Do not forget to tune in today – or conversely, get your downloaded archive copy of today’s show (go to the link) with Guest Mr Robert Brown, internationally know Medium.

Robert has worked with the best of those in mediumship not only in the past but also with those whom we know and love today, those like John Edward and James Van Praagh both of whom he has worked with many times You will find Robert witty and entertaining with anecdotes of times past!

Robert was the youngest Medium to begin teaching development at the S.A.G.B. – the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain and Robert has worked with and associated with many of the big names we know not only from the past, Leslie Flint, Gordon Higginson, Doris stokes, Doris Collins but also John Edward and James Van Praagh and others.

Robert will talk about his experiences and his work. Roberts web site is: