I write to say that everyone who has read the book and sent feed back has given the book great reviews! Summerland. And on Amazon.

On Amazon it is a fantastic “Five out of Five”!!!! Summerland is attracting attention and is effecting peoples lives in such a positive way, which was the intention of spirit when they wrote it. It is shortly coming out as an EBook as promised, as soon as so many seem to ask for it.

I am, as I tend to say, just a small cog in a large machine and I had been blessed with holding the pen when this was written. Summerland was written in 1987 and so pre-dates so many of the books that have sold so well, books written by the likes of “Gordon Smith (2004), Neale Donald Walsch (1995), Echart Tolle (1997), Deepak Chopra (1989), Wayne Dwyer (1993), Doreen Virtue (1988), Tony Stockwell (2004)” etc, etc.

What has made these books such best sellers is the same essence that is in Summerland, I hope you take time to buy and read this book it has already changed the lives of those who have read it. People feel enlightened and healed in some way from the release of a loved one into the new life.


Light to all Leo. X