Whilst I always try to keep ego in check there is a need for purposes of reaching those who need help, to advertise. That is a matter of fact in the real world.

As we are all aware, we all need to live and those of us who serve others all too often have had hard times (as many others do) in training, development of all kinds, and the costs involved in that which does come out of our own pockets. All too often as e develop we can but dream that we serve others, all too often it is with the spiritual in mind and so we do not count the cost of travel, books and courses that we attend. Finally we realise that this calling is all consuming…It is what we live for and have come here to Earth to do.

In past time but also today for example in Arabic states those such as we have been tortured and murdered as “witches and evil doers” when all we bring is light. Sceptics do not understand the conviction with which we have this knowledge… Many like myself were making deliberate plans in the life before life to experience, to help and sustain in numerous ways others. So much we do is free and freely given even with our lives.

So many have testimony to the giving of a life often taken by prejudice and so very often by religious means. More have died in the name of love and peace than any of the world wars. To that end, I have given some customers comments. You will note that some have given more than one. That is because they have been given long and faithful service over the years.

Last nights show (www.parmanairadio.com) use that link to go to the archive, was inspired so that I could for some give a first view of some recordings of Leslie Flint. The two recordings played which though I have owned I have not listened to previously, were of two passed presidents of the USA. Thomas Jefferson and Herbert Hoover. Both, remarkably talked about the state of the world and threatening tensions, both were actually bang on topic talking about the way that Russia has been portrayed, we should all know of the scandal of hacking and the supposed influence of the outcomes of the US elections  and the coming German one.

Whilst nothing really surprises me in connection with spirit anymore, that fact that the same old prejudices the infiltration by stealth, all kinds of propaganda still proliferate. these are things that sadden spirit. To hear two such wonderful enlightened souls talk about peace stating both in slightly different terms “Death is that gateway that free’s the soul, it is nothing to fear. Herbert Hoover talks war and politics and the futility of it. God will not let man destroy himself… Religions and creeds will become a thing of the pass and we shall be all under one banner. It is not impossible for man to live in peace…” these words are so wonderful and though spoken from spirit so long ago are completely in line with what spirit still say.

So Listen in…  be amazed that on some terms so little has changed in this world BUT, there is hope.

Light to all, always.

Customers thoughts bless them every one.

Amazing Clairvoyance. Very very clear psychic reading! You have an amazing clairvoyance Leo! Thank you! -Happy

Leo Pick up on My Situation Straight Away and We Were Able to Connect Instantly I called in to say that I`ve just had a great reading with Leo, he was able to pick up on my situation straight away and we were able to connect instantly. Thank you so much. -S.R. United Kingdom

Fantastic and Inspirational. Leo is a fantastic and inspirational reader. He has been spot on and always leaves you feeling positive. -vino thia

What Leo Said Happened in the Timeframe He Has Given Very accurate —what he said could happen already has and in the time frame he mentioned. I am very happy about this. -Jennie England

Always supportive and calming in a crisis, always helpful, my first choice for a reader every time. Leo you’re the best! -H. K. Australia

Leo’s Time Prediction Was Spot On. Leo is phenomenal. He predicted a date and that something would happen. One of the thing he said, I have experienced! Leo’s time prediction was spot on. Now I’m so excited and waiting for the rest to come true. Plus, Leo is a very warm hearted guy. Thank you, Leo. -F.L. England

Leo Is Such a Wonderful Psychic. My reading with Leo was fantastic. He is such a wonderful reader. Thank you so much, Leo. -A.S. Swi

I Am so Happy, I Can’t Recommend Him Highly Enough. I had a reading with Leo, he was unbelievably accurate. He told me exactly what my concerns were, and I did not have to tell him anything. A relative who had passed came through and Leo passed on things he couldn’t possibly have known. I’m so happy as a result. I can’t recommend him highly enough. -DB IE

Was Able to Address All the Related Issues — and His Responses Made Sense. I have just had a reading with Leo. I was amazed how fast he was able to get to the reason I was calling. He was able to address all the related issues — and his responses made sense. I found Leo to be very understanding and soothing and I enjoyed the sense of humour he brought to the reading. I would be happy to recommend him. And, if you are reading this Leo: Thank you very much for all the reassurance and knowledge! -S.H. Aus

Absolutely Astounding and Incredibly Accurate. My reading with Leo was absolutely astounding and incredibly accurate. Everything made sense and Leo worked without any prompting from me. He was very calm and easy to listen to and when the reading was over I was left with a profound sense of peace. Thank you Leo, many Blessings. -M.H. UK

The Most Accurate to the Point Without Any Prompting. I have just had a reading with Leo, the most accurate to the point without any prompting reader. It’s everything I wanted and more, he read my whole life included places and factual experiences I have had. This is a true medium if you want the truth I can`t wait for the truth predictions. Thank you Leo you are the real one. -H.D. UK

Answering Questions You Haven’t Even Asked yet but Were Going To… My reading with Leo was amazing. He is so accurate and to the point. He describes people and situations with such clarity. You can’t help be impressed because he knows and picks up so much specific detail about you that only you know. As an added bonus, Leo’s readings are so positive and supportive. He is very accurate and starts the reading answering questions you haven’t even asked as yet but were going to! A very non—judgemental and respectful man too. Extremely happy with my reading with Leo. -A.G. UK

The Best Reading I Ever Had. My reading with Leo was fantastic and very accurate, he me gave me fabulous information about many aspects in my life . The best reading I ever had. Thank you Leo -S.C. UK

I Didn’t Have to Say Anything! Leo was absolutely fantastic, I didn`t even have to say anything and he was so accurate with the information he was receiving. Totally amazing! I will definitely recommend Leo. Thank you Leo, and the part about the eyebrows showing the true color of hair wow i checked a picture and yep its definitely fair! Thanks again so much. -Sandee

I Feel Much Calmer and Focused. Thank you to Leo I feel much calmer and focused. A very accurate reading. It was lovely to hear a happy friendly voice. Blessings to you All. -J.K. UK

Can Describe People and Situations in Detail. I would like to thank LEO for all his guidance and readings. Leo has been very accurate and most of his predictions have happened on time. He quickly picks up on areas that I am concerned about and can describe people and situations in detail. -A.F. Aus

The Guidance Leo Brought Through Was Both Comforting and Useful for the Future. I had a reading with Leo recently that was fantastic. He was actually right at the end of his shift but very kindly agreed to stay on to do my reading and I am very glad he did. It was just what I needed given it was a very low point for me and I really did not feel hopeful for a positive change. While Leo asked me absolutely no questions, it was clear he connected on my current situation and the past events that had contributed to it. The guidance he brought through was both comforting and useful for the future. 100% I recommend Leo as a Reader. -E.H. U.A.E.

Grateful for Leo’s Connection with a Cousin. Thank you very much for my reading. It has helped a lot and I am so grateful for your connection with a cousin and her guidance. Thank you for your insight on my husband and daughter, you were spot on with them. Kind regards and light.  -L.J. UK

Definitely Be Asking for Another Reading. I have had two readings with Leo and he has been very very accurate I shall definitely be asking him for another reading in the future. I can highly recommend him. 

-T.S. UK

Received Loads of Wonderful Information. I just had a brilliant reading with Leo. He was clear, concise, and to the point. I received loads of wonderful information. You have an exceptional service. -J.G. UK

We Laughed We Cried, This Is One Reading I Will Never Forget… Today I was blessed in having a reading with Leo. Although I did ring up for other reasons, Leo picked up my late husband and said so many accurate things. Leo picked up that I was ringing about other subjects without me saying a word and I found my questions were answered promptly and with clarity with truth and heart, not what he thought I wanted to hear. Although I never originally spoke about my husband, this was the first thing he connected to. We laughed we cried, this is one reading I will never forget as he was straight to the point and so accurate. I have spoken to other mediums but Leo certainly did not waste time and was straight to the point. I would recommend this gentleman to anyone who really wants to know the truth and seeks peace of mind. I can`t thank Leo enough for what he actually did for me today. God Bless you Leo and yes you are in my prayers. Thank you so much. -L.P. Aus

Leo Put the Last Bit of the Jigsaw into Place. I have had many readings throughout the years with many different companies, your company is the very best. Leo put the last bit of the jigsaw into place, on a thought process I have been taking over the last few months, thank you Leo for helping me to think outside the box. Thank you also to all your other wonderful readers who have helped me to feel so supported. I send love and light to you all. -S.B. UK

For the First Time in 21 Years Someone Was Able to Connect with My Father. For the first time in 21 years someone was able to connect with my father. I knew it was my dad as Leo said things that only dad would say. It was an absolutely amazing reading and I am still overwhelmed. My father never believed in psychics and at the end of the reading Leo said “your dad doesn’t believe in all this but he wanted to come thru for you”. Thank you, Leo. -B.B. Aus

It’s Amazing! I Feel Like My Father Is Alive and with Me. I’ve had a couple readings with Leo and found it very difficult to believe the things he was telling me. To my amazement, everything he said has happened! He has always been consistent with his information and does not sugar coat the reading. He is patient, considerate and kind. It’s amazing, I feel like my father is alive and with me. The information he gets and the way he translates it to me, I know it is my father coming through. Thank you for your accurate insights and amazing mediumship. -S.B. UK

Brilliant and Incredibly Accurate. Leo was brilliant and incredibly accurate. I would highly recommend him! –S.B. UK

I Continue to Be Blown Away with His Accuracy. I have had to write with feedback from a reading that Leo did for me. He told me that something would happen regarding a situation at work, that would turn around. At the time this was totally out of the question, this happened within 24 hrs of me speaking with him, and another prediction he made happened 48hrs later.. Amazing, I continue to be blown away with his accuracy and the information that he gives. Thank you Leo! -M.C.C. UK

Everything You Said Happened. What a fab reading. Everything you said has happened! Just waiting for the, you know what Ha ha. Got three placements before Xmas and have got interviews in between Xmas and New Year just like you said. -M.CC. UK

Leo Works Purely with His Spirit Guides, He Is Accurate, and Very Much to the Point. I had a reading with Leo last night and it was fantastic! Leo works purely with his spirit guides, he is accurate, and very much to the point. He has validated exactly what other readers have told me! I would highly recommend Leo. Thank you Leo. -M.C.C. UK

Mind Blowing Accurate. I have had many readings with Leo over the years and he is very good. He is very kind and mind blowing accurate. -S.B. UK

Said Things He Could Not Possibly Know. I just had to ring to say that my mother had a reading with Leo and was blown away. She was skeptical before the start of the reading but, Leo said things he could not have possibly known. My mother is now at peace. -A.F. Aus

Absolutely Brilliant. My reading with Leo, was absolutely brilliant. -S.B. UK

I Was Blown Away at the Information That Was Coming Through in My Reading. My reading with Leo was amazing. He is a very sensitive reader and I was blown away at the information that was coming through in my reading, right down to word for word phrasing that my dad used. Thank you so much for this wonderful connection. –A.F. Aus

Leo’s Insight Was Amazing and You Obviously Work Very Closely with Spirit. Thank you so much for your wonderful reading Leo. What an incredible psychic you are and so very humble with it. Your insight was amazing and you obviously work very closely with spirit. Thank you so much again and bless you. -Kerry NZ

Lovely to Talk to Such a Warm and Empathetic Reader Who Gave Me Such Confidence in the Future I write with regard to the wonderful reading that I recently had with Leo. I have been looking for guidance as I am at present going through a difficult time in my life. Leo provided me with great reassurance that everything would turn out smoothly and that I would again be happy and settled. It was so lovely to talk to such a warm and empathetic reader who gave me such confidence in the future. I am at last beginning to see a way forward and this has proved very enlightening. A big thank you to Leo! With kind regards. -C.T. UK

Six Days Have Passed Since I Had the Reading, Issues That Leo Mentioned Have Happened! I had a reading with Leo. Leo felt that we weren’t connecting as I could not relate to what he was saying. Now that six days have passed since I had the reading, issues that Leo mentioned have happened. I thought he was an amazing reader and I’m looking forward to having another reading with him. -M.G. UK

Absolutely Amazing. My reading with Leo was absolutely amazing. -S H. UK

Fantastic and Spot On. Leo was a fantastic psychic. He was spot on and I will be calling to have a reading with him again. -N.T. Aus

Blown Away! I am continually `blown away` by the information I am being given by Leo. He is an amazing reader. -T.A.W. Aus 

Leo, You are My Star. Leo, You are my Star. Thank you for your help and guidance! -W.J.

Brought Some Comfort That Was Truly Needed. Just had a great reading with Leo, was able to pick information with anything from me amazing. Brought some comfort that was truly needed thank you. -T. Niles