The book was first published on a very short run in 2010 of those who read it (25) 4 – 5 said it had kick-started their development. Two of those wrote in and their experiences are below. What is below is taken directly from the book being published on the 25th November 2013. go to my book to buy.

Geoffrey Keyte, internationally known author of the Mystical Crystal and other books, pioneer of Crystal Healing in the UK said of “SUMMERLAND”.

“It was a wonderful book; I couldn’t put it down, it had to be read in one go!

This is the kind of book that has to be published, it should be read”


“The childlike simplicity of the most profound things you will ever want to know”

“Something Magical in this Simple Story”

“The easiest book you will ever read simple truths & complex issues easily explained”

“Beautifully explained, simply put, as always when Spirit speaks”

“No ego in this childlike explanation of everything you wanted to know about what happens when you die & the interaction between our worlds & why we are really here”

“You can feel the hand of spirit that wrote this”

“It has changed my life”

“Read this & feel close to God”

“You cannot help but feel drawn to the source”

“As always Spirit explains beautifully the sometimes difficult areas of Karma & what the real states of things are”

“If you only ever read one book on this subject…. Then pass it on to your children”

“Now you don’t have to read Kardec’s “The Spirits Book” to grasp firmly what affects you most in this life & your total existence. Read this & save your Soul”

“Just read it, it will all suddenly become all so clear”

“Spirit truths written so you understand”

“Now you will understand, now you can be joyful”

“It’s great to know there is Justice. Why has the truth been banned for so long?”

“If you have been touched by tragic circumstances, read this. I know it will help”

Emails from those who read the recently published book (2010).

On a short run first print in October 2010 which was unsatisfactory, approximately 25 books were sold. Of that number 4 – 5 people reported that it had “Kick started” their spiritual development. It was nothing I had ever noticed though I’m sure that spirit intended it. Should this happen to you, I would be pleased to hear about it – Leo. You should also read my other book “Training for mediumship – using the new energies.”

From Lynn “Good morning Leo, I just had to email you this morning and tell you about something that happened to me last night.

I went to bed and read some of your book – to be exact it was from page 51 to 83. When I put the book down it took me awhile to get to sleep as I had a lot of very vivid faces appear (like a slideshow). This happens quite often and I love it! Anyway I had this dream…it was very REAL. I was in Rarotonga (but not the Raro as I know it) and I was meant to be somewhere at 7pm. I looked at my watch and it was 6.58pm and realised I had to go to the bathroom. As I was on my way to this ‘bathroom’ I looked to my left and I recognised a lady having dinner. I thought to myself ‘gee she looks familiar’ and then my Dad appeared. There were large groups of people sitting around dining tables. I remember the floor I was walking on was like an outside wooden patio (planks of wood) and the tables were in a circle with something in the middle of this circle. My Dad was with Mum but ‘not with her’ but they appeared in the same picture. I started crying with happiness as it was just so amazing for them to be in Raro. The feeling I had when I saw my Dad was indescribable…it was just so real. He looked the same, he smelt the same and he talked the same. It was just incredible. Quite indescribable the feeling I had. The longing to see him again was intense. I walked up to Mum and gave her a cuddle and then Dad came and stood beside me and I gave him a big cuddle and kiss. I could actually feel the tears from my face rub onto his and he said (laughing) “what’s all this about”. I then woke up still crying and extremely upset. This was the 1st dream I have ever had of my Dad since he passed away 3 years ago. He passed away August 2007. 3 yrs, 3 months and yesterdays date was the 21st. A few 3’s in there!

I needed to share this with you because I strongly believe that your book has a lot to do with me communicating with Dad last night. I don’t know why but every time I think of this I go back to your book. I still feel very emotional about it today and just want that feeling of seeing Dad to come back. I want to explain what that feeling was but I can’t put it into words…just feelings that I have never experienced before.
It sounds rather hollow trying to verbally explain it. Your book has opened up something in me. When I read it I feel strangely familiar with what is said but it seems to be ‘filling in the gaps’ and ‘answering questions’ also.

Apologies for the long email but I desperately needed to share this with you. I would love to hear what you see into all of this.

Thank you so much

xx Lynn

The reply is private and not printed.

Oh Leo, you have bought me to tears again…tears of understanding, acceptance and much love. Yes, yes, yes you can certainly reprint my email. I feel humbled you have asked. Do not take out anything that refers to me as like you, I want to share my experience and if it can change just 1 persons life it certainly is worth it (my spelling needs correcting though!!!). Gee Leo I just don’t know how to put my upmost thank you’s to you in words. I’m speechless at what to say and at what you have given me……
xx Lynn”

And this from Louise

“I wanted to tell you how amazing your book is, and totally undersold. I found some of it a bit hard to understand, but could not put it down. It gave me a picture to the voices I hear, helpful and unhelpful and to how my father might be living in spirit. Dave is about to start it tonight and I am going to buy a few more copies for people I think should read it.”