In answer to a question by “S”

Hi S, I think that if you are genuine then there is no problem charging. I used to think like you and never charged but in the end (and because I am a professional) I was placed in the position that I had to, just to live, I think that it is right to charge even if it is one pence! Of course you can donate it to charity.

 There are those also who would abuse the privilege and take over your life with sittings after sittings because there is no charge and you can be placed in a position of having no life of your own, it happens.

 Some feel they have the right to call you any time of the day or night because it’s “Gods gift and you should not charge” and you are a “kind person” because I work two shifts a day (day and night because many of my clients are in Australia for example) and people know it so a “free call” at 3am  for “just a quick question” is not unusual just because they cannot sleep!

People can call you up “because you are there” and they are actually suicidal and you spend hours on the phone talking them out of it – this happened recently to me well after a shift. Not that I regret helping this person for a single moment but 90% of it (calls) is less serious.

 If some did not charge they could work 25 hours a day and as I mentioned in another post it can and does affect the health and shorten lives too. Mediumship does affect the body whatever type of mediumship you do. If you are professional and you over work you can burn out – what do you do then?

Few professions put their own lives and health at risk willingly, of those that do, not a single one is asked to do it for nothing! Why do people feel it is right to ask a medium to do this?

This begs the question, “do people really understand what real mediumship entails, and do any of them care”?

 Many mediums including myself do things for charity quietly. Today I am doing an all day event to raise money for a church. It would involve travel costs, petrol, on the odd occasion a parking fine, and of course the whole day itself.

 While I am doing this I could be working on the lines and on a good day earn perhaps £60 for many hours work, far less than a tradesman. Other days I spend many hours and there is no call at all, such is life, the bills keep on coming.

So for today, in this example, not only am I foregoing a day’s work, I am spending the day travelling, spending my own money to get there to get money for a good cause. I am not mentioning this out of ego, just to illustrate the point you have raised, I am glad to do it and often do like many mediums.

 It costs a lot of money to train, it takes a lot of time too, many years in fact if done properly. I spent eight years training at the S.A.G.B. travelling into London after work to do it, just the travel was not cheap as you can imagine and getting back late at night.  This was 50 weeks a year.

Not only that but there are often associated costs for instance it triggers interest in other areas so you end up attending this workshop and that, never mind about the books and accessories you buy, and of course web sites etc, etc, to pay for.

No one would think of a carpenter or any other profession turning up at your door and expect them to do it for nothing. But yes it is abused, sadly. Ultimately, charging is a personal choice but if it is what you do for a living there is only “Hobsons choice.” Contrary to what many people think we do not make vast fortunes… the rip off ones…… Now that’s a different matter…

 Light, always, Leo.