The Amazing Randi offers one million dollars SO WHAT?

I read with interest initiated from (Once again) Victor Zamitt’s excellent Afterlife report, an answer to “The Amazing Randy offer”

“The Amazing Randi offers one million dollars for anyone who can demonstrate something paranormal. If psychic abilities are real, why has no one won the prize?”

Rather than responding as I have in the past with a discourse as to why I don’t believe anyone will win that money, I spontaneously switched gears. The following is an approximation of the remainder of the conversation:

“What would that prove?” I asked.

“Huh?” said the Skeptic.

“Why is Randi offering the money?” I asked.

“For anyone who can prove something paranormal,” said the Skeptic.

“If someone did win the million, what would that actually prove?” I asked.

I have to agree entirely with the answer “SO WHAT” as is stated eloquently to a sceptic, what would that prove? That there is a cleverer magician than Randi? Randi was taken for a ride? Does that mean science will change in a sceptic’s mind? No of course not.

It completely deflates the argument. Not only because it is perfectly true but also because it is perfectly logical, it would not change one true sceptic mind in the least, and as they are very firmly in the minority who really cares what they think? They can’t prove it doesn’t; catch twenty two for them perhaps…

For the full report which victor has sent to Skeptical about Skeptics click here.

I highly recommend Skeptical about Skeptics…

Light always, Leo.