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This all reminds me of a line from that great film “Usual suspects” what a brilliant quote!

“The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist”

The great deception here is not the deception of mediums and psychics; although of course fakes do exist, but so do fraudsters in any occupation, it’s the deception of sceptics!

There is also another great quote.

Dwayne Dyer Sceptics

It is not exactly common knowledge, but general knowledge all the same, highlighted brilliantly by the examples below,  that there are hundreds of files which sceptics cannot argue away and therefore bury, these are connected to James Randy and other organisations .

Buried they may be, but not hidden.

Just as in the fine examples below… a sceptics cry seems to be “can’t disprove it or its too difficult…. ignore it, bury it.”

Would any reasonable scientist take that attitude?

No sceptic scientist has EVER BEEN ABLE TO DISPROVE IT in fact billions are spent a year on underpinning the fact it does exist by various governments!

Don’t you think that the more convincing a claim is and you CAN DISPROVE IT wouldn’t that be a real feather in your cap? Rather that than falsify evidence, the very fact you have to falsify it means you understand that the truth is there, otherwise why bother?

Isn’t the fact that if you have to “Wikipedia it” it completely dissolves the argument you are making?

The greatest discoveries are made because people don’t give up.

Historically, closed-minded skeptics have opposed every invention and discovery and have made fools of themselves.

 Why doesn’t Randy and co attack the USA government for spending millions (what he would certainly view as gross wastage) when:- “critical intelligence reported at the highest echelons of our military and government, including such national level agencies as the Joint Chief’s of Staff, DIA, NSA, CIA, DEA, and the Secret Service, producing crucial and vital intelligence unavailable from any other source.” when those sources are convinced these powers exist?

Isn’t that a real service to your country? What better way to convince the world? Not only are sceptics misguided but they miss the point of how to tackle this.

Just like other great falsehoods fell – we used to believe the earth was flat, sceptics on every level will be consigned to the waste bin of history, a laughingstock and those scientists and other bedfellows who try so hard to validate their own existences, will not only lose funding but will definitely be remembered as amongst the most idiotic of all time.

Surely one would “go for the head of the snake?” wouldn’t you?

Should all this be rubbish, why does the USA alone spend over $60, million a year (2012 figure) on it? Why in total (China, Russia, USA and many other countries) are billions spent on remote viewing, and all kinds of psychic warfare, if, as a few sceptics claim, it is all rubbish?

If sceptics are so certain they are right why do they interfere and change things on Wikipedia, slandering great scientific work done? Incidentally, the new buzzword for changing, or falsifying information is known as “Wikipedia-ed” isn’t that interesting as well?

This again is from Victor Zammits excellent site:

“COMMENTARY: THE U.S. GOVERNMENT ACKNOWLEDGES PSYCHIC POWER IS REAL Perhaps those ignorant, highly negatively entrenched closed minded skeptics who keep repeating ‘ there is no such thing as psychic phenomena’ can explain why a psychic was awarded the Legion of Merit for psychic services. This award is the second highest award that the U.S. Army can make during peace time. It was given to remote viewer Joe McMoneagle, with the approval of US Congress, for his brilliant psychic work. The citation reads:

“While with his command, he used his talents and expertise in the execution of more than 200 missions, addressing over 150 essential elements of information. These EEI contained critical intelligence reported at the highest echelons of our military and government, including such national level agencies as the Joint Chief’s of Staff, DIA, NSA, CIA, DEA, and the Secret Service, producing crucial and vital intelligence unavailable from any other source.”

FURTHER, perhaps they can explain why more than 100 skeptical police officers from around the United States have gone on record throughout the world through the television series PSYCHIC DETECTIVES stating that after they worked with psychics to solve cases they now accept that psychics and mediums DO HAVE PARANORMAL GIFTS.”




That closed minded skeptic JR from Florida keeps misleading the public – that he has a $1m for anyone who can demonstrate paranormal skills. What a load of baloney!! And there are those who swallowed it hook, line and sinker!! There is NO prize at all!!!. Let me tell you that for years mediums and psychics contacted me about his alleged ‘prize’. But as soon as this skeptic realizes the applicant can beat him – he abruptly stops communing with the applicant. Just a couple of examples:

1) Professor Jan Vandersande when in South Africa worked with someone like David Thompson – able to duplicate positive results over time and space under experimental conditions. He has written an excellent book on it called Life After Death: Some of the Best Evidence. Prof Vandersande told me that he tried to apply for the prize – but as soon as that JR learned that Vandersande was a professor, a scientist, a physicist, able to duplicate positive results over time and space – JR just never replied to this Professor ever again! Why? Because THERE IS NO PRIZE AT ALL!! IT’S THE BIGGEST HOAX IN PARANORMAL HISTORY!!

2) Brilliant Psychic is Chris Robinson (picture below) who was tested by Professor Gary Schwartz in Arizona. He was able to prove to the executives of a television station in England he had mediumship gifts. They invited JR paying all expenses to go from Florida to England for a ‘live’ psychic demonstration – where there would be at least a MILLION viewers. And what do you think this JR did? A soon as JR learned there would be a million eye-witnesses to a successful psychic demonstration on television – where inevitably he would have had to pay a million dollars to Chris Robinson, JR completely dumped Christopher and never again contacted him.


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Precognitive Chris Robinson has premonitions in dreams of the future. He has been tested by a top Scientist in Arizona Dr Gary Schwartz, and had a 100% success rate for the 10 test’s he was given.

If you want the truth.. just don’t go to Wikipedia…

it may have been “Wikipedia-ed”


Light, always, Leo.


Historically, closed-minded skeptics have opposed every invention and discovery and have made fools of themselves:

• Sir William Preece former chief engineer of Britain’s Post Office will be remembered for making one of the most ‘idiotic’ comments in history about Edison’s inventions. Sir William stated that Edison’s lamp (parallel circuit) was a ‘completely idiotic idea’!

• Professors, including Professor Henry Morton who knew Edison, stated, immediately before Edison demonstrated the electric light globe: ‘On behalf of science … Edison’s experiments are a … fraud upon the public.’

• The Scientific American, The New York Times, The New York Herald, the U.S. Army, academics — including Professor of Mathematics and Astronomy Simon Newcomb from John Hopkins University— and many other American scientists all heaped derision, ridicule and denigration onto the Wright brothers claiming that it was: ‘scientifically impossible for machines to fly’!

• One of the leading scientists from the French Academy of Sciences stated that hypnosis is a fraud and stated after seeing a hypnotized subject with a four inch needle in the top of his arm: ‘This subject has been paid for not showing he’s in pain’.

• Another scientist from the French Academy of Sciences, after listening to a record made by Edison, stated: ‘… clearly that is a case of ventriloquism’!

• John Logie Baird, the inventor of television, was attacked by closed-minded skeptics who stated it was: ‘absolute rubbish that television waves could produce a picture!

There are hundreds of other examples of how closed-minded skeptics refused to believe anything which was not consistent with their own entrenched cherished beliefs and their five senses. The above examples were taken from a most powerful book by Richard Milton called FORBIDDEN SCIENCE – SUPPRESSED RESEARCH THAT COULD CHANGE OUR LIVES