Soul groups are groups we belong to, we are connected to them in spirit and mostly unknowingly when here unless you are enlightened. They are connected through interest in achieving certain ambitions and like attracts like is a spiritual law. The groups can be very large and we can belong to several groups depending on what we want to achieve.

Within these groups we incarnate in different lives to have different experiences in all kinds of forms. How we incarnate depends on the experiences we want to have so for example it might suit us better to incarnate as a woman for a particular thing rather than as a man.

The roles we play are many and various so we can incarnate with any in the group and can be sister or brother, mother or Father and a lover, we could be murderer or murdered, in the role of soldier to a duke, king, employer etc, etc, etc. There are endless combinations.

These combinations are multiple and various and follow certain rules depending on what we are here to experience and achieve perhaps a change in history and these are also governed by Karma and the creation and repayment of Karma. It is a very complex involvement.

There are endless combinations and as we incarnate we take on each and every side or dimension so have eventually a complete picture of experience.

This is one reason Jesus said “judge not lest ye be judged” because at one point we will be a murderer and another point be murdered so we can experience what is feels like from both sides. We have many experiences like that because of course there are many reasons and circumstances for this act. Some may be passion, madness, temper, cool calculating etc.

People also seem to have a problem understanding why things like famine are “allowed to happen”, wars, and cruelty to others.

Of course, these things are wrong but they allow certain types of experiences. We must remember that if we go back twenty or thirty lifetimes consecutively, at the “four score and ten” we can go back more than two thousand years.

It doesn’t sound so long somehow like that does it? Twenty or thirty lifetimes….

Yet that will take us well before the life of the Christ. Times were very different then, much harsher than we can imagine now. Death from all kinds of circumstances would have been very common. No DNA then, you could murder someone and move on; God knows there are enough unsolved murders in this day and age.

The point is that life was different but of course “normal in that day and age” and so we would have carried ourselves accordingly. This means too that karma has to be played out and the chances for it have to be placed so that it can happen.

It takes a long time for what we may call reasonable lives to come to fruition and this will remain so until well into the future. Countries like us have karma too.

Our soul groups and the interplay of experiences are very important to our development and whilst here and not so enlightened we may not be aware at all of the importance it plays, those who are more so will understand that to achieve what we need to accomplish while gaining experience is a tough balance.

At times we need to lose sight of one to gain an advantage in the other. Ultimately, this balancing act is subject to the limitations or advantages that we before we come here, asses we need and build into the life of experience we want to taste.

To add to this mix we place health, emotional and ego into the experience we know will serve us best. So we struggle for the ideal balance and sometimes we do not succeed many times we follow the exact path we need to.

To some a life of criminal activity serving much of it incarceration may seem a waste however to experience that loss of freedom in a somewhat safer environment than for example as a slave may be preferable but it is certainly something to learn.

Those whom we judge harshly for their choices in life are simply following their pattern, their path to learn. We should rejoice in the fact that they have chosen, perhaps what we would say is a “harsh environment” in order to learn more in a shorter time.

I used to, many years ago with a lesser understanding, lament the fact that whilst I was very much a child still at fourteen or fifteen, and enjoyed a “childhood” and measured it against the fact that children in this day and age become “streetwise” at such a young age sometimes at eight or so, and that they have had “no childhood” but I now understand that in fact this life is to experience as much as possible and if we can “mature” earlier and cram in “more experience” and grow quicker, we can of course experience more in the same life span. Exactly what we need.

It is so curious that much of what we think we understand from here (this place) is skewed and very different viewed from spirit.

Light, Leo.


Hello! I’ve been following your blog for some time now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Huffman Tx! Just wanted to say keep up the excellent job!Comment by sucesos paranormales — April 25, 2012 @ 3:56 pm | Reply

Thank you so much, I am blessed by those who follow do tell your friends.

Light, always, Leo.