Read the fascinating true story of Nettie Colburn Maynard a Medium who gave readings to Abraham Lincoln.

Was Abraham Lincoln a Spiritualist?

Nettie gave the president the most wonderful proof that not only was irrefutable but inspirational. It lead by Spirit pushing, getting through that “most important of bills” leading to

“THE EMANCIPATION OF THE SLAVES.” and to the freeing of millions, changing world history. It is a pity that while the new film “Lincoln” shows some of the extraordinary things Lincoln did it only so briefly touches on mediumship.

Abraham himself had his own experiences of spirit besides visiting mediums and he also had premonitions including the one of his own passing.

Through Trance and Automatic writing, I was given this poem and then found this book and information on Nettie Maynard. I hope you have found this interesting. There are many other poems that have been inspired these have been placed in a book and you can find it and more of them on my web site just follow the link on the blog.

This book is to be published shortly I hope © A Book of Thoughts Leo Bonomo





I just called to meet you, friend

The means justify the end.


It’s funny that we should meet by chance, like this.


Who knows the rudiments of the scheme, the pawns moved in the Field.

For us to meet like this and yield a bountiful yield.


For planning and commitment over ages have gone before

Through fire and sins and thick and thin

Our paths were meant to cross

Exchanges of information, a nod, a wink, a move.


And yet there’s no-one else around who would notice such a move.


I just called to see you friend, hi there what’s your name?

For we are players in the field of a very important game

By chance we come to some decision; we turn a corner or two

By chance the world should benefit, by us meeting anew.


But because of this small action, untold reaction occurs

The ripples there uncountable, caused when something stirs.

From this a friendship may ensue, it matters not

An exchange has happened and lasting matters not one jot.


Through aeons it has been mastered, caused and planned, agreed.

For us to meet this way for the greater need

Small pieces in a greater plan that for now we cannot see

And tho’ we may not meet again, trust it, we have sown the seed.


From it goodness and struggle ensue, making use of a greater you

We don’t need to understand the cause, the why’s, the plans.


It just needs the players and yes, their agreement from the start

For though it may go unnoticed, the plan itself begun

There shall be many heroes, for the most part unsung

The world shall keep turning with its millions here intertwined

But because of these meetings, arranged at a table where both have dined


All these pieces join, and linking with a cosmic mind

Can influence all evil


And banish it.


The above poem is given in explanation of those “chance” meetings that all of us have, especially those who are spiritually aware, during our lives.

 Some times the influence is small negotiating those obstacles around us.

Sometimes the influence is very great. Like the two meetings a certain person had with two mediums on separate occasions.

 This led to that person being directly influenced by Spirit.

 What ensued was the formulation of the emancipation of the slaves.

That person was Abraham Lincoln.

Here is another fascinating book too by Fannie Ruthven Paget.

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