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It is about time too! I think that in winning this case it should also be looked into that poor Helen Duncan was actually murdered by the break in which so violently destroyed her body. Its is not  a widely known fact but the violent absorption of ectoplasm drawn back into the body also drew all kinds of debris into her body, dirt, dust, cigarette ends and all kinds of filth. I do not know how that would have felt to her…. She died of course fourteen days later.

The reason for this violent intrusion? Her messages were so accurate that the government of the day feared she was a spy… how could she know facts  – for example of a ship going down a few hours earlier that many in the government didn’t know? Again the fact that so much accuracy went to the very top, Churchill himself ordered the raid proves the link to mediumship. In an effort to stop further contact she was of course charged, imprisoned under the witch craft act.

This is a big step forwards for Mediums of course…. The admission that this kind of startling accuracy is real. Perhaps an action for murder will never happen; perhaps it is for those to decide it was manslaughter… The simple fact remains that it vindicates life after death and mediums that do good work. Yes there will always be those who fake it but they are few.

What would the sceptics make of this well, not surprisingly not a voice is heard…. It is quite right to say that sceptics are less and less heard of…. and those voices who have been paid to unfairly criticise will of course not only be consigned to history but consigned to the rubbish bin of history where it quite rightly deserves to be.

SO many forget that those who were sceptical, and there were many, who investigated with completely open, if critical minds later became the staunchest upholders of spiritualism. The testament not only that life after death is a proven fact and in England for some 135 years, but also to the fact that those who have completely closed minds, hard-line sceptics, will not see, ever, the truth of the matter.

I never try to convert because these souls have chosen this life for a reason. As I have said before my guide once said to me concerning sceptics “Only one of us is right, if they are right (Sceptics) they will never know, if we are right, they (Sceptics) have eternity to think about it.

Light, always, Leo.