I have a great book called “At the hour of death (witnessing over 1000 ) written by Dr’s with an introduction by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, about actual feelings of those who passed before their passing and the fact of lack of pain, and the great comfort and quietude they gained by being visited by family beforehand to help with the transition.

Of course Silver birch also talked about the experience and how “there is no pain” to me it is a fundamental of “spiritualism” to take away that fear of death.

I myself experienced while developing 6 flashbacks of the last few minutes of those lives and the actual passing’s too that may be interesting? I also had a wonderful experience when I was young when the complete fear of passing was taken away from me; I think it vital that others understand too? What do you think?

One of the other great corroborative site’s where this kind of information is given from those who have actually passed away is www.leslieflint.com Leslie is one of the most tested mediums in the world, tied up and gagged sometimes with water or other coloured liquid in his mouth, I mean how long could you or I do that? 3- 4 minutes at most I think, Leslie was a Direct Voice medium a special kind of physical medium.

This means that even if you have no talent at all in a sensitive way you can hear the voices and some very intelligent conversation have been had on every subject you can think of.

There are of course the famous, many of them, that have come through though my favourites tend to be the “ordinary person” whose lives and passing’s are for me so very interesting.

They talk about their lives and of course their “deaths” and of where they found themselves in the “New life” their experiences there in all kinds of ways…

What they reveal historically is amazing for example one of my favourites is a gentleman called “Tucker”  was as he said, “a gentleman  of the road” most of us would say a “Highwayman” he lived in the 1700’s and he gives details, incidentally,  of life at that time and the way he passed.

“They “come to talk on all kinds of subjects. The principle reason the “Voices” came was to provide absolute proof of not only the real life, for this is just a short dream, but the fact that passing itself is not painful. It is a transition, I call it “The change” because it is like a change of clothes in a way, but we are change a lesser existence for the greater one which is eternal.

In reincarnating we are using the eternal time we have (we cannot ever be destroyed)  for, as Hendrix put it, “the blink of an eye” and so we have these moments when we are able to learn much in a relative short space, they do not have “time” there  it is used in conjunction with Earth, and that in a sense is “Why we are here” the meaning of life is to be able to experience what we need for spiritual growth in a unique way.

I know for many that explanation may in fact be disillusioning, perhaps too simple and depressingly short. Like all spirit truths it is simple, concise and to the point.

For me and I think for spiritualism, mediumship etc, a vastly important part of it which spirit try to promote, is that we should have no fear of “Death” I tend to use the words passing, the change, transition, because these words actually give the correct idea of what happens. These translate the fact that there is movement onward which is exactly correct.

The word “Death” means finality that is the association many people have of it “The end” finish…. What the real truth is, is of course that we move on…

A long time ago my guide told me (for others) “why would you be afraid of death? You were not afraid of being born were you? You are simply returning through a door through which you entered.” Again, simple truths simply told.

We need, all spiritualists, to convey this message which is, I think, as important as the message of life everlasting.

May you all share the love and light that you all have a right too.

Love and light, always Leo & guides.