In case you are wondering what this is below, it is a Cathar Cross. The Cathars were known around Europe especially in Italy. They were known as “the good men” I believe there is an association with them and my family name in translation means “Goodman.” I have gained permission from the Cathars to use the Cathar cross as a logo and feel privileged to use it.

Cathar_Cross_Sky_Blue For information on the Cathars Click Here. They were a guiding light to many and acted as true Catholics so much so that they taught very much what The Christ taught and very much lived the same way. The “Good Men” were therefore in quite stark contrast to the Catholics – for more information do click the link above. Being a working, non materialistic and very spiritual in nature they were (you may think) almost an opposite to The Catholic church who gathered Gold and property such as you see today.

The popes therefore decided that the Cathars must be eradicated. The Cathars were slaughtered by the Catholics almost to the point of extinction in a very short time. To me the Cathars were and are a guiding light and in the same vein, I show three of my guides below.

Three of my Guides as drawn by my friend Coral Polge in 1991.

Cuthbert                       Fire Tree                      Yacob

This is Cuthbert                      This is Fire Tree                      This is Yacob