My Guide once said to me (of others) “why are you afraid of death? You were not afraid of being born, and you will simply go back through a door from which you entered”

One of the greatest gifts you can ever give is the release of the fear of death (The Change) with its release comes a wonderful feeling of the enjoyment of this life. Strange you may think?

Not at all, when that fear has gone and you know that a wonderful “after life” is there – I put that in quotation marks because the reality is that this existence is just for the blink of an eye in eternity, and what we go to IS the Reality therefore what we are experiencing, now, is just a “dream” to experience.

Once that realisation is in place wouldn’t you want to make the most of this short time? Wouldn’t you want to be happier? To make others happy too? If this realisation came then you would also realise that other natural laws would come into play, at least you could look into it couldn’t you? Just one example, quite poignant… IF THIS IS TRUE then wouldn’t there be some sort of reward, some sort of making up for wrong doing?

And if that is correct (As it is!) then isn’t it better to be kinder? How much better could the world be if we all knew that while we can all do as we wish, when we have done so much wrong that we shall all, individually have to pay for those wrongs, wouldn’t many (not all by any means) think about the consequences? Wouldn’t that change the world? So many already know and it wouldn’t take much of a percentage to make this world so much better.

2012 is not the “end of the world” it signals the change that had already started but increases through 2012 and continuously there are so many signs that this is happening… just look at places like Syria yes there has been violence but it is in the light of great change by getting rid of dictators other countries have already done that… There is so much change for the good, already in place how much could our society change?

The world could change radically and it will, it just depends on how quick we can make it happen….

Your light, your power and your kindness’s can change the world, it will never be perfect because a place of perfection already exists but, we can make much nearer. As we do so we recoup (what goes around, comes around) isn’t it better to make a better life for everyone?

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