Taken from Victor Zamitts excellent site: – http://www.victorzammit.com/week8kindness/

“Hi Victor, I noticed an on line response to the Coast to Coast interview – there is some skeptic saying that what David Thompson does can’t be real – there is no ectoplasm and no materializations – it’s fraud – otherwise he would have videos of those who materialize.”

Victor: I’ve been dealing with all kinds of objections about David Thompson for the last nine years – there’s nothing new about the videos issue. This skeptic – who appears to have his head in the sand – has not done his homework because David had on his website a short video of materialized ‘William’ – David’s own guide made with a very special camera. These skeptics and cynics better wake up to the fact that when they call a medium ‘fraud’ they could be sued for defamation – following the successful win by medium Sally Morgan, who won nearly a quarter of a million dollars against a mainstream newspaper because its journalists called her a fraud. The legal precedent created is that anyone calling a medium a fraud has to specifically identify and prove what was done fraudulently. If they cannot they could be sued and could lose their house – if they had one!

Remember also when I first started to report David’s materializations I offered *$500,000 for any skeptic to prove fraud in David’s materializations. In some nine years no skeptic was absolutely sure fraud was taking place.

Light, always, Leo.