What is going on? “Now a divorcee who remarries will not ‘go to hell-fire for eternity.’!” Isn’t it amazing the power of the church! They can countermand Gods intentions as they have proclaimed them for thousands of years! Now that is really impressive!

“More people visit psychic-mediums than go to Church on Sundays – in the Western world.”

The Catholic Church imprisoned scientist Giordano Bruno for 7 years to make him repent the error of his ways in making facts about the world public and finally burnt him at the stake in 1600. When sentence was passed Bruno commented: ‘Perhaps you pronounce this sentence against me with greater fear than that with which I receive it’.

It was to be another 400 years before this supposedly god-inspired Church, through their representative Pope John Paul II, finally admitted they got it wrong and ‘pardoned’ Bruno for his ‘mistakes’ – as if he could give a damn!

John Wycliffe, who produced the first English version of the Bible ca. 1384, had his bones dug up by the Church and burned – and I’m sure they didn’t do that for environmental reasons!

But these atrocities pale into insignificance with the thousands who have been slaughtered by the Church for not believing their particular distorted view of Creation and Spirit.

Now they are launching a referendum amongst Catholics to see what needs to be changed to try to get more people agreeing to be conditioned into the church.

What is apparent in all this is that whatever the church says is Gods will it is apparently up for grabs to be able to get more people through the doors…. Surely Gods laws (The Catholic version that is!) are immutable? How come we have either forced God to come to our terms, Divorcees etc, or we (the Catholic church) have the power to override Gods laws as we see fit..

Surely the church cannot have it both ways? Or is it that what Jesus taught is so much closer to the work of spirit as we know it and what is given in the bible and upheld is truly mans work based on prejudices of the times?

What do you feel is right, within you? Light, always, Leo.