I have just bought and read – thought it’s a bit heavy going, a book called “What they saw… at the hour of death… The results of research on over 1,000 afterlife experiences” By Karlis Osis, PhD & Erlendur PHD.

It basically upholds all we know as sensitives but in a very dry scientific way, whilst it’s nice to have the scientific research so painstakingly set after sometime I just began to read the accounts themselves. From what we all know there are no real surprises.

Raymond Moody says! A major contribution to the scientific study of post mortem existence” E Kubeler-Ross also validates it. Basically everybody (there are always exceptions of course) we have the meeting process well before the passing sometimes days before.

One of the interesting things that came through was the fact that some who were expected to make a full and complete recovery or not expected to pass at all also had “meetings” and stated they were going to go on and sometimes passed within minutes.

The book also covers religious perceptions and these are broadly followed so that Christians may well see “Jesus” or The Magdalene, and others would see Krishna etc and Asians Yamdoots or Yama the God of death. One thing that was common to a great percentage was the peace and serenity that came once they had the “Meetings” and all fear had been taken away, some were so very anxious to go after their meetings and that is pleasing and should hopeful & comfort us.

This of course upholds all mediums have said and I found it interesting that while the afterlife existence is not in dispute at all apart from sceptics and those with a vested interest in us not gaining our freedom in this way and I include governments, and all religious organisations in this and yes “Spiritualism” too as its modern version has so many rules and regulations now that in advancing its themes it has fallen into the same mire that other religions have…

And this of course very much involves those scientists who have a vested interest not only in retaining funds and investment but also of promotion of their own careers such as they are. Thankfully we have Quantum physics which in ever expanding is able to confirm much of what mediums have been telling us and direct channelling in various forms have given us from spirit.

Like this study it seems that much work is duplicated and while it is great to have scientific confirmation if what had been taken from spirit and investigated along the lines spirit themselves have suggested we could have had a short cut with much expense saved and in so much shorter a time span.

Light to all.