In answer to a question on soul mates.

The idea of a “soul mate” is of someone incarnate, who is spiritually and physically so very close to you, someone that you “recognise” that is “for you” for life, that is a basic interpretation.

Personally I think “soul mates” are actually quite rare. What I think is much more common is “Soul recognition” which basically means a soul that you recognise either from a previous life – this does not necessarily mean a lover, husband, wife etc, sometimes it is just like now, a person you half know who serves you at Tesco etc, it does not have to be “Ultimately high”.

This recognition too can be from spirit when you both agreed (for example) to meet in this life and have a certain interaction, so you recognise them in that way.

Often we attach so much to this recognition, quite incorrectly,  and I sometimes have people call who have convinced themselves against all the evidence (Physical and mental abuse for example) that this person is their soul mate and that they are “meant to be together” soul recognition does not always have to be (In an Earthly sense) a positive thing.

People are sometimes drawn to us to test us and the test is agreed of course in spirit. The positivity comes from the learning of the lesson and resistance of the chance to retaliate.

Your guide would certainly be part of or connected to (depending how progressed they are) your soul group. Soul groups are of varying sizes and sometimes just come together for a single purpose or achievement. Mostly they are a group of similarly progressed souls who act together to teach and learn from each other through many incarnations and connections in spirit. We can sometimes create our own because we have an interest (for example) in saving children and so act in their interests.

This information was given to me during a reading and the reason I remember it is because there is this lesson for me.

I hope this helps?

Light to all, Leo.