Thought for the day.

In using  the secret we think it will initially be an “instant I can fix this” kind of thing. Certainly when we are introduced to it it can appear that way. Yes we are shown that we need to practice the “Small things first” like getting a free meal or coffee before we can have confidence in the bigger aspirations.

What many forget is that up to that point we have still been manifesting, creating, it is just many will have been creating what they didn’t want. That is the reason many end up finding the Secret in the first place, because things have not gone right.

What “Newies” need to remember (and those not so new like me) that we have lived – in my case quite a while lol, and we have got used to “Ordering the old way” we have to remember too that things can change slowly and that there is a backlog….. we are still collecting what we ordered some time ago.

On occasions I laugh to myself as I imagine someone standing at a long conveyor belt struggling with the orders… standing there talking to himself, trying to keep up with it and things falling off and it all going to pot with him struggling…  Just see him there “Oh crap this has been returned” “And that and that or this was a change of order!” he is making changes and getting invoices for this and that…. taking things off that were cancelled even before they were boxed up…

We have to work through what we ordered some time ago. Those times when subconsciously we worked overtime to get the things we really had in mind much of the time… Y’know, Bills lots of, Money little of, Oh yes… Lots of aggravation at work…. trouble with the family and relationships….. Just throw in a car accident (because we know that will happen because we just about keep it running and the insurance too!)

You know exactly how it works.. the thought patterns… “These things come in threes… Its bound to go wrong because I cant afford it…. It always happens when I get something new…. My luck is never good for long” we all do it, I used to too and believe me I still have my moments. It takes time to adjust not only your “thinking” but more importantly you subconscious thinking. That is the real trick.

Consciously manifesting things is one great thing, however it can and lets face it for many it does, so many, in the back of their minds, think “I’m not that lucky” or something similar. So many have this self destruct thought.

To really make it work you have to reprogramme your mind… Concious thought is great but the rest is controlled by what you really think of even if you are unaware you are doing it.

A friend of mine does not believe this sort of thing. Not in a million years. They used to say to me “You are the unluckiest  person I have ever met” and yes its true I have had many expeirences – oddly they give me understanding of how my mediumship works. I often say that “mediums have hard lives” we are, like agony aunts in a way. Without going through the type of things that others go through how could we ever hope to understand? How much easier for spirit to communicate with us and say “this client, you remember how “this happened to you?” well this client is going through this….

So many misunderstand the membership thing with “life experience” and how it boosts all we know.

Anyway, back to this friend. They seemed to see “bad luck” in much of what they saw around them… and this constantly would be there, in their thoughts have brought them to what they have now. They have a really bad time of it almost in every direction. Their constant cry now is “MFL” which is short for (if you don’t know) My F******* Life.

Guess what? this is what they are getting now in such very large lumps. It occurs to me that this can be an addiction.., the constant needing of “something” but knowing (Thinking) well it will all go to pot in the end. It has struck me like that because like drugs or drink it can be something that is there, thought of all the time, and then dealing with the collateral damage after.

Just like alcoholism we are needing to admit that there is a problem, the problem of “Wrong thinking” and we need to fix it. In fixing the one thing that can help – concious and subconscious thinking  we can fix anything in our lives. Understanding it will manifest anything in the world you want. Anything, no matter what it might be.

Below is a very outdated blog of mine entitled “The secret, it works for me” I do not update it now because all I want is given to me, in the universes time because the universe and Spirit knows exactly when the right time (Timing) is. Timing is so very important often not appreciated.

Light to all, always. Leo.


Aren’t manifestations strange things? A neighbour wanted of all things a large, aluminium watering can that would be large enough to hold maybe 6 or 7 litres and none of us could find one anywhere on the web over the last 9 months or so.

They are all about 2 litres without an extra sprinkler spout. They cost about £18 each but are not right. I went out today and I found one that was very large 6 – 7 litres, aluminium with a spout and on a skip about five doors down.

It is in perfect condition and perfect for what they want it for, which is to convert it into a water fountain for their Koi and goldfish pond they are coming back tomorrow from holiday and so (again) the timing is perfect.

I am still manifesting for all I want, and I just thought I would share that with you , X



1, Having been the executor of my Fathers will I had to a couple of years ago pay £2000 to my niece. BACKGROUND:

We don’t get on. I had become victim of a hit and run in 2003 and have practically lost all, we have been on the verge of bankruptcy since then.

I have as you can imagine asked everybody and his dog for a loan. The due day was upon me and I wrote via solicitor to ask for a month’s grace. Very grudgingly, I got it but it is a no win situation in law, it’s owed, that’s it. She sent a threatening letter back about the “Ten years I had it” and I was advised by my solicitor, pay it or you will get sued and no leg to stand on.

WHAT HAPPENED: four days before it was due I was so stressed (I had seen the SECRET a few months before) and I screamed like a madman to GOD “God for Christ’s sake do something.” I never usually blaspheme I was desperate but no excuses. I vented my spleen. This is not actually the way to do it Lol.

The next day about the only bank I had not approached rang me, offered me the loan I wanted, invited me down to sign, fat chance I thought, the woman I dealt with had had some financial problems in her past with her husband so similar to mine, and gave me the loan. Two days before it was due, it was paid to my niece.


A few doors down were a couple who were right pains he was a “copper” throwing his weight around and causing problems for a great many people. I am not the sort of person who can abide that kind of bulling. They loved the house etc and did not want to leave. Short version. I told God what I wanted that they had to go and the reasons for it. Within six months, they moved to the great satisfaction of all concerned.


Another neighbour was causing problems and a third one said to me that she was fed up. Physical damage had been done to their home for many years. I told her the two above stories. She said to me “Oh I wish it would work for me, can you say prayers?” I said, “I’ll do a deal. You say one and I’ll say one.” These neighbours have taken their time. They did not want to move for all kinds of reasons. They are moving tomorrow.


I have asked for several things some of which I cannot for very serious reasons not mention here, however. I knew at the start of this year, that it was “My Year” I need money and it is manifesting in several ways. There is a court case that I am going to win. It certainly looks that way and that will get the ball rolling.

5, I have asked (remember I have no money) to go to New Zealand, I am doing a tour in a few weeks time.

6, I have asked to go to Australia, It appears to be on the cards for next year definitely and as a tour, and why should I doubt it?

7, I have asked for my book to be published. It is going to be published in a couple of week’s time. Partly due to spirit wanting the timing to be right but it has in fact, taken 23 years to be published.

8, I have told the universe that I need to have a certain success to be able to help the children of the world, this is ongoing but why should I doubt it?

9, I have asked for the film to be made of the book, which will have a vast affect.

10, I have asked for a wonderful home and I have walked round it many times in meditation. At this time, I have no idea where it is however, I do want to live in New Zealand or Australia at some point. Why should I doubt it?

Other things are shaping up too these are prayers for friends etc. Be generous; ask for others as well as yourself. The universe is abundant. It does not care whether you need £2,000 or two million. Ask and know it to be truly delivered.

May 22, 2011

Manifest your health, wealth rejuvenate and rebuild your body.

I am going to try a mad experiment. It sounds off the wall but I have used “The Secret” successfully before.

As everything in the world has abundance, as we can ask for whatever we want, providing we ask the right way – I suspect also for the right reasons,  I have in mind an experiment which will transform my life and will provide some proof that being spiritual and humble IS THE WAY TO BE.

On Wednesday the 18th May I found myself uncharacteristically accelerating on my motorbike away from the lights towards a roundabout, do not ask me why it is one of those moments in life, it is life changing in the way that only such a small thing can have such an impact. This is always for a reason usually unfathomable until it is in plain sight.

As you know, I use The Secret and you can trace the steps where I have bothered to name them, elsewhere in this blog.

I have a very good friend called Suzanne, she also uses The Secret. Suzanne is a constant inspiration to me.

I realised that I was running out of road and as the bike was leaning, I knew that you could not brake like that. I had to straighten up which of course steers you straight too. I braked midway and the front wheel went, as is its will. I hit the tarmac hard with my chest, bounced onto my right side. The bike also hit its left and bounced over onto its right we slid and I was aware of it passing me. I could hear the crash helmet scraping along the tarmac and it ended up being broke.

I was wearing my beloved Hugo Boss leather jacket (not a biking one) and it was torn to shreds. I got up winded and mentally checked myself. In reality, I had not slid far and there was little damage to the bike except for the gear lever, which was bent. Several good Samaritans asked if I was ok and did I need an ambulance etc, bless them all.

Although not bruised at all even now three days later I had hurt my ankle, calf and chest on the left side. Several may say I was lucky, I know I was. Why I accelerated, totally out of character, has now become quite clear.

I have over the last few years, over twenty, become quite ill in various ways, due to various reasons. More importantly, I had changed a condition of mind to cope with what I had seen as “my world” it has brought great experience that for which I am grateful.

However, this has become unwieldy; it is not necessary and quite frankly is of no further use to me. Not being able to even get up the following day made me think. What I had become health wise, and Spiritually and as a medium aside, what a state I was in because of circumstances I had allowed and to an extent, invited into my life.

Such inspiration is not always an epiphany like explosion. Sometime it is slow and deliberate so you can take it in a morsel at a time.

When I did marshal arts, my mind would not accept pain. If an injury occurred I would for example push or bang the injury, not to make it worse but to say to my body “Whatever pain you think you can give me, I can make it worse, I am the master of this body, the only pain I accept is that which I give it, NOT WHAT IT GIVES ME” I used this so successfully.

These thoughts drifted through and again with inspiration from Suzanne began to see that. I am total master of this body; it does nothing without my control.

Suzanne and I talked about The Secret a few days later and it dawned on me again, reinforced if you like what we knew from it but also what I knew and experienced.

The second day after the accident I told my body that I was not having it any more. No pain, no soreness, no it having a “Tiff” from that afternoon I was better. I have made what I consider to be quite a recovery. Remember I am 54 right now and had quite a slam into the tarmac.

This brings me neatly into what I want to say. I am overweight by a few stone. I am unfit and in other terms not well. However, I have recovered remarkably and so I have now made up my mind very firmly indeed.

I am going to rejuvenate this body. I am going to lose weight. I am going to be well and more remarkably I am going to return to an age of 30 years old in a physical sense.

Marvellous things can be achieved with the mind. The mind makes us what we are; the mind makes our circumstances and brings in everything into our lives that we ask for whether we know this or not.

For some this seems incomprehensible because they say, “look at all this destruction, sadness and chaos look at the financial holocaust I am in, who could want this? If you do not understand why then read The Secret, or see the film. It will show you why.

Now I know that great wealth, happiness and more importantly health and rejuvenation will be mine because “I WILL IT” I will manifest it, I can transform anything I like in my life and now I will do it. For me this is as much an experiment to prove to myself what I already know to be true, but as importantly it will be one that will prove to others that not only can it be done, but they can, and should be doing it too.

I hope that this will inspire you as much as it has me. I am looking forwards to a body of a 30 year old again more than that, I am going to regain the physical appearance of when I was my best in martial arts. I have at this time to wear glasses and have done so for many years. I shall have no need of them for I shall instruct my body that they are of no further use because my eyes will be fine.

There has been a reason (as always in my life) for the illness and stress. And this is, because it is provable that I was that way. That it shall be provable that I have dramatically changed and that the reason I claim it has changed is the power of Spirit, not only “from Spirit” but also from my Spirit.

It has been well stated this is not reality. This is but a dream. So… dream like I shall give myself a dream body, my dream body, not anybody else’s necessarily, and I shall give myself a dream life. THEREFORE, I can hold it up as an example, to show others, this is no miracle it is what you can do also.

I am not going to lose weight by dieting. I am instructing my body to do it. When I have lost weight, I shall continue to become well and fit.

At this moment in time, I weigh 112 kilo the heaviest I have ever been. I shall at sometime show before and after photos. I will not do so now because it will confirm “What I am” if only at this time and that is a negative. It is not important where I am at this time, what is most important is what I shall become.

We all have this ability. To become what we want. We do it subconsciously, why not do it consciously?

Light, always, Leo.