You notice that some, including “Chris”, cannot spell and do not have a grasp on English either yet they quote verbatim “unprovable Facts” ones especially like “these are not repeatable” Just wetting myself laughing! And there is no reply of course after my final comments…. Like all sceptics they “talk the talk” but cannot ever hope to “Walk the walk”. Dinosaurs. For more read “Helen Duncan pardon at last.”  Jeremy Paxman tell truth

 Chris Greenslade Quite frankly it’s clear that you vermin are just out to make money from other peoples grievance.

And you can give me the “giving them hope” speach all you like but you are lying to these poor people for money.

Purely sickening.

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 Leo Bonomo Clairvoyant Medium and Psychic Lol of course they have…. Just why are you wasting your time? Why haven’t sceptics proved us wrong? Why has no sceptic taken up Victor Zamitts $1 million challenge and why is Randy so quiet now? Do go to this link and educate yourself Why do the USA alone spend $60 million dollars a year on this and why have they given the highest honour ever in peace time to a remote viewer for his invaluable assistance in the protection of the USA? No sceptic genius has ever been able to disprove it. Now prove it to me… The difference between us is that I don’t try and enforce my views on you however you are trying to force yours on a site that has nothing in common with you, only a person of limited intelligence stands with people he dosen’t agree with and trys to convert them. You are not winding me up I do feel sorry for you which is why I bothered answering in the first place. You are using technology that sceptics said cannot ever exist, why don’t you look that up? People used to believe that the earth was flat. Have you ever seen a microbe? Can you prove to me that it exists? I mean that invention might just be a trick. Explain to me why it isnt… Bless you because you need it. Light.

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 Leo Bonomo Clairvoyant Medium and Psychic I have work to do and people to help, I would make myself useful too if I were you…..

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 Chris Greenslade It is clear that you are either delusional or just reading what you want to see from what I am saying.

Not once have I “tried to convert you” or prove that there is no afterlife.

Obviously it is impossible so prove or disprove afterlife. The same way you cant prove or disprove whichever god you do or don’t believe in.

My only issue is those people who choose to pretend they can talk to the dead and live a life knowing full well that they can’t really do it, making money from it. I kinda hope Dante is right about the afterlife because theres a special ring for people like you.

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 Leo Bonomo Clairvoyant Medium and Psychic Life out loud see the next article… of course its the old fall back position you have taken… Delusional… yeah right. I suppose the courts in the next article are delusional too? And the government of the day including Churchill too? And the reams of scientists, the USA government, Oh and of course the Chinese, Russian, British governments too ad infinitum they (and many more governments) are all wrong too huh? If your not trying to convert me why are you on a site you disagree with trying to make your point? The only reason I am replying to you is it serves my purpose and for others…. have you not understood that? Delusional is not seeing what is there. There is so much proof it is sure that one of us is but thank you for serving my purpose. Light, Leo.

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 Leo Bonomo Clairvoyant Medium and Psychic Chris would you like to make that statement in court? About being fake that is? I have copied it of course… and the person who loses an argument is of course the one who acts like you do… Just for your knowledge… I have £10 million cover for court costs in case of this.. perhaps you would like to think about that for a fraction of a moment? Er I suppose you know what Libel is and a recently won court case against a well known paper?

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 Leo Bonomo Clairvoyant Medium and Psychic Just a nudge…. From Victor Zamitt a lawyer for the afterlife. AS IT SAYS UNSPECIFIED DAMAGES.

 DEFAMING MEDIUMS – is illegal: I came across some closed-minded skeptic’s writing where, as part of a malicious organised campaign, he/she called an international medium a ‘fraud’. I give this uninformed closed skeptic free advice to remove that offensive word because calling someone a fraud imputes dishonesty – and dishonesty is actionable per se – meaning the medium could sue the skeptic for unspecified damages. This was confirmed when Sally Morgan successfully sued the Daily Mail – getting a quarter of a million dollars for defamation when the newspaper journalist called and imputed Sally Morgan was a fraud.

 Light, always, Leo.