Taken from that wonderful, inspiring and informative site of Victor Zammit.

In his commentary section this week Victor Zammit has raised something so fundamentally valid and the fact that “being famous for being famous” seems to be on so many people’s list (Don’t even mention Big Brother! what have we come to?).

The simple fact is that many that may be considered “Celebrities” always have and continue to use psychics, mediums and astrologers as do many heads of state, royals and those of a lesser standing.

IF it is good enough for “them” why not for the rest of us? As Victor rightly points out, why do parts of the world attack those who are the “ordinary average person” for doing the same thing? Could it be adverse publicity or the threat of law action?

I cannot comment on other mediums readings but I have read for and continue to read for multi millionaires, inventors, bankers, solicitors, entrepreneurs, celebrities – who have more than a degree of brain, even for a few occasions a person connected to either NATO or the European commission (I can’t remember which now) those are CEO of large companies etc, etc, etc, others who anyone in their right mind would consider to be people of standing and people who have more than a little common sense.

Why then is the “average person” attacked so? I have a theory…. Is it because of the dumbing down of our teaching systems combined with the fear that if the greater part of the population was exposed to the truths that a rebellion of some kind would ensue?

Well I have news for them… Even according to CSICOPS – renamed CSI very catchy and authoritative…. NOT. Please see my article on “CSICOPS – have they lost the thirty years war?” They have failed miserably because more people than ever, not in spite of them funnily enough but because of them, (Wahoo) believe in “The paranormal” and some because as is says in the article not because they “just believe” but because they have experienced it. Has the attention that hard line sceptics have brought to it to smear and diminish completely backfired? It would seem so, and this is a super own goal.

This lines up with what we know to be true and that is that 2012 was a year in which the vibration shifted considerably (but has been rising for many decades but especially from the start of the Aquarian age) and that shift has cause what we call and “awakening” of some souls to the truth.

Many hundreds of thousands have awakened and many more will to. The shift has been encouraged by spirit because we, as incarnations, continue to make the same stupid mistakes – Wars etc, and essentially have not been able to change and adapt our thinking for thousands of years.

There has been an inestimable delay who knows how far we may have progressed if for example two thousand years ago we could have found a way to not start wars, to understand fully as a population of earth, that spirit has endured and lives on. That knowledge has been with us since the animal that became human has existed and man has existed for over four million years in one form or another.

We have always known that “something else exists” whatever name we place on it. We have had chances to progress that, at best, since then. So, in our continued fumbling a natural progression was allowed to speed up and the awakening is the result.

What sceptics do is mock all religions. All religions believe in some sort of afterlife and if you take that belief whatever name you give it then by far the greatest percentage of the world believes in something” to say that they have been fighting a losing battle is a misnomer.

However, they are or at least were, vociferous and with the establishment wanting to control the population of earth, and with so many vested interests, eugenics, scientists, religions and of course let’s not forget governments and leaders, all who want the easiest way to control the people they rule over whether it is in a dictatorial way or the way we have diplomacy in England – that is the government rules by having less of the votes, so this is not democracy in any form.

So they had the minority with the greatest power on their side and that is how so few have held up so much. That is changing and will continue so man now not only believe but have experienced for themselves but the crucial thing is that people are so much more open about it now, THEY talk about it and this encourages others to speak up.

What may have been a “secret or a fear” to be hidden away because of mockery, persecution and certainly execution (and still is on some parts of the world) has now thanks to the way spirit works, far more open and accepted worldwide. One of the ways that this has been done is through the media of TV and film. So many programs, charmed for example, have invigorated the public’s mind.

Those programs are mostly showing the negative side which is highly regrettable however it is a foot in the door. there are certainly many programs showing the light rather than the dark and those such as “Highway to heaven“ have been of influence and is still shown and appreciated in regular re runs today.

This is the way forwards, to educate and inform the public, encourage that tsunami of understanding and inquisitiveness. People are talking to each other and this will raise even more questions…. and the answers are ready and waiting.


There are a range of people Victor mentions amongst whom are: – Winston Churchill had regular consultations during WW2 from gifted medium Bertha Harris. Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy were into psychics and astrology. Even the Communist Stalin had paranormalist Wolf Messing working with him! From Abraham Lincoln down to Richard Nixon many of the American leaders consulted psychic mediums. And although nominally head of the Church of England the British Royal family (and Princess Diana) and There are many claims that stars like George Clooney Brad Pitt, Demi Moore, Nicole Kidman below right, Donald Trump, Madonna, Liza Minelli, Jennifer Aniston – and many others also consult mediums.

Why then do they think they can manipulate the “average person”? Even with the internet most people look at what the others do… People are lazy and when it comes to things like Wikipedia people actually believe that it is truthful, scientific and unbiased.

The real truth – as explained in my article mentioned above, is so far from the truth that it is itself something that “has to be believed”… Ironic huh?

It has been the subject of the papers and other articles too that Wikipedia is controlled certainly in the area of the supernatural, by hard-line sceptics who have formed all kinds of groups, watchers and editors who manipulate and edit the real articles into something that is actually (if it was not so serious) something quite laughable. They are anything but scientific.

In fact the process has spawned yet another word if something has been “Wikipedia-ed” it has been altered from the truth into lies and that is a very fitting phrase. The fact that Sceptics like Stephen Fry renowned for his brain power quote Wikipedia as a source of reality seems to offer some sort of validity but the point is if Mr Fry with all his brainpower is unable to conduct serious, eventful and proper investigations on his own behalf just how much credibility on this subject does he himself hold? That is questionable.

What is of concern is just what kind of connection does Mr Fry have with hard-line sceptics when he champions their cause in spite of extremely valid, highly scientific and continuously repeatable experiments with absolute credibility the findings of very many scientists gained over very many decades and the continuing emergence via Quantum Physics that not only does the rule book have to be continually be rewritten but in some sense really have to be thrown away.

Mr Fry is known as a gadgets many, and obviously loves the scientific why then this blindness at obvious facts? Well we may never know but one thing is certain, that those who foolishly disregard all the great works done in supporting of the absolute fact of survival of so called death and those who perpetuate the ignorance of hard-line scepticism will fall into the dustbin of scientific history and many reputations with it and rightly so. Mr Fry had had better be watchful that he, as he has so definitely lined up with the wrong team, may find he himself may consigned too. I have apart from that the very greatest respect for, and admiration of, Mr Fry.


Light to all, always, Leo. x