I have now placed Summerland on Kindle!!!!!! There are some special offers so you might get it free! If you buy and you review it I will be able to give a small discount on a reading, well worth having!

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As well as Amazon, you can get it at Waterstones and of course other bookshops, you will have to order.

Here is a brief idea of the book.

SUMMERLAND is a most unusual book. It is written by spirit, those whom we may call Guardian Angels, and has been written specifically as a NOVEL. This is the very first time this has been done. It has been written as a Novel for a special purpose. So that this simple story of life, the change (Death) and our eternal existence may be told. Its aim is to express the fact that there is more to us than some of us would like to acknowledge. But it is something that more and more of us are beginning to believe in and understand. Man has an inherent knowledge that something else exists, A God or Creator whichever name we give it. Our Guardian Angels wrote it this way so that our children may also learn of God from a source that complements what most people believe, that there is a Creator, A God, that there is hope and for most, Peace after the change. Our Guardian Angels do not want to change your minds, you have freewill. They just want to make you aware, so that you may make more informed choices about the way you live this life. SUMMERLAND explores what happens and why. It shows through its simple story what form life in the next world takes; Have you have ever wondered what it was like to die? Or perhaps how Mediums work? What it is like in the spirit world? What is Karma & how it works? What are the real unfailing laws pertaining to us? The laws we cannot ever cheat. The laws of Cause & Effect. What is the real retribution for evil doing? Have you ever wondered also about what it might be like to be born? What is a reason for cot deaths? Perhaps even why we are here at all? How & why people become taken over, Possessed by other spirits? Why is there so much evil in this world today? A journey we shall all take at some point, Not only the journey of a life-time… But a journey of an existence… So many dream of “living forever” Not understanding that we do… In worlds so far removed and beautiful than we can ever imagine…

However, you can also read it like this…

Summerland… All Stories have a twist, can one truly be life changing? This is one you will never forget…
A mystical journey into the unknown, that final journey we take, where does it really lead? When will you make the discovery? Will you be enlightened or frightened? Do you really, really want to know the truth… What is it that frightens you about death? Dare you join this journey into the Shadowlands, bordering on hell and Summerland, heaven with us? Alex soon discovers that it is quite different to what he expects, and he learns to love and live in a way that he could never predict.
So much more alive than we could ever be, he finds love and friends and a purpose to existence that brings a fire to his belly, but where is that elusive unconditional love?
Follow Alex as he makes this journey one that takes him from an initially disturbing path where possession moves in mysterious ways, from that into all conquering love. Where evil can be just around the corner in the most unexpected places where the light of love and salvation can momentarily be blotted out… Discover with Alex what it is to flourish in the real world, a world far beyond this one which is more alive than this is but yet, not quite out of touch. Where he can contact those of us who are still in this world… Where not just love penetrates… Where the weakness’s of man’s greed and ego drive others into those evil deeds we know so well.


SO.. whichever way you view it… all reviews except 2 have given it 5 STARS and the others? 4 STARS! A staggering 27% of people who bought it (Through Amazon that is!) reviewed it… what does that tell you?

Light to all and now you can get it cheaper!