance killed Helen. She died 14 days later directly from this act, in jail it was in effect murder. You don’t believe in ectoplasm? Well its existence and misuse killed Helen Duncan. I understand you may not find this to your taste.

Oh and by the way, Helen could never have participated in the Scole experiments in the way you suggest because she passed away long before the experiment started. You really do seriously need to check your facts.

The reason Helen was “there at the Scole experiment” was she was there as a spirit herself, again you need to check your facts. Although if you did believe that she was there then of course you are confirming her existence in the afterlife and that this communication does in fact exist and the fact that what very many millions know to be correct, you cant have it both ways.

You have very successfully shot yourself in both feet, several times, may I suggest you get yourself another hobby? Your “question” by intimation is not working.

Helen Duncan – Full Materialization – The Spirit Archive


The Physical Medium Helen Duncan was sometimes called “Churchills … at this stage were experimental and were not intended to resemble deceased persons.

You state “DMD” as though it’s supposed to impress? That requires an ego… Why would you quote “Doctor of Dental Medicine” except to try and impress? There is absolutely no reason you needed to put that in!

The DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery) and DMD (Doctor of Dental Medicine) are the same accredited dental degrees used by dentists.

It is easy enough to look up DMD qualification… you have rather detracted from your argument than added to it and the fact that you had in the first place completely got it wrong… Well what can be said?


Bless you, light always.

Robin Foy – The Scole Experiments No. 6