I do apologise for the    following descriptions and the images they may instil.

So many ask about “Hell” and what it’s like – it is time to share some truth.

 Some seem to still see the “fluffy side of hell” and imagine “things not so nice…..”

 Of course there are those in the worst recess’s that dwell there for the equivalent of very many thousands of Earth years – and you think you had a bad day at the office.

  It may be of some comfort to know that those criminals who plea bargain or somehow “Cheat the system” haven’t got away with it and cannot ever do. They may be temporarily pleased on Earth…. but they have a mighty surprise when they get over.

 The mind is God’s (the creators) camera it records everything including feelings, yours and those whom you abuse and the friends and families of those you may have abused…. I use “abuse” in its broadest sense, in that you may make snide remarks about someone… You may spike someone’s tyre because you think they deserve it…. so your time in what is called reflection (By Spirit) may well start with that.

It is something we shall all experience, to understand ourselves and others better but of course there will be the good times and those times we have helped others will be experienced in “Heaven” or the Summerland. My soon to be published book goes into this more.

 For me, and my knowledge, and confirmation, have been that  hell is whatever disgusting, terrifying, images and feelings you can conjure up, whatever makes you feel physically sick to see, smell and experience, whatever you can dig out from the most disgusting horror films, whatever you may have read, heard on the news, that any person can ever do to another, BUT IN PERPETUITY until you are of a mind to change, 

If you can imagine being torn limb from limb but not able to die (because of course you have) if you can imagine the most cruellest of games, in mind or reality, torture, paedophilia, rape etc.

 If you can imagine those who would know your innermost thoughts – the fiercest, most ghastly, hidden away, your most horrendous personal fears you would never share, those that make you shudder, these are dug up from your depths, because just like in heaven, there is nothing you can hide, and all these are used against you. I say again…. These ARE used against you.

 Even then you will still have no real sense of the places that souls have created for themselves.

 That is where these people place themselves to be drawn (as in “Heaven” to places) because like attracts like….. This is what holds these souls in worlds they have created by their own thoughts, and we know what kind of perverse thought some do hold……

 They live in a world of (if you may imagine this one) of 6 billion souls who’s only aim is to frighten the living daylights out of you, no rest, no health, no respite at all, including all of the above… That will give you only the very slightest incline of what befall those who are evil. Should the world truly know this…. I think some would change, not all by any means because they will as is said “Do what thy wilt” but should it save a few….. It can certainly make the world a better place….

 This is an excerpt from my soon to be released book – this part touches on the dark but the book is full of light.

 “Persons of high spiritual nature and goodness have a light and bright aura. Those who do not have this nature have dark auras and some can appear black.”

“Great Father!” Cried Alex with great emotion “Dear God!” “Whatever is wrong?” asked Maria. Alex shuddered at the memories, even now he felt faint, he fell to his knees and began to cry. “Please tell me Alex,” she asked, “Please tell me about it.”

“When I was ten,” he began “on a warm night a strange experience befell me. Which although I knew was not a dream could only recount as one until now. The horror and feelings of which I have never, ever forgotten and now never will.

The true horror of this experience had not struck home until you spoke and now I know it to be true.” Alex began to recall the experience. Subconsciously he began to build up the thought forms, which intensified as the memories came back.

“I was asleep, I had been dreaming,” he seemed to be checking every word, “but then a different stage emerged, I found myself flying although I knew where I was going” his eyes were beginning to open in wonder.

“It seemed peaceful somehow; I looked down on the ramparts of a castle, built of grey stone. Being interested, I found myself going down toward it and I landed on these ramparts, where there were some steps.

The height was great so I ventured down the steps my curiosity running wild. It lead to a great corridor which ran the length of this wall, some eighty feet, with what appeared to be a single door near the end.

The castle now appeared to be cold, murky and damp. I took a few hesitant steps along and became aware of something approaching the ramparts at great speed. A shiver ran along my spine, I wanted to turn back. My legs were frozen with fear.”

Alex’s face grew white, as he seemed almost to be shaking with fright at the memory of it. His eyes were wide and filling with tears. “It landed. Its presence sucked out the light. Its putrid smell choking yet shocking my body into action.

My legs seemed to move in slow motion, while my heart and mind raced. Every movement an effort, with a hundred thoughts in between.

It followed mockingly, sensing my suffering and feeding upon it like a cannibal, a vampire. It made no noise, it played its game.

Now I had reached the door, the terrified cry of a tortured soul still frozen in my throat. If I could have smashed this door open, even with my head, I would have tried. I tore and scratched at it until I realised I had not, in my blind panic, tried the handle.

Behind me the evil things breath was hot, and its evil personality formed a smothering black cloak, which had dense form. The handle turned slowly and the huge door grunted on its hinges trying to resist my push whilst slowly moving.

Through the door, I glanced over my shoulder, as I threw my weight to close it; this monster, which felt so near, was still twenty foot away! It had no form just a black shadow of evil.

As the door closed, I threw the bolts. Any sigh of relief I may have had were quashed by the stunning disbelief that its personality so evil and strong preceded it by some sort of projection, suddenly I felt myself being physically pushed from the door by this evil thing.

I wished and hoped that I could explode into a million pieces so it would never find me. I looked around; there was only a small window!

I poked my head through and several hundred feet below lay the ground. Such a fear of heights touched me that momentarily I stepped back. The door was open! The room began to darken, pitch black from the doorway where it entered! I knew that even death would not keep me safe. It would devour my very soul.

Even though the word death petrified me, I gladly welcomed it and launched myself out the window as the very light itself was snuffed out within the room. On the way down to the ground, I could have cried a million tears of joy however; there was little chance of that.

The thing had followed and it was travelling faster than I was! And, its presence was stronger than ever.

 This is how Anthony Borgia describes both “Heaven & Hell” Below.

 These are examples of “Good Spirits” of course. I do feel that Anthony Borgia had “toned down” his statements as they would at that time have caused great controversy, as if the subject was not controversial enough.


When you consider the mutability of men’s minds, is it to be wondered at that certain trends, which we perceive in some person’s affairs, may be so influenced as to upset any mildly predictive statement that we may make? The truth is that few people on earth are fully aware of the extent to which their material concerns are assisted and advanced by their unseen friends of the spirit world. We do our best to give what aid we can, without, at the same time, taking complete charge of your earthly lives, which would be wrong and is utterly forbidden.

Furthering your affairs involves much work upon our part, where we must gently influence minds in your favour. As we see things progressing, we are able to give you some account of our efforts and their probable outcome. We say, in effect, that as things stand at this moment, all is moving favourably, and we have every hope of accomplishing our aims, whatever they may be, for your benefit. Then, before we have the opportunity to speak with you again, some incident, small in itself, but large in its consequences, may obtrude and wholly belie our previous words.

Part copied from the chapter: IX. THE DARK REALMS.

This, I am afraid, has been a long digression, so let us return to our travels. You will recall my mention of the many heavenly perfumes and scents that come from the flowers and that float upon the air. Here in these dark places the very opposite was the case. Our nostrils were at first assailed by the most foul odours; odours that reminded us of the corruption of flesh in the earth world. They were nauseating, and I feared that it would prove more than Ruth—and indeed I, myself—could stand, but Edwin told us to treat them in the same way as we had mastered the coldness of the temperature—by simply closing our minds them—and that we should be quite unaware of their existence. We hastened to do so, and we were perfectly successful. It is not only ‘sanctity’ that has its odour!

In our travels through our own realm we can enjoy all the countless delights and beauties of it, together with the happy converse of its inhabitants. Here in these dark lands all is bleak and desolate. The very low degree of light itself casts a blight upon the whole region. Occasionally we were able to catch a glimpse of the faces of some unfortunates as we passed along. Some were unmistakably evil, showing the life of vice they had led upon the earth; some revealed the miser, the avaricious, the ‘brute beast’. There were people here from almost every walk of earthly life, from the present earthly time to far back in the centuries. And here was a connecting link with names that could be read in those truthful histories of nations in the library we visited in our own realm. Both Edwin and his friend told us that we should be appalled at the catalogue of names, well known in history, of people who were living deep down in these noxious regions—men who had perpetrated vile and wicked deeds in the name of holy religion, or for the furtherance of their own despicable, material ends. Many of these wretches were unapproachable, and they would remain so—perhaps for numberless more centuries—until, of their own wish and endeavor, they moved however feebly in the direction of the light of spiritual progression.