American lawyer Edwin C Randall investigated the afterlife for more than 20 years with direct voice medium Emily French.

This is what his own father told him about his death experience:

“ As I arrived at the house where I was going, the sensation of weakness increased, and raising my eyes, I saw your mother standing in the room smiling. Startled, I arose to my feet, and my last earthly sensation was falling- and, as I now know, I did pitch forward on my face. I do not recall striking the floor, or pain in my death change. When the separation came I was like one in sleep.

The next I recall was awakening in the same room, with the leader of your spirit group holding my hand, helping me up. I had heard his wonderful voice many times when I was privileged to come into your work, but it took me some little time to realize what had happened to me. I saw my body on the floor. This startled me, for the body I then had was to my sight and touch identical with the one lying so quiet. I saw people hurrying, and heard the anxious talk, not yet comprehending my separation from the physical body. I turned to your old friend and mine, and asked him what had happened.

He answered; “Have you not been told when you talked with us in your son’s home, that death was the separation of the inner from the outward body?” “I recall that statement” I replied, “But I never comprehended it.” “You have just made that change”, he said: “you are now an inhabitant of the spirit world and one of us.” I was deeply impressed with what he said, but dazed. I did not realize that the something called death was behind me and that in me there had been no change, for I was the same in appearance and thought as before. “

Scared of dying? You were not scared of being born though?

It is, I think, the inevitability of it and possibility that great pain will accompany death that puts most, for I fear it is so, in great fear of dying.

To me as a Spiritual person, a medium who has had many good experiences of the next world and who has not a belief in the next world but a certain knowledge of it’s existence, which does make all the difference in the world, death is but a change.

It is quite simply, the act of changing this form, sometimes described as a “coat,” for another finer body. It seems to me that those who are afeared of this change never once in this life considered that they were afeared of being born!

There is really no difference. We are quite simply, going back through the door from which we entered. That may astound some of you. As with all that comes from Spirit, the truth is simply told. Complex issues explained by Spirit can become jaw droppingly simple.

I know we have seen either directly or in news reports etc, people dying in what appears to be dreadful agony, but the truth again is that at the moment of the change, there is no pain of any kind, whatsoever. There is release; there is great joy and profound peace. We hear so much of people who have had NDE or Near Death Experiences, Astral projection, the emission of the astral body, of those who state that they are watching themselves from a place away from their immediate “human” body position.

In this place they watch their body thrashing around drowning, or grimacing in pain, or being murdered, from a totally objective, detached and in someway distanced and disinterested point of view. They are not thinking of or feeling pain, they are merely watching something happen  that could be somebody else, it has been described as though “watching a film” it is that unconnected.

If you read accounts of those that have been seriously injured for instance in a war situation, they are quite unaware that they have been injured. This is partly because the body adjusts the pain naturally but also because such injury if it is very close to being a fatal one, means that the process of change has already begun. Reading accounts of those injured in such ways can only convince you that death itself is not painful even though it appears to bystanders that it is so.

There is a point of course when the body cannot naturally cope with suppressing the pain it is almost always because it is at that point survivable.

I have written an EBook called SUMMERLAND and this is to be published shortly along with a paperback edition, which explains many of the questions you may have about, the act of passing, what life is like in the next world, where you may find yourself, how to progress and many answers on things like, what do we occupy ourselves with, will we meet loved ones and do we have to make amends for our wrongs and what about reincarnation, mediumship from their point of view, rebirth and it’s process etc.

Much light to all,


Here is a channelled poem which can also be found with many others in a book soon to be published called “A Book of Thoughts.”

No one should be afraid to die. A Poem from a Guide

No one should be afraid to die.
You have been lent this life, this dream for a short space.

You have lived this dream for a while and so you have forgotten that this is not reality, this has for some, become their reality.

This dream is just for now, it will fade. It shall fade in the blink of an eye.

In our new state we shall see that that we have been dreaming and have now woke

We have woken into true reality and shall live it for all time or what we here have called time.

The reality knows no time there is just a space when things happen. We are eternal. We are truly eternal.

One day in true knowledge of ourselves and the true state of being that we are, we shall know these truths and those truths really shall let us free.

There is no death, this is death. Encased, enclosed in this gross form for a space, the mere blink of an eye as Jimi Hendrix put it. Then we wake and meet our friends once more in the glorious afterlife.

There is no need to fear death, it does not exist it is merely the exchange of one body for another. Like butterflies we shed this cocoon and are more beautiful for it. This is our true state, the real us. It is the body we shall have for eternity whatever that is.

We shall wake into this new life whole, complete and as near perfect as we can be. Our only role then is to love, to help, to guide, to advance, to purify ourselves so that we can become closer to the great creator whichever name we choose to give it.

This is our mission. To complete as perfectly as we can our body and minds so that we can in return aide all that the great creator has given us so that we in return can beautify our worlds for those yet to be created, yet to be aided, guided , helped, healed and cherished.

By the power of the creator who created me and all things we send our love our thoughts and our prayers that you, so all of you can envision the true reality that faces you so you may understand the needs of those around you there in your world and also in spirit.

Love one another that you may all be aided. Love one another that you can all share and enrich your lives in this world and yours that you may all truly be happy and carefree.

Only by building bridges can you see past the chasm that faces you, only by building bridges can you surpass yourselves and enrich all that is about you. Love and understanding are the only tools you need. When you love and try to understand can you really be free.

Free your minds, free your spirits free yourselves so that you can transform and transmute your world from something less beautiful to something you can not ever yet imagine.

The only difference between the Summerland and your world is love, understanding and your willingness to let go of what you imagine to be your reality. You can truly have heaven on earth but you must all work for it. Banish the dark places, banish the dark minds, banish the dark acts and transform yourselves and your world. Only then will you see the small but significant change from your present world to one closer to spirits.

Ask for light, ask for help, ask for a way to forgive others for their sins against you. Ask for the way to be shown to help all in love. Banish all thoughts of revenge banish all thoughts of wrongdoing so that you may once again see the light, the way that is due to you.

May you all get the peace and love and light that is truly your only gift.

May you all know that you are truly blessed. X
1st October 2006.