What is below is quite plain to take in. I had written to Mr Ed Milliband and something must have touched a nerve thus far. The result being  that Angela Eagle, Shadow leader of the house of commons had replied and first below is my reply to her. Do write if you feel strongly about your own position and that of other light workers who work on your behalf. Do spread this letter if you wish, and certainly do email Mr Ed Miliband if you feel any of these points I have raised affect you or those you know. Strangulation of your religious views, whatever they may be, should not be tolerated. More so, write to the PM, MR Cameron and your own MP.

Light to all, always, Leo.

Someone gave a response at to “well it wont do any good” my reply to that is at the very bottom.

Dear Angela Eagle. Thank you for asking for my views. I apologise this is somewhat late.

 This gagging law will affect far more people than it first appears as you will no doubt see from my initial email, including lobbyists such as 38 Degrees. I am a professional Clairvoyant Medium and as such this will affect my business and way of working. Additionally whilst the government uses skills like acupuncturists, spiritual healers etc within the NHS what it is doing is making them far harder to work for themselves. This is not even handed. Why condone it in the NHS and ban otherwise?

 Its effects far outweighs what the law was designed for (or does it?). We are also banded together with paedophilia, porn sites etc which is not only a slur upon our character but in my opinion, libellous. Perhaps someone should consider taking that point to court? Perhaps also that this is an infringement of human rights and interference with the deeply held religious aspects of religion itself. Will someone stand up and say to other religions/people “you are welcome in this country but by the way you can’t practice communications and thoughts about reincarnation?” Perhaps someone will also tell the Asian sector that they cannot practice Ayurvedicmedicine such as practiced by Asian Indians and others for instance?

 I do not condone paedophilia and strongly agree it must be sorted out. Banding those who agree with this fundamental against paedophilia is not a good idea if you want to keep us on board. Making it harder for those practising crystal therapy for instance will only serve to  put people out of work, those who pay taxes and who want to continue to work, not end up on the dole.

 People are now far more discerning and so many people have “woken up” spiritually. These are the people who will be voting and those who are trying to ban us will have to rely on our growing votes over the next few years. Alienating those who work for the benefit of others in this sphere is not a great idea at all.

 We have to consider also those who are affected by their religion too. Not only spiritualists believe in reincarnation etc, many religions actively understand this to be true so this law is contradicting the beliefs of Muslims, Islamists, Buddhists and very many religions whose understanding of this life and the next is an intimate, personal connection greatly affected by this laws limitation on these expressions.

 Should it become widely known, and this is so very possible now that people are understanding of these things, that the far greater portion of the population is acknowledging this aspect of life and the fact it is now blatantly under attack.

 Once again all these people are voters and their own personal beliefs are very dear to them and they will not take kindly to this most intimate invasion of their own private belief systems and ways of working, in effect being told what to think and restricting access to services that may help them in enumerable ways. I don’t think Mr Cameron and those who voted for it have understood the depth of feeling this has aroused not only directly affecting jobs, working practices that are common (in NHS for existence) but the private beliefs held so very dear to a multitude of backgrounds across this country and the world.

 What would the other nations of the world do if they understood that this kind of free speech, affecting their people was active in Britain? Do you think this is likely to make it easier to maintain these relationships when it appears that we are laughing at their customs and practices, mocking their religions?

 This affects Indians, Pakistanis, Chinese, etc, etc, etc, and all and every religion, for instance those who are acquainted with shamanism, Red Indian, Maori peoples etc, that have these beliefs which greatly outnumber, as a percentage, any other sector of the population of the world and by reason England too. To alienate all those categories (the ones in this country I mean) in one fell swoop is not a good thing I’m sure you will understand.

 Even the Pope some years ago issued a letter that amounts to “it is ok to commune with saints” basically that spirit/spiritual communication of this kind is ok. With even the Catholics on board this is an extra that should be understood and taken note of.

 The fact is that more people have gone to see “Psychics” than go to (Catholic) churches and yet this law says that their beliefs and ours, believing in communication with “God” substitute, Buddha, and any other God you like and  “Spirit” or spiritual beings is wrong and should be hidden – what this law is affecting, is wrong.

 Once people understand what is actually being taken away there will be a reaction and people are now realising more and more that if you don’t like it, vote against. The web is a very powerful tool as you know. Part of the reason that this law bundles “us” with paedophiles etc is to undermine and discredit those working within its industry.

 So many of our great scientists are not even mentioned in our history let alone mentioned in schools because they too have been banned because of the spiritual connections they have in proving life after death… Even Queen Victoria’s private diaries (16 of them I believe) were destroyed to keep the truth of her relationship with John Brown and the communications from her beloved Albert secret…. And we are supposed to have free speech?

 Politicians who work for it or do nothing are encouraging it, you have a growing mandate to change our history, literally, are you brave enough to do it? I am not a politically minded person but I would talk to you, face to face if that would help?

 The simple fact again is that sciences like Sub Atomic Physics can prove that there is much more to “Life” than we know it, it has recently been acknowledged that 98% of the universe is “Unknown” that is perhaps unknown by those who have no spiritual knowledge but the vast percentage of the world, whatever religion you follow or even indeed none, I don’t count myself as a spiritualist for example even though I do work in a connected industry, have a knowledge that there “is something else” that percentage I’m sure you will see is reflected in each population of the world including England. Who would risk the alienating of a greater percentage of the population and its voters, on such a large political gamble?

 I hope I haven’t sounded too radical…. but the facts are very simple, this law affects so many, in so many deep fundamental ways, it is a disgrace that those who serve are connected with those factors who should rightly be dissuaded.

 I welcome your getting back to me on this unfair act, bless you.


 Leo Bonomo

From: Angela Eagle
Sent: 10 February 2014 15:14
To: Leo Bonomo.
Subject: Your email about the gagging law


Hi there,Thanks for your email to Ed about the gagging law. He asked me to reply because I’ve been leading on opposition to the gagging bill from the start.Labour opposed the gagging bill. We voted against the bill all the way through the Commons and Lords, and we believe wholeheartedly in protecting freedom of speech, the right to campaign and fairness in elections.

If we are elected in May 2015, we will find a way to put this wrong right. We are considering exactly how we can best achieve this, so we are taking some time to talk to our MPs, campaigners, and other experts about the next steps. That’s going to take a little while because we want to get this right — but Ed will be in touch to give you specific answers to the questions you asked.

In the meantime, I want to ask you something. I’ve spoken to so many people who are involved in campaigning on issues of huge importance to their community. They’re so worried about how this law will affect them. I’m interested: why do you feel so strongly about the gagging law? How will it affect you?

We had tens of thousands of emails to Ed, and we’re keen to know why this issue touched a nerve with you personally. Please take a minute to tell us:


We will of course get back to you as soon as we have detailed proposals to deal with this unfair gagging act.

Thanks again for taking the time to raise this with us.

Best wishes,


Angela Eagle
Shadow Leader of the House of Commons

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Well one of the things about the gagging law for instance is that they want to exclude care2care, 38 degrees and all those kinds of organisations that do give us a voice and are quite frankly having a great effect. There is only one reason for that, These organisations work! They are so effective in letting people know not only what is going on but provide a platform for voting against it. THIS IS VERY SUCCESSFUL!

This is why these organisations are also lumped in with “us” because our voices are getting louder and they cannot find a legitimate way to ignore it so they result to the “usual methods” which is push through a seemingly innocent law, pass it then says “Oh it’s the law, no one voted against it?”

This is why we should not lose the momentum hun. So much has happened since 2012 and it has happened for a reason, spirit are fed up with those who hold this all back. With the large shift in vibration so many have woken up and now need to understand how their voice can be heard.

The sole aim (against us) is to close down the door that is letting so much light through. That is why we are placed with Paedophiles etc, because most people will, quite rightly say “Oh the laws against all these people (Paedophiles) that’s good isn’t it?” but it is not just them. Why would they hide us in that law if they had nothing to be afraid of? What is it they are afraid of? It us using the light to destroy their good times. Lining their own pockets and working for the dark in supporting sceptics – though so many are so much quieter now, they at least know the game is up, supporting the media who they help to control, and supporting religions because all of them exert control and both have vested interests.

This is why it is so very important that we understand that that the time is now, that we have the impetus and that’s exactly why they have rallied now. If it wasn’t hurting them hun they would take no notice but, the tide is too strong.

I for one don’t want to go back home (Spirit) and say “well yes I could have done more but I didn’t think it would work” so many enlightened people have incarnated here and now to make these changes. Let us not waste this experience. We don’t want to be the ones on the sidelines saying, “Yes I could have helped… but I didn’t think anyone would do anything.”

I want to go home and say “I did my best.”

If you believe in it, and truly understand it, it takes literally two mins to make a few clicks. In this you can help spirit so much, think of that action (a few clicks) and how much time it takes in eternity… even a hundred years is the blink of an eye…. Are you prepared to say “I had the chance but it took too much of my precious time to help not only spirit but the rest of the world?” People are living through wars right now because they know and believe that change must happen that light must shine through, we are not talking wars here hun…. Just a simple click to sound your voice and it’s anonymous if that is what troubles you, no one will ever know it was you who voted.

It is said that if we help one person in life then our lives have been worth it. You have in your hands the way to help millions not only in this world today, but their children, their grandchildren and their great grandchildren, ad infinitum. What a legacy to leave that you have changed a whole world by such a simple action.

Light hun xxx J