I thought you might like to look at a site that is definitely one to know about.

 It’s called Spirit Rescue and Clearance and it is what it says on the tin! Apart from the obvious, it also talks about bogus guides and such things. That is a must if your are trying to develop outside of a proper circle. That is not a route I would recommend in any way at all.

 It’s not just that I recommend my own circle if you can get to East London, but there are many dangers for those who dabble, Dabble being the operative word. I would never recommend playing with this.

Dangers of Ouija and dabbling   Do not Dabble!

This (Thirty Years amongst the dead) is a world renowned book by Dr. Carl A. Wickland (1861-1945)  — A member of the Chicago Medical Society, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and director of the National Psychological Institute of Los Angeles, Wickland specialized in cases of schizophrenia, paranoia, depression, addiction, manic-depression, criminal behaviour and phobias of all kinds.  His wife, Anna Wickland, was a trance medium.

Spirit obsession is a fact – a perversion of a natural law – and is amply demonstrable. This has been proven hundreds of times by causing the supposed insanity or aberration to be temporarily transferred from the victim to a psychic sensitive who is trained for the purpose, and by this method ascertain the cause of the psychosis to be an ignorant or mischievous spirit, whose identity may frequently be verified.

Look here for a free copy of Thirty years amongst the dead

 I write today again about the dangers of dabbling with instruments like the Ouija board and refer you to that article elsewhere on this site.

 The reason I write now is to show you a depiction of what can happen. It is sent to me as the person wanted advice after reading the original article and you can see that there are real challenges for those who are curious of any age. Please read it and take note; I do not feel this person has been harmed but they have had a shock and it exemplifies what can happen… sometimes so quickly…

 Here it is:

 Leo Bonomo,

Thank you for taking the time to at least read through this. I do not now if you can give me any sound advice, but I feel as if I must try. As it is, I was browsing around online and I stumbled across your letter of warning. It shook something within me, and I felt unusually compelled to reach out to you for some words of wisdom. Let me first explain why I am writing to begin with. A long time ago, about seven years or so, I was, perhaps, in my seventh year of school, I was snooping in my older sister’s room as younger sisters are prone to do. It was midday, my father was in the living room on his computer, and no one else was home. I found inside her wardrobe a Ouija board. What I had thought was a silly, plastic looking game that she hid from my father. She had asked him for one at some point and he said no, that they were dangerous, but my mother bought it when she begged. I knew I wasn’t supposed to know she had it, let alone touch it, but I just wanted to see it for a moment. I opened the box and reached in to take out the piece you place your hands over. As soon as my fingertips touched it, I hadn’t even gotten a hold of it, the light bulb in the room crackled and went out.

I don’t know if I will be able to describe this well enough, but as soon as the bulb went out, I felt…raw, I think is the best word, inside of my head. At the time I could think of nothing other than how frightened I was. I immediately withdrew and hid it back in the wardrobe. I left the room but couldn’t keep the tears out of my eyes, I was so overwhelmed and scared, and there was this strange feeling inside of my head. Within moments my father saw me and asked what had happened. At his questioning I broke down and told him that the light bulb had gone out and it scared me, leaving out the part about the board as I didn’t want to get in trouble. He went in and looked at it and was curious because he had just put a new one in. He replaced it and saw that I was still nervous and jumpy and pried some more. I told him it had gone out when I touched the board, but nothing else. He was livid and took the board and locked it in his room, and then he told me everything would be alright. I thought it would be too.      

I never forgot about the incident, but for a while I pushed it to the back of my mind and thought on it no longer. But soon I began to notice strange things. Nothing very overt in a visual sense, but to me the sensations and feelings were as obvious as the sun rising. When I would go certain places, I would get strange feelings, but never good feelings. One place in particular was an apartment in a building my grandparents owned. There were three apartments, and I had been in all of them, two downstairs, and one above. One that was located in the middle of the house on the bottom felt…awful. As soon as I stepped in the door I felt heavy. When I told my nanny about it she asked what I meant, but the only thing I could say was the entire apartment felt dead, as if it were dying and decaying beneath the paint, but no one else could see it. I thought it was the apartment, so I refused to go in there. I swore the only time I would, would be if my grandfather collapsed while doing work in there.

 To read further… and understand how you can protect yourself….

 The old saying is very useful here A LITTLE KNOWLEDGE IS A DANGEROUS THING.

 Personally, I believe that most of the mental health problems in the world are due to being open to negative entities. Interference as I prefer to call it rather than possession (although that is still a good word as it describes how the entity feels about you and uses you) is rife to very many degrees.

As I have said before some of these entities are not, and never have been human. Yes…. kind of chilling that huh? Perhaps you are wondering where we get our ideas of demons etc from? Teaching an awareness of this is the thing to do… Proper teaching that is….

 If the knowledge was open for all to understand then it can be guarded against. The was an institution many years ago called the Lyceum, originally in the Strand in London.

 The Lyceum was in fact connected to spiritualism and was a school teaching all subjects including that. There were experiments in education where pupils were taught the benefits of meditation etc and it had a marked effect on calming down those who took part. Obviously the government realised that however beneficial it appeared to be, encouraging people to explore the spiritual side of life may lead to them discovering the full truth, so in true tradition, the Lyceum experiment was abandoned no doubt to the great relief of government, religions, sceptics, and scientists who regards this as dangerous to their beliefs and grip on power.

 Therefore, with the abandonment of the idea we placed ourselves back many decades. The continuous suppression of knowledge is degrading not only to our ideas of freedom – pardon me if I laugh, but also to our human rights. I am not a spiritualist, but I am a spiritual person. Spiritualism is a religion however; it is not protected like any other. Just try mocking, Islam, Muslims, Judaism, Catholicism and see what you get. Yet, it seems it is ok for sceptics and scientists, and other religions to mock what they really do not understand.

 If you take all the major religions, they are all similar on the most important aspects, which is just what you would expect when the initial information has come from Spirit. However, the problems occur when man realises that it in itself posses power then it is rewritten by man with his goals in mind, not Spirits. This is why there are conflicts in this world.

 More have died in the name of religion “peace and love” than in any world wars, or other conflicts. Why is this? Because man cannot agree, ego plays it’s part and we want to be different and claim that it runs through us.

 Another great site with plenty to say on this and with scientific knowledge at its base, is http://www.cfpf.org.uk/articles/background/scientificproof/scientificproof1.html

 Do go visit it you will not be disappointed and you can see that a lot of the world thinks like you do.

 Much light, spiritual love to you all.


These are excerpts from the book:

“A Decade after the death of Dr Wickland in 1945 orthodox psychiatry Lags a half a century behind Dr Wickland in the knowledge and curing of insanity.” From the gateway of understanding.

First published in Los Angeles, California 1934, “Read not to condemn but to weigh and consider”.


Dr. Thomas J. Hudson, author of “The Law of Psychic Phenomena,”
wrote: “The man who denies the phenomena of spiritualism today is not
entitled to be called a skeptic, he is simply ignorant.”


“In our times no one denies the real existence of spiritualistic facts,
except a few who live with their feet on the earth and their brains in
the moon,” wrote G. G. Franco, S. J., in “Civilta Cattolica.”
“Spiritistic phenomena are external facts which fall within the range
of the senses and can easily be observed by all, and when such facts
are attested by so many well informed and credible witnesses, it is
useless, as well as foolish and ridiculous, to fight against proved evidence.
The facts remain assured, even for reasonable men.”


Dr  Carl Wickland “The change called “death,”-the word is a misnomer-universally regarded
with gloomy fear, occurs so naturally and simply that the greater number,
after passing out of the physical are not aware that the transition has been
made, and having no knowledge of a spiritual life they are totally
unconscious of having passed into another state of being.”


Death does not make a saint of a sinner, nor a sage of a fool. The
mentality is the same as before and individuals carry with them their old
desires, habits, dogmas, faulty teachings, indifference or disbelief in a future
life. “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” Prov. 23:7.

Assuming spirit forms which are the result of their thought life on earth,
millions remain for a time in the earth sphere, and often in the environment
of their earth lives, still held by their habits or interests. “Where your
treasure is there will your heart be also. Matt. 6:21.


Many are in a state of heavy sleep, others are lost or confused; troubled
minds may be haunted by fear of the strange darkness, those conscience
stricken suffer in anguish or remorse for their, earth conduct; some, impelled
by selfish or evil inclinations, seek an outlet for their tendencies, remaining in
this condition until these destructive desires are outgrown, when the


soul cries out for understanding and light, and progressed spirits are able to
reach them and aid them.

Lacking physical bodies through which to carry out earthly propensities
many discarnated intelligences are attracted to the magnetic light which
emanates from mortals, and, consciously or unconsciously, attach themselves
to these magnetic auras, finding an avenue of expression through influencing,
obsessing or possessing human beings. Such obtruding spirits influence
susceptible sensitives with their thoughts, impart their own emotions to
them, weaken their will power and often control their actions, producing great
distress, mental confusion and suffering.

These earthbound spirits are the supposed “devils” of all ages; “devils” of
human origin, by-products of human selfishness, false teachings and
ignorance, thrust blindly into a spirit existence and held there in a bondage of

The influence of these discarnated entities is the cause of
many of the inexplicable and obscure events of earth life and of a
large part of the world’s misery. Purity of life and motive, or
high intellectuality , do not necessarily offer protection from
obsession; recognition and knowledge of these problems are the
only safeguards.


The physical conditions permitting this impingement are varied; such
encroachment is often due to a natural and predisposed susceptibility, a
depleted nervous system, or sudden shock. Physical derangements are
conducive to obsession, for when the vital forces are lowered less resistance
is offered and intruding spirits are allowed easy access, although often neither
mortal nor spirit is conscious of the presence of the other.

This encroachment alters the characteristics of the sensitive, resulting in a
seemingly changed personality, sometimes simulating multiple or dissociated
personalities, and frequently causes apparent insanity, varying in degree from
a simple mental aberration to, and including, all types of dementia, hysteria,
epilepsy, melancholia, shell shock, kleptomania, idiocy, religious and suicidal
mania, as well as amnesia, psychic invalidism, dipsomania, immorality,
functional bestiality, atrocities, and other forms of criminality.

Humanity is surrounded by the thought influence of millions of
discarnate beings, who have not yet arrived at a full realization of life’s higher
purposes. A recognition of this fact accounts for a great portion of unbidden
thoughts, emotions, strange forebodings, gloomy moods, irritabilities,


impulses, irrational outbursts of temper, uncontrollable infatuations and
countless other mental vagaries.

The records of spirit obsession and possession extend from remotest
antiquity to modern times. Dr. Tyler, the noted English Anthropologist, in
his “Primitive Culture,” says: “It is not too much to assert that the doctrine
of demoniacal possession is kept up, substantially the same theory to
account for substantially the same facts, by half the human race, who thus
stand as consistent representatives of their forefathers back in the primitive

In Muller’s “Urreligionen” we find: “The general belief of the barbaric
world today is that such attacks as epilepsy, hysteria, delirium, idiocy and
madness are caused by some demon gaining control of the body.”

Homer referred repeatedly to demons and said: “A sick man pining away
is one upon whom an evil spirit has gazed.” Plato held that demons obsessed
mortals. Socrates speaks directly of demons influencing the possessed
(insane). Plutarch wrote: “Certain tyrannical demons require for their
enjoyment some soul still incarnate; being unable to satisfy their passions in
any other way, incite to sedition, lust, wars of conquest, and thus get what
they lust for.” Josephus says: “Demons are the spirits of wicked men.”


So common was the belief in spirits and spirit obsession in the time of
the apostles that the ability to cast out evil spirits was considered one of the
most important signs of genuine discipleship, and it must be admitted that a
considerable portion of the work accredited to Jesus was the casting out of

A few quotations from the New Testament will suffice. “Jesus gave his
twelve disciples power against unclean spirits, to cast them out.” Matt. 10:1.
“‘Jesus preached . . . and cast out devils.” Mark 1:39. “A certain mad which
had devils long time . . . Jesus had commanded the unclean spirit to come out
of the man … He that was possessed of the devils was healed.” Luke 8:27,
29, 36. “Vexed with unclean spirits.” Luke 6:18. “The evil spirits went out of
them.” Acts 19:12.

“Master, I have brought unto thee my son, which hath a dumb spirit …
And he asked his father: How long is it ago since this


came unto him? And he said, Of a child … Jesus rebuked the foul spirit,
saying unto him, Thou deaf and dumb spirit, I charge thee, come out of him,
and enter no more into him. And the spirit cried, and rent him sore, and came
out of him: and he was as one dead; insomuch that many said, He is dead.
But Jesus took him by the hand, and lifted him up; and he arose.” Mark 9:17,
21, 25-27. (Similar occurrences are not at all uncommon in psycho-
pathological research.)


Tertullian with authority challenged the heathery to a
trial of superiority in the matter of casting out demons. Minucius Felix, a
Roman advocate and apologist, wrote in “Octavius”: “There are some
insincere and vagrant spirits, degraded from their heavenly vigor . . . who
cease not, now that they are ruined themselves, to ruin others.”

Dr. Godfrey Raupert, of London, who several years ago was especially
delegated by Pope Pius X to lecture to Catholic audiences in America on
Spiritualism, said in substance: “It is no longer possible to put the subject
of psychic phenomena aside. The scientific men all over the world have
recognized spiritism as a definite and real power, and to shelve it is a
dangerous policy. Consequently the Pope has asked me to tell Catholics the
attitude to take toward the subject … The Church admits the reality of these
spiritistic phenomena and their external intelligences, in fact, it has always
admitted their reality. The problem at present is to discover the nature of the
intelligence. We are now on the borderland of new discoveries which may
revolutionize the world. It is not the time yet for an explanation of all the
phenomena. We must suspend our judgment until the subject is better
known. The study of spiritism is a new one and therefore dangerous . . . A
partial knowledge of the subject may cause grave dangers.” (Resulting in
obsession or possession.)

“There is no doubt about the fact of diabolical obsessions in the olden
time. That the Church (Catholic) recognizes the possibilities is evidenced by
the rules prepared for exorcising,” is


the quoted statement of Monsignor Lavelle, Rector of St. Patrick’s Cathedral,
New York.


Julian Hawthorne wrote, in one of the leading newspapers: “Thousands
of evil-minded and evil-acting men and women die every day. What becomes
of their souls, or spirits? They want to get back here . . . the increasing
boldness and frequency with which they take advantage of their
opportunities is illustrated in many ways. . . Two acts of defense are open to
us. We may stop the source of supply of these undesirable visitors and we
may close the doors.”


Dr. Axel Gustafson’, who publicly acclaimed his views regarding the fact
of spirit obsession, in quoting cases which had come to his attention, said:
“The spirits of the revengeful have power after death to enter into and
possess the living under certain conditions.”

Prof. Herbert L. Stetson, of Kalamazoo College, Michigan, stated, in a
lecture at the University of Chicago: “Demon obsession is no myth; illness is
often due to demoniacal possession.

Belief in demons is widespread.”

“I often see the spirits who cause insanity,” is the statement of Dr. E. N.
Webster, of the mental section of the American Medical Association. “At
times I even hear their voices. Insane persons who are spoken of as
hopelessly insane are frequently lost under the overwhelming control of a
spirit or crowd of spirits. We frequently find by post-mortem examination
that no physical disorder exists in the brain or nervous system of such persons.”

Prof. William James wrote in “Proceedings S. P. R.”: “That the demon-
theory will have its innings again is to my mind absolutely certain. One has
to be ‘scientific’ indeed, to be blind and ignorant enough to suspect no such


Prof. James H. Hyslop, while editor of the Journal of the American
Society for Psychical Research, wrote: “There is growing evidence of the fact
of obsession which lies at the basis of much insanity and can be cured. The
medical world will have to wake up and give attention to this problem or
materia medica will lose control of the subject.”

In one of Prof. Hyslop’s latest books, “Contact with the Other World,”
we find the following: “The existence of evil spirits affecting the living is as
clearly taught in the New Testament, and implied in the Old Testament, as
any doctrine there expounded. . . . The term obsession is employed by
psychic researchers to denote the abnormal influence of spirits on the


living….The cures effected have required much time
and patience, the use of psychotherapeutics of an
unusual kind, and the employment of psychics to
get into contact with the obsessing agents and
thus to release the hold which such agents have,
or to educate them to voluntary abandonment of
their persecutions. . . . Every single case of
dissociation and paranoia to which I have applied
cross-reference has yielded to the method and
proved the existence of foreign agencies
complicated with the symptoms of mental or
physical deterioration. It is high time to
prosecute experiments on a large scale in a field
that promises to have as much practical value as
any application of the scalpel and the microscope.”


When statistics compiled by the United States Government, as well as
by others, show that the increase in the number of the insane is
proportionately greater than the increase of the general population, it seems
incongruous to credit decayed teeth and diseased tonsils as being primary
causes of mental unbalance at this time when dental and surgical attention is
so general, whereas, the facts are that when dentistry was little known and
practiced, and people went about with all conditions of decayed teeth,
insanity was less prevalent than now.

Without attempting to discredit the Trenton reports, it may be stated
that our experience has shown that in many cases of mental derangement,
although the patient had badly decayed teeth, mental balance was fully
restored by dislodging the obsessing spirit before any attention was given to
the teeth.*


Ignorant psychic experimentation may prove injurious when


dabbled in by those who neglect the necessary precautions and lack
understanding of the laws which govern the subject, just as ignorance and
disregard of the laws governing everyday life may prove dangerous. The
misuse of a thing is no argument against its use.


The alarming results often occurring in connection with Psychical
Research prompted me to follow up a line of investigation to ascertain the
underlying causes thereof, for these also concern the physician.

The serious problem of alienation and mental derangement attending
ignorant psychic experiments was first brought to my attention by the cases
of several persons whose seemingly harmless experiences with automatic
writing and the Ouija Board resulted in such wild insanity that commitment
to asylums was necessitated.

The first of these cases was that of Mrs. Bl., whose attempts at
automatic writing led to mental derangement and altered personality.
Normally she was amiable, pious, quiet and refined but became boisterous
and noisy, romped about and danced, used vile language, and, claiming she
was an actress, insisted upon dressing for the stage, saying that she had to be
at the theatre at a certain time or lose her position. Finally she became so
irresponsible that she was placed in an asylum.

Another case was Mrs. Bn., who, through the practice of automatic
writing, changed from an artist and a lady of refinement to an altogether
different and violent personality. Screaming at the top of her voice she
continually rubbed her temples and exclaimed, “God save me! God save me!”
Rushing into the street she knelt in the mud, praying, and refused food,
declaring that if she should eat before six o’clock P.M. she would go to hell.

Mrs. Sr., who had followed the same practices, also became mentally
deranged and violent, necessitating police interference. Rising in the night she
posed in the window of her millinery


shop as Napoleon, whom she presumed herself to be, and after committing
many other irresponsible acts, requiring restraint, was sent to the Detention

In like manner, Mrs. Wr. became obsessed with hallucinations that God
was constantly talking to her and condemning her for wrong acts of which he
accused her; after attempting suicide at the request of this so-called God she
was taken to the asylum.

Many other disastrous results which followed the use of the supposedly
innocent Ouija Board came to my notice and my observations led me into
research in psychic phenomena for a possible explanation of these strange

My wife proved to be an excellent psychic intermediary and was easily
controlled by discarnate intelligences. In answer to her doubts concerning the
right of “disturbing the dead” these intelligences asserted that a grievously
wrong conception existed among mortals regarding the conditions prevailing
after death.

They stated that there is in reality no death, but a natural transition from
the visible to the invisible world, and that advanced spirits are ever striving
to communicate with mortals to enlighten them concerning the higher
possibilities which await the progressive spirit. But death–the freeing of the
spirit from the body–is so simple and natural that a great majority do not, for
a longer or shorter period, realize the change, and owing to a lack of
education concerning the spiritual side of their natures, they continue to
remain in their earthly haunts.

They maintained that many such spirits were attracted to the magnetic
aura of mortals-although the spirit, as well as the mortal, might be
unconscious of the intrusion-and thus, by obsessing or possessing their
victims, they ignorantly or maliciously became the cause of untold mischief,
often producing invalidism, immorality, crime and seeming insanity.

The risk of interference from this source constituted, they said, the
gravest danger to the unwary novice in psychic research, but to be in
ignorance of these facts was an even greater risk, especially in the case of the
susceptible neurotic.

These intelligences also stated that by a system of transfer, that is, by
attracting such obsessing entities from the victim to a psychic intermediary,
the correctness of the hypothesis could be demonstrated and conditions
could be shown as they actually exist. After this transference of psychoses
the victims would be relieved, and the obsessing spirits could then be
reached by


the advanced spirits, who would care for them and instruct them regarding
the higher laws of life.
They claimed they had found my wife to be a suitable instrument for
such experimentation and proposed that, if I would cooperate with them by
caring for and instructing these ignorant spirits, as they allowed them to take
temporary but complete possession of my wife’s body, without any injury
to her, they would prove their assertions were correct.


In order to carry out their purpose the Guiding Intelligences allowed
many manifestations to take place, often very unexpectedly, and some of
these occurred while I was pursuing my early medical studies.

One day I left home without any intention of immediately beginning my
first dissecting work, therefore my wife’s subconscious mind could not
possibly have taken any part in what transpired later.

The students were required to dissect a lateral half of a body; the first
subject was a man about sixty years of age and that afternoon I began
dissecting on a lower limb.

I returned home at about five o’clock and had scarcely entered the door
when my wife was apparently taken with a sudden illness, and complaining
of feeling strange, staggered as though about to fall. As I placed my hand on
her shoulder she drew herself up and became entranced by a foreign
intelligence who said, with threatening gesture:

“What do you mean by cutting me?”

I answered that I was not aware of cutting any one, but the spirit angrily replied:

“Of course you are! You are cutting on my leg!”

Realizing that the spirit owner of the body on which I had been
operating had followed me home, I began to parley with him, first placing
my wife in a chair.

To this the spirit vigorously objected, saying that I had no business to
touch him. To my answer that I had a right to touch my own wife the entity

“Your wife! What are you talking about! I am no woman –I’m a man.”

I explained that he had passed out of his physical body and was
controlling the body of my wife, and that his spirit was here


and his body at the college. When he finally seemed to realize this I said:

“Suppose I were now cutting on your body at the college that could not
kill you, since you yourself are here.”

The spirit admitted that this seemed reasonable, and said:

“I guess I must be what they call ‘dead,’ so I won’t have any more use for
my old body. If you can learn anything by cutting on it, go ahead and cut

Then he added suddenly: “Say, Mister, give me a chew of tobacco.”

I told him that I had none, and then he begged for a pipe, saying:

“I’m dying for a smoke.”

This request was, of course, also refused. (The fact that Mrs. Wickland
has always abhorred the sight of any one chewing tobacco precludes the
possibility of her subconscious mind playing any role in this episode.)

After a more detailed explanation of the fact that he was actually so-
called “dead,” the spirit realized his true condition and left.

But the similarity between the actions of the controlling spirit and the
symptoms of the patient, as well as the relief obtained by the latter through
this removal, indubitably prove the ‘spirit to have been the cause of the
disturbance. In many cases the identity of the spirit has been
unquestionably authenticated.

After this transfer and permanent dislodgment of the obsessing
spirit, the patient gradually recovers, although there may be a
number of spirits requiring removal from the same patient.

It may be asked why advanced intelligences do not take charge of
earthbound spirits and convert them without having them first control a
psychic intermediary. Many of these ignorant spirits cannot be reached by
the intelligent spirits until they come in contact with physical conditions,
when they are compelled to realize their own situation and are then started
on the road to progression.

DURING thirty years of indefatigable research among the “dead” such
startling conditions have been revealed that it seems incredible intelligent
reasoners along other lines of thought could have so long ignored the simple
facts, which can so readily be verified. There is utter impossibility of fraud in
these experiences; foreign languages, totally unknown to Mrs. Wickland, are
spoken, expressions never heard by her are used, while the identity of the
controlling spirits has again and again been verified and corroborations
innumerable have been made.


One was a minister, formerly pastor of the Methodist church of which
Mrs. H. W. was a member, who had been killed in a railroad accident nine
years previous, but was still unconscious of the fact; another was her sister-
in-law; there were also three elderly women, family friends for years, a
neighbor boy and the mother-in-law of the patient–all entirely unknown to
Mrs. Wickland.

Mrs. H. W. conversed at length with each one, as they spoke through
Mrs. Wickland, verifying innumerable statements made by the spirits and
assisted in bringing them to a realization of their changed condition, and of
the fact that they had been obsessing her daughter. This patient is today
entirely well and actively occupied with social, musical and family affairs.


One summer evening we were called to the home of Mrs. M., a lady of
culture and refinement; she was a musician of high rank and when the social
demands made upon her proved too great she suffered a nervous breakdown.
She had become intractable and for six weeks had been in such a raving
condition that her physicians had been unable to relieve her, and day and
night nurses were in constant attendance.

We found the patient sitting up in her bed, crying  one minute
like a forlorn child, and again screaming in fear: “Matilla!
Matilla!” Then suddenly fighting and struggling, she would talk
a wild gibberish of English and Spanish, (the latter a language
of which she had no knowledge).

Mrs. Wickland immediately gave her psychic diagnosis, saying the case
was unquestionably one of obsession, and this was unexpectedly confirmed
when Mrs. Wickland, who was standing at the foot of the bed, with wraps
on ready to leave, was found to be suddenly entranced. We placed her on a
davenport in the music room, where for two hours I talked in turn with
several spirits who had just been attracted from the patient.

There were three spirits–a girl named Mary, her suitor, an American,
and his Mexican rival, Matilla. Both of the men had vehemently loved the
girl and as fiercely hated each other. In a jealous rage one had killed the girl,
and then in a desperate fight the two rivals had killed each other.

All were unaware of being “dead,” although Mary said, weeping
wretchedly: “I thought they were going to kill each other, but here they are,
still fighting.”

This tragedy of love, hatred and jealousy had not ended with physical
death; the group had unconsciously been drawn into the psychic
atmosphere of the patient, and the violent fighting had continued within her
aura. Since her nervous resistance was exceedingly low at this time, one after
the other had usurped her physical body, with a resulting disturbance that
was unexplainable by her attendants.

With great difficulty the three spirits were convinced that they had lost
their physical bodies, but at last they recognized the truth and were taken
away by our invisible co-workers.

Meanwhile the patient had arisen, and speaking rationally to the
astonished nurse, walked quietly about her room. Presently she said: “I am
going to sleep well tonight,” and returning to bed, fell asleep without the
usual sedatives, and rested quietly throughout the night.

The following day, attended by a nurse, she was brought to our home; we
dismissed the nurse, discarded her medicines, and after an electrical treatment,
the patient had her dinner in the general dining room with the other patients,
and that evening attended a function given in our social hall.

Another spirit was removed from her the next day; this was a little girl
who had been killed in the San Francisco earthquake, and who cried
constantly, saying she was lost in the dark. It is needless to add that she was
comforted and promptly cared for by spirit friends, who had been unable to
reach her while she was enmeshed in the aura of a psychic sensitive.

After some months of treatment, rest and recuperation, the patient
returned to her home and resumed her normal life again.


Subconscious Mind and Auto-Suggestion, or Multiple Personalities,
would be untenable, since it is manifestly impossible that Mrs.
Wickland should have a thousand personalities, and since it is so
readily possible to cause transference of psychosis from a
supposedly insane person to Mrs. Wickland, relieving the victim, and
in this way discovering that the disturbance was due to a discarnate
entity, whose identity can often be verified.

Individuals who are clairaudient suffer greatly from the constant
annoyance of hearing the voices of obsessing entities (the “auditory
hallucinations” frequently observed by alienists), and when such a
person is present in a psychic circle where the spirits are dislodged
and transferred to the psychic intermediary, interesting developments