I am very pleased that Victor has been able to promote my book Summerland. Victors site is an incredible one too giving much information on afterlife evidence and a general “whats going on” that’s bang up to date.

Here is what Victor published about Summerland.

Leo Bonomo is a professional inspirational clairvoyant medium and psychic based in London. His book ‘Summerland’ was originally written by automatic writing in 1987. It tells the story of Alex, a 14 year old boy who dies suddenly when his bike is hit by a car. It follows Alex as he gradually realizes that he has crossed over and learns about life in the spirit world. The book gives explanations of passing, life on the planes, spirit possession, cot death, mediumship, reincarnation and many other related topics. It’s light and easy to read and would be very suitable for teenage readers. The book will soon also be available as an e-book. Read more…”