Whatever do they do in Spirit all day, Leo???? I have always been an active person and the most disincentivising part of the prospect of the afterlife for me is that I am going to be bored. As children allegedly grow up in Spirit, there won’t be anyone for me to teach. And nobody there is going to need me prattling on about the toxicity of organised religion. Perhaps you could suggest an assignment or two for me Leo???

 Lol well for a start they don’t need sleep so what they sometimes call “Resting” actually means doing something else.

 It depends how you are motivated. Taking care of those who have passed and need care and attention would be one, you can indulge any interest you want for example you may have secretly wanted to spend time looking after animals or discovering animals and of course there you can communicate with them and that is fascinating, imagine talking to Tigers?

 They of course have no need to hunt… all animals that are loved come back… and they grow to enormous sizes because of that love… Why not spend time loving those that have been mistreated by man and coax their confidence back by showing love and spending time with them? There are realms where only children live that have been mistreated too….

 You may want to learn a musical instrument. You may have an interest in this kind of communication of course, there are many scientists in spirit who work all kinds of ways too. There are theatres, plays and all kinds of things to watch and learn, many are historical with the actual charters playing themselves…. Because it is very much another dimension you may want to visit other planets distance is no object… Imagine indulging in a lifelong love of animals and spending time at the bottom of the ocean with incarnate whales and such?

 Anything you can learn you can teach….. There are libraries there with all kinds of books many of spirit only so that may be a choice. Those who love to garden can create beautiful gardens for themselves and others. Some want to serve others and so go into administrative jobs organising the cities and communities.

 Architects devise the most wonderful buildings and if you enjoy carpentry etc, you will be involved in helping to create the most fantastic types of furniture (for those who want it) and wooden buildings.

There are the most wonderful open spaces, woods, forests and oceans, waterfalls to visit, be at one with, and to be healed by…. however could we be bored?

You may want to indulge in rescuing those who are ready to come forwards from the depths of despair once their light has began to open…. You might have an interest in history and you can visit different times but of course you can also speak with those who lived in those times directly. You can if you wish “remember” those other lives you had and learn once again

from those experiences. Imagine visiting the age of dinosaurs….. Roman times….. of course we (they) have the equivalent of “Flying” as we do not need to walk anywhere…. what an experience to do that in itself…

 Almost anything you can think of that does not involve “a negative life” can be experienced in spirit (this depends of course on your level). It is only limited by your imagination… Sometimes people will want to play golf, yes I know that is strange, but that will become very boring once you can score a hole in one every time no matter what distance.

 There are those who have lived as chefs, accountants etc… there is no need in spirit for those obviously. No cars, or anything that is “strictly Earthy” in that way.

 You may spend the equivalent of a lifetime on earth just learning an instrument… you might find that you generate an interest in surgery and you will be able to watch and learn, who knows you may think then of incarnating  to be the most gifted surgeon in future times…. Or a Mozart…

 The opportunities are indeed endless and each one should you want to remain in the “Summerland” itself could take you the equivalent of thousands of earth years and still so much to enjoy… Of course you will be able to  progress and who knows what can be done in the highest levels. There are those on each level who are the equivalent of “masters of that level” though they would see themselves very much as servants. Imagine this world of 7 billion.

The master of that level would know you so intimately, every second of your existence and every existence you ever had, every emotion and act and thought…. and everything of all the other 7 billion too.. incomprehensible to our minds. They are there to help you…. to answer questions you may not be able to find elsewhere… Just magical huh? All this waiting to be discovered… I myself can hardly wait. Just to be “Home again” fantastic.

 Lol That’s a brief synopsis I’m sure you can imagine all kinds of things that intrigue you that you would want to discover…..

Light, always, Leo.