This is a republished, updated blog from January 14, 2011 Once again with kind permission from Mark Ireland, Bless you Mark.

A short Biography of this most remarkable psychic. To see a video of him working, and again for part 2. which you really should see!

It is very interesting to note that sceptics have steered away from Dr Ireland the simple fact is the amount of information, both personal, private and aspirational ,of those he read for usually half the full studio audience, sometimes number over 100 and this was live! Cannot be explained in the usual way mediumship and Psychics are rebuffed today. The sheer weight and volume cannot be argued against and dismissed. in fact the rate of knots in which it was sometimes delivered too is quite remarkable and again shows what a great connection he had.

Here borrowed is from one of the links below “Richard possessed a truly unique gift and he wasn’t afraid to share this fact with anyone. Cynics would often visit his ESP demonstrations, intent on making a mockery of the event, but would usually leave shaking their heads. Some of them actually realized that perhaps they did not understand the universe as completely as they previously thought. These folks often left the event with irreconcilable questions bouncing around in their heads.

Skeptics would contend that Richard could somehow see through multiple layers of thick medical tape and three black blindfolds and therefore presumed that he could read the questions submitted by the audience. (Skeptics were invited to inspect the tape and blindfolds before their use and during application). In reality, no individual could have provided the insights that Richard shared unless they were truly clairvoyant. He correctly provided first and last names of friends and relatives (both living and deceased), furnished accurate dates of pending births, identified phone numbers and addresses, confirmed professions and spelled out other detailed circumstances involving people’s lives, which were thought “secret”. Quite often, Richard would answer people without ever unfolding their paper and would also address issues that were not even written down. In a typical demonstration Richard would usually give a “psychic reading” to half of those in attendance (roughly 50 people in a group of 100) with uncanny accuracy and specificity.”

Also this “Those who knew Richard Ireland viewed him as possibly the most gifted psychic-medium of the twentieth century. When people saw his capabilities believers were stunned and non-believers quickly changed their minds. Over the years, some of the most hardened skeptics concluded that Richard Ireland’s abilities were real. Richard’s capacities included Clairvoyance, X-Ray Clairvoyance, Precognition, Spirit Communication, and much more. “

Dr Ireland a biography Dr Ireland and again you should really see the site.

Dr Ireland on the Steve Allen show.

I have now ordered his book published by his son Mark called “Your Psychic Potential: A Guide to Psychic Development” it is highly recommended!

We were discussing this on Tuesday and then the subject and link surfaces, just as it does when Spirit are keen to use us and advertise what is fantastic evidence.

Ireland was a man of strong faith but was not satisfied with orthodox explanations. In many ways his life was a journey in which he sought out the great truths, sharing his findings with everyone he encountered. Richard possessed Gifts of the Spirit, referenced by the Apostle Paul in Chapter 12 of his first letter to the Corinthians in the New Testament.

Richard had a huge heart and felt great love for people; using his gifts to help others whenever and wherever possible. Ultimately, Richard’s abilities should be judged on the basis of what he accomplished and the eyewitness accounts of his gifts, which will be documented in a forthcoming biography.

Ultimately, Richard should be remembered for his love of humanity and absolute trust in God.

Richard Ireland led a remarkable life and the extremes of his existence illustrate this fact. Richard experienced both poverty and wealth.

He enjoyed the friendship of many and a measure of fame, yet today his name is relatively unknown. Because of his phenomenal abilities, Richard Ireland counselled many celebrities, including film star Mae West.

Unfortunately, many of these people are now gone and along with them, their accounts of his remarkable gifts. Fortunately, some accounts have been captured and will be included in several forthcoming books written by others.

Light always, Leo