I want to expand – as far as I can, on the secret and what it has done for me. June 2015.

Whilst it may seem a lot this is a short description of only a few of the very many things it has done for me…

And it is a secret no longer!

So many struggle in life we are indoctrinated into thinking that we have to work hard, almost kill ourselves while we are doing it and that is “the way life is” this possibly partly because of course it suits  the “establishment” some of who use the secret anyway, to keep others down.

Initially the “Secret” was a secret because those who used it, used it solely to their advantage in a bid to keep others out possibly in the false understanding that “there was only so much to go round” this is completely wrong.

So, I write this blog starting from another blog way back in 2010 and bringing, as much as I can, up to date.

I said that because there are many things that I cannot discuss but will become evident over time.

So to the old blog:-

The secret working for me.

Story So far… Ask number 1, I badly need £2,000 to pay an inheritance bill. I had already put it off and legally it’s a no brainer. I could have been sued and would have lost the house no question. I got very annoyed and told God to help me. Within four days a bank contacted me – I had asked for other reasons from everybody and his dog, for a loan no one wanted to know. This bank rang out of the blue (within a few hours) and the money went in my account in two days and out and paid in four.

Ask number 2, Quite a few of us had a problem with a neighbour. The whole family were a problem best of it was he was a copper and always threw his weight around. Pratt used to wear his Karate Gi around the street to intimidate. I asked the universe to move the family. Within six months, I heard they were going.

Ask number 3, Another neighbour was causing a big problem for another. She was disrespectful to many and allowed damage to be caused to the neighbour’s property on different occasions. I had mentioned to this neighbour “The Secret” and Ask number 2 she said, “oh say a prayer for me,” I told her “you ask and I shall ask too” within the week she knocked on my door and told me that the neighbour had just knocked and told her she was moving.

Ask number 4, A direct neighbour wanted to do some building work. The company he was using seem to very badly advise him and had not told him about the party wall agreement. I did not like the feel of them, as you know I am a professional Clairvoyant Medium, I asked the company to provide three sources of work they carried out and they would only provide one! I tried to insist and they got very stroppy.

I could not trust their work and they were giving the “guarantee” that any problems with the work or damage to my home they would fix (yeah right). I advised my neighbour that I was not happy and would need an independent to overlook this. They were not happy as the other neighbour – see “Copper” said they would agree to the firm policing itself but of course, they were leaving! This left a small rift between us.

I then told Spirit/the universe that either the work had to stop or the neighbours had to go. Result? The neighbours could not get their plans passed anyway anyhow. Finally, in frustration, they got rid of the builders, got new ones and the plans were passed no problem. Result, we are all happy now. Isn’t the Secret wonderful?

Ask number 5, Last year I went to Italy for the first time in many years, and it was my youngest’s first time, she is now thirteen. Being self-employed I would lose that months wages. Again, I told the universe that I needed a month’s money. Although I had forgotten I had entered a competition. They rang and told me that I had won first prize. It was a month’s money. and it would arrive in August. The month when I would be in Italy. You can see the information letter with some details hidden.

Secret payment


I want my book published and to be successful, not entirely for selfish reasons. This is to bring the afterlife in a proper fashion to the public, that success will lead to the successful production a large amount of money. This can then be used for the good of others who desperately need it.

I have also asked for a new life for me so that I can work for others too. The date today is Monday, 08 February 2010 and so these are to be completed. You heard it here first. These things will also come to pass.

And now up-to-date!

Well, where do I start? I manifested the divorce and it is something so liberating to be rid of something so vile and I am talking of the situation rather than people bless them.

In spite of great oppression I manifested a much better settlement than I may have got and this was in spite of the best  efforts of even my own solicitor, I chose a woman because (aren’t there lessons in everything?) I thought she may be sympathetic to me, how wrong could I be? Yes we have to walk into walls too as a sensitive person! Oh well, she will have to pay for it when she gets over!

I manifested a great two bed home, with fantastic neighbours in just the right place and a car; I also manifested chances to go to Australia, New Zealand, Bali, and business opportunities too over a range.

I also manifested more work and most of all people who I can trust and who I can serve as well as who can help me.

This includes publishers, radio opportunities and connections all over the world in many and various forms and all of who are like minded – Like attracts like as we all know.

Included in this is the great opportunity to carry out my life’s works which is progressing at phenomenal rate I have to say.

I am blessed with people around me who have provided all kinds of ways for me to be grateful and for me to be happily of service.

I was told by my own guides (a rare thing) that that 2015 was the year for me… Others told me too and while I can’t tell you all for very good reasons, what is going on I can only say that it has been phenomenal and it was only up to may, this now being June!

The rest of the year will surpass anything that I can dream of and I can dream big and yet even those have been blown away…

From even the smallest thing to the largest I am blessed. I have got to know so many good friends and colleagues and so much has been gained.

All from knowing the universe wants me to have and to fulfill all that I have come here to do, and it will be done before I leave this place, happily I might add.

I have opened up by manifestation connections to the USA and Australia and so many good things have formed.

All this with ease… Knowing that the secret works and continues to work for my benefit.

It can for you too… You just have to know how to apply it, exactly why it works and let it go!

In development classes we on rare occasions discuss the secret and I explain some of the things that have happened to me because of it.

We have also as a test because some “can’t see it” conducted an experiment where all the students sometime there are as many as eighteen, will all ask for something and try to manifest it.

Not to anyone’s shock or amazement those who still “don’t get it” don’t get much of a result but several get their manifestations within a few weeks.

We discuss what has happened and why it has happened – or not in the cases of those who still can’t “get it” you will not be surprised to know that in a small circle of eight four got what they asked for… doubters didn’t and then as we did this again in another circle, more “wishes” were produced!

Much of what was asked for was for money in what may seem to be very improbable circumstances, BUT it appeared not exactly as they wanted but then it’s up to the universe how it gets to you.

Several have had what they wanted lottery wins, no not millions but one has had several on the trot now and not insignificant sums, not life changing but we are not talking £25’s!

As the disbelief is written on some faces as to how a multitude of “coincidences” have happened and why it did not work for them and the great enjoyment of the production of what others wanted, working it is plain, very plain to me that it does work.

The Secret itself is not all open, you have to really see through and understand what it is that works. This is partly why there are several books, DVD’s etc on the go.

What really works is given piecemeal and yes they deserve their money why not? But you have to understand and when you do manifest, it is in my own personal experience, quite unbelievable.

Try it discover it for yourself… if you want or are interested in finer detail… Well I may produce something myself for you.

Enjoy life, be happy, I have worked 18 hour days and given my all for very many years… as my Dad used to say “If I had known then what I know now…”

Well, I know now and it is never too late… I love my “job” yes I work very long hours not nearly what I half killed myself for years go but to be honest when you enjoy what you do its not work. So I “work less”, earn more and everything I need is provided for with ease.

Light to all, Leo.