T & C

No reading can ever be guaranteed it is an experiment. However it is rare that I don’t connect a second time.

Readings are at the advertised price and are on a per minute basis, readings are rounded up to the last full minute.

A £10 deposit for all readings is required this IS NOT REFUNDABLE. Readings must be paid for in advance. 

All readings are recorded because there is a lot of information given.

By law you are entitled to call a halt to the reading WITHIN FIVE MINUTES  IF YOU FEEL THERE IS NO CONNECTION.

I am always honest and on occasions, even if you feel the reading is good and I do not I will give give a full refund.

To see the standard you are getting please go to: – https://leo-bonomo.com/customers-and-comments/  

In the event of no connection you will be given a full refund. Any complaints must be sent in writing to psychic.nights@ntlworld.com at the first instance.

You must provide a full and clear response in writing as to why the reading is not successful and why a refund is required.

Please remember that the READING IS RECORDED. This is for both our protection.

Payments can be made by credit card, PayPal or direct to me whichever option is easier for you. Cheques are not accepted.

Please understand that a no show just deprives a person who really needs a reading the opportunity of having one and their need may well be more urgent than yours.

Light, always, Leo.

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