Spiritual law and the ripple effect.

We often talk about spiritual laws such as cause and effect and this is also known as “The ripple effect” and whilst we have some cognisance of them it is, by many, not understood like the truth of so many of these immutable laws.

In a recent discussion this subject was indirectly touched on and as it began to form in my mind this quite startling connection was made and once again, channelled. It is not the usual example and because of its nature, and is perhaps an exaggeration of a sort. It started from good intentions as sometimes they do, become corrupted because of greed and power and began to feed on itself.

Think of an idea, a good intention, ignited by unusual circumstances that had so much potential for good. That it’s start is not only controversial but life changing.

This information is not only life changing in the sense of the individual but of nations and itself becoming a world power… That this information is given freely and certainly with love. This movement has so much potential for the beneficial exploitation of man and yet it is this very potential that draws the cunning man or men, who perceive in this vital movement a chance for great power. Even in its infancy it threatened a world power…

Think of it, to be in “at ground level” as it is, of what has turned out be a fraud started innocently but its potential realised by a few who knew that great power and influence of world changing possibilities lie just below the surface.

Just what is it that I am talking about?

Christianity and perhaps religions in general of course it does not apply to all of them.

There is no doubt at all that what was taught at that time was much closer to what we understand as “Spiritualism” today rather than Catholicism. In fact in a quite pointed argument the papacy actually exterminated, yes I do mean that literally, exterminated those who taught what the Christ taught, in the way he taught it or very close to, that religious group was the Cathars.

They really lived poor, as some of the saints of the Catholic Church have been praised for, strange that, and they worked for a living with their owns skills and owned literally only the clothes on their backs.

They were wanderers and workmen like for example carpenters, and weavers etc. They worked and got fed and taught. This in itself so very closely following The Christ’s way of life. They owned nothing and only helped people.

This of course was in stark contradiction to not only the actual teachings of the church manifested in its corruption by its power, influence and money, but also in the control of its minions. They turned and twisted its information, took out references to, for example, reincarnation, and suppressed not only true spirit teachings but supported great untruths too. In the Kings James version alone there are over 15,000 omissions and mistakes never corrected.

The Cathars were known by all as “The Good Men” and that speaks volume in its self, they are still known as such though few exist. Faced with such powerful teachings of spirit and that fact that it contradicted what was twisted and taught there was only one thing to do.

I believe I have a strong connection to them. I use their “Cathar cross” as a symbol on my site with their permission. My surname is Bonomo translated literally as “The Good Man” I have found I have many of the inclinations of a Cathar. My Family comes from a region, Northern Italy, where the Cathars thrived at one time before being annihilated of course.

At times these things are driven underground. That was not a solution that pleased the church because in essence Christianity was driven underground and we all understand how it flourished and became so influential. Therefore there was no option at all. The Good men had to be found, each and every one of them, and killed, no question.

The Papacy carried out that threat and all but a few were killed. This is all history and you should visit the site: – http://www.cathar.info/ they can explain the true history far better than I can.

So back from the aside as it were. A few men understood the power of what they saw and wanted to own it. They plotted and saw how it was to be done. Out of this plotting came what we know to be Christianity today. Just think of the history especially the hidden history of the Catholic Church.

The crusades, the Spanish inquisition, there are many examples of the ruthlessness of the church. There was a series called “The Secret History” that was broadcast. Very interesting and one episode was about the papacy during the Second World War. As we know there were about 110,000 Nazi war criminals and around 90,000 were caught.

It was I think what is now Bosnia; the church gave an award to the country for the quickest or largest conversion to Catholicism. This award was achieved by converting to the church and the way it was done was at gun point. Men women and children were lined up and those who blessed themselves wrong or would not convert were shot.

Not surprisingly, many converted. Those who were involved as well as many others were of course war criminals. There were also two men (Nazis) who had a bet one day on who could slit the most throats… One won with approximately 1000.

It was people like these that were helped to escape with of course payment by Nazi gold and other stolen art, etc paid to the city of Rome papacy. Much Nazi gold is held by the church. There are countless priceless treasures that will never be disclosed… perhaps they are too identifiable? One of those who was instrumental in this later turned out to become Pope Pius the twelfth. As I say this is all documented.

There is also a book called the “Sex lives of the Popes “which details the numerous goings of the papacy.

For instance there was a “Pope Joan” she was discovered because she gave birth in the street during a procession. Amazing huh?

You may know that there is a street on the Vatican City that no Pope enters… Pope Joan was “benefacting” many of the cardinals at the time…

You may wonder where the tradition of the papal stool comes from? It is a stool that has a hole cut into it. The prospective Pope has to sit on it with no underwear and it is a cardinals “privilege” to feel for the Popes testicals. This is to confirm that the Pope is a man of course….

This brought in strangely enough after Pope Joan. You may wonder why her existence is not generally known? There were many murderers etc within the papacy and to rule out those miscreants there would be named a Pope to cover over another so as to preserve the decency of the Church.

The Borgia’s amazingly both brothers were Popes. They used to challenge each other to orgies where they would complete to have sex with the most woman in a day… 50 was said to be achieved.

You may think this all amazing but the books was published not challenged…. Ask yourself why? So much was and is still hidden in the church today. Lucriezia Borgia was as we all know a famous poisoner. There were even two Popes at one time who went to war with each other….

Look at http://royalwomen.tripod.com/id30.html for more information on Lucriezia.

There are so many examples that can be given and I would encourage you to look into the truth of these matters. How does that apply to the point I am making?

… A few men got around a table, plotted and came up with a scheme to take power for their own good…. Look through the countless ripples that have affected so many men women and children throughout those 2,000 plus years… and see the ripples that have extended.

Reflect this in our own actions… understand the effects we can have, intended or not, that change lives…

Think about all you do, those actions and inaction’s the causes and effects of what we do. We cannot of course avoid everything but if the intention is to do good, you cannot go far wrong.

How many millions have been affected by those decisions so long ago? We may never know…

What a weight to bear, all this done in their name…. talk about karma and ripples, this is a classic example of how a few actions can run amok and should be a reminder to all of us.

Light, Leo.