Light to all, well the first radio show has been done it was certainly an experience! There were some technical problems which seemed to come and go and of course with sods law applying (naturally!) the “Instant help” was not manned. Hopefully it will show that psychics/mediums don’t always know what’s coming, we have to live like most people. Below is a poem that was channeled some time ago, which shares this aspect, which will be in a book to be published soon, called A Book of Thoughts.

For those of you who want to listen to it you can go to:

Once again I do apologise for the sound quality and problems encountered it is a steep learning curve… We discussed how we work – everyone works differently, and took some extended readings. Glad to say that this part went wonderfully even though the sound was disrupted. So. onwards and upwards.

Light, always, Leo.


Being a medium means putting yourself in a supernormal state of Mind.

It means reaching part way into the heavens for those around you to reach a greater way down. It is the matching of minds, for a Space, for the giving and receiving of love.


It means you are guided, not by matter around you, but by your spirit, in communion with others.


It means sacrifice, for the giving of your time for others, to Love and help those in need.


We are path clearers, helping to show the way. We are dam Builders, blocking the path of bad intent.


We are prisms, spreading and showing the true colour of light, Showing that from your view point things may not be what they Seem.


We are radios, listening for the cry of help, islands in a storm,

 A quite bay in a restless day.


But most of all we are human. Incarnate here with you.

With our own troubles and worries.

Where everyday affairs have an everyday ending, where earthly Lessons are taught. For how could we understand your plight Without the lesson learned?

And yet we are the most fortunate of souls because, for a moment, We are in touch with love.

© COPYRIGHT A Book of Thoughts Leo Bonomo