A question put directly to me from another medium…

can anyone help me with understanding the following? its hard to put in writing but here gos…those that know me, i have spiritual belief and following ,i spent 10yrs within spiritual churches and circles to find something that i can not explain ? but for some reason from spiritual to Buddhism but now it seems i am being drawn to something else, as i said very hard to explain ?
seem tobe seeking more and more knowledge,information,from our history,mainly about NAzCA lines/alien code/symbols and ancient geoglyphs always loved history but dont know why?, having weird dreams sometimes the same dream for weeks that ends different on how i react to the dream when dreaming alot of it is about the world its self but also about life and history of us and the world?
my eye sight has been playing tricks on me well not tricks,if i look at something then look away i can still see what i was just looking at but its in ultraviolet light, its strange but now when watching t.v. i see this more offend, eyes were tested all ok abit long sighted but nothing to worry about.
then comes all the symbols and flashbacks not just in my life but others too?
not seen a doctor in 11yrs not been ill , dont suffer illness for more than 24hrs?
i rolled over in a tractor down a steep bank with me on it that should have killed me walked away with NOT a mark on me ok did hurt elbow and a bang to the head but everyone was saying that should have killed you i was lucky???

 Hi Neil I know from my own personal experiences that I always felt I “belonged somewhere else” and it certainly wasn’t Earth. I have subsequently decided I am happy with two things:- First that I had come here with a purpose and that I was not comfortable in coming here but also know that I have a job to do and will see it through to the best of my abilities, such as they are. This belonging elsewhere is obviously “Spirit”.

 Secondly I have also had extraterrestrial connections such as you describe though not in the same way of same thing. This belonging is of the “Starchild” connection in understanding that I have had connections with, possibly, (I do believe so) a life on another planet.

 From indigo children, to diamond etc, we now have what are commonly called “Starseed” or starchild. This has become more common and there is the 0212 connection too in the awakening kind of thing.

 I have found while looking for a particular site http://childrenofthestars.com/ I have not had time to look at this site so please understand this.

 The site I was looking for was www.alienbaseblackpool.com try this link…. I did a blog spot on my old blog and I have copied this for you. The gentleman that ran this (Mr David H Boyle) had his shop banned by the council, he was also visited by the “High and Mighty” from the USA to get him to “scrap all this” the gentleman a very high ranking officer actually left with many copies – bought him out, of the magazines for his superiors and those below him for investigation and absorption. I have this direct from a very good friend who actually talk to the guy.

 There is undoubtedly many things that are hidden as far as the authorities can hide but of course these things filter through in various ways including mediumship. If you look at the film of the Scole experiment the interview done by a very well known and respected hard line investigator Donal MacIntyre, who has numerous documentaries under his belt and is known for hard hitting stuff, pulling no punches, so why would  the UK ban him on this IF IT WAS RUBBISH? Anyway the link is:

http://mediumshipandlifeafterdeath.wordpress.com/2012/03/16/narrated-by-britains-leading-investigative-journalist-donal-macintyre-this-award-winning-film-presents-four-never-before-seen-scientific-investigations-into-life-after-death-the-scole-experim/ and of course this is banned in the UK – so no change there then! And within this ground breaking, evidential documentary and the filming of spirits coming forwards came also quite clearly be seen “Aliens” specifically “the greys” so what you are saying is all completely within current knowledge.

 You may know that Mexico for one has stopped (I think two or three years ago now) kow towing to the USA/UK and several other countries and has stopped “Playing the game” so they are releasing  video taken by Their army, air force such as it is, and their intelligence services of the daily flight, visitations of what we call “UFO” into Mexico. I understand that India and others countries have also taken this stand and just like the banning of “Esoteric sites” as has recently happened, the UK also bans this kind of news.

 It makes no difference at all because the news is getting through. Unverified of course but came through “reputable sites” take that as you will, it has apparently been stated that President Obama  has come so very close at least twice to making the statement that “aliens are with us and we have been collaborating for many years” as earth shattering as that man be for some people.

 I know personally that we are “not alone” and you can link to my site www.leo-bonomo.com for that blog, and that far from being alone in the 3 years that the new satellite has been up looking for specifically “Planets similar to ours that could sustain life” have found only in our own galaxy mind you “Millions” so that should tell you something. Again this is not generally known and “Not news worthy” for thinking people. I leave that particular blog to the end of this.

 I think you will see and understand more certainly by looking at the old blog and this article in particular. Those who have been “miraculously saved” especially when many others may have passed in the same incident often get the “why was I saved” feeling there is a recognised name for this which escapes me at the moment. To question is not necessarily wrong to understand is very different. You (and others) have been saved for a purpose, your purpose is to understand it, and act on it whatever “it” may be. You are definitely being taken in another direction and I feel from what is written above that it is a similar path.

 I hope this helps?

 Light, Always, Leo.

 The above and below  combines so much of what is termed Esoteric and actually while there are those who may not know it, it is all connected. Man has the Gaul, EGO, (Eases God Out) and blind arrogance to assume he is the only one here, he has the arrogance to destroy this world he barely understands while seeking out the universe and yet we don’t know how many life forms there are here in this place we call Earth, which by the way we are destroying in a year the size of the UK in the jungles alone, . We have no idea for example what exists in the deepest oceans depths yet we have the arrogance to assume we can confidently say “there is no other life but our own!” Tell me, is that logical?

 Could we really be Children of the stars?

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— Leo Bonomo @ 12:45 am
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Could we really be Children of the stars? That is a fascinating question.

I have read a brilliant magazine, called Children of the stars which gives explanations for not only all the mysteries such as Stonehenge, pyramids etc, but also questions are there “Aliens”  a fascinating insight into our greatly limited perceptions and an explanation as to why as is commonly known “we only use 90% of our brains” approximately that is.

Many sensitive’s including myself have known of “Other entities” that sometimes come through. Others too like myself have seen demonstrations of transfigurations where “Alien beings” have shown themselves.

It also hints at what that “Spare brain capacity” may be used for, that all sensitive’s use portions of the brain that are switched on or perhaps more accurately, NOT SWITCHED OFF!

 For this I have to refer you to my site so you can see what I have uploaded, scanned directly from this fascinating piece of work, a culmination of many extraordinary peoples work, so that you can properly see what is being explained.

This magazine is linked to a web site – naturally, called http://www.alienbaseblackpool.com/

The Kepler “planet hunter” telescope has provided evidence that there must be life elsewhere. Surely the question should not be “are we alone?” but “Why would we be alone?” One for the sceptics…. Could you be just as wrong about the life unseen?

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Whether you subscribe or not to the theory that there are aliens based on evidence we have (should you call it evidence that is) the Kepler “planet hunter” telescope has provided evidence that in our solar system alone….. There are 17 billion planets capable of supporting life…. something to think about!

There are of course billions upon billions of solar systems….. Surely the question should not be “are we alone?” but “Why would we be alone?”

Man cannot logically say, with any certainty at all, that we for some reason have been blessed by being the only “Thinking organisms in the whole existence of space” surely?

What kind of ego would allow us to believe that nature as varied as it is here, and we by all means do not know exactly what is here, despite destroying virgin Amazon type forest the size of Britain every year we are still discovering many species of new life on the surface let alone what is in the depths of the oceans, does not exist in such a variety on other worlds?

I love the old Star Trek and as so aptly put “Its life Jim but not as we know it” Why is it that we have to constrain in our egoistical minds, life to such boundaries and expect it to fit?

Yet…. within this very tight framework we have set ourselves we still have 17 billion possibilities in “just” our solar system.

Wonders are many and have no end. We are learning so much and learning how wrong we are about life….

One for the sceptics…. Could you be just as wrong about the life unseen? The life of Spirit, of the ether, that actually makes up 98 percent of the world as we “Know it” so much of it unseen unless you are a sensitive, so much that science (as we frame it) cannot explain and yet we know of the “Dark matter” that sceptic scientists have had to admit too but place – of course, their particular stance on it.

It would not do would it, to admit that you are wrong? The flat earth society (one hopes) died out many years ago and yes we say that “well science has advanced” yet sceptics still cling to that dwindling, crumbling piece of rock they hold on to.

There are many whose reputations will be shot to pieces… They make history at the moment and are enjoying “their time” but they shall be remembered only as those who were like dinosaurs, however unlike dinosaurs who continually are updated and remembered, those sceptics who enjoy notoriety now will be forever consigned to the bin of science.

They shall be hidden, unspoken of and forgotten, an untimely embarrassment that no one speaks about.

In some ways like the scientists like Crooks, those who worked for spirit and were buried, they shall be swapped and those of today forgotten forever in a mountain of ridicule, very Karmic I think!


Light, always, Leo.