SNU and your church Video.


I came along this… Very, very interesting. It concerns the SNU and your church. Who really is in control? I must state that I am acting in my own right here, as a very concerned person who can see that there is something very wrong going on.

Anyone who has true spiritualism in their heart would want the best for it, wouldnt they?

We all know that the standards of mediumship have dropped significantly and an organisation that claims to develop more mediums than any must surely on that claim bear some responsibility?

We all remember too, I hope, the ridiculous “Statements the SNU/Arthur Findlay College published in 2010” and the spat I had, and so many wrote in about and agreed with too. It was in Psychic News and ran I believe for about six weeks.

We know that churches have been closing, they have been for various reasons of course but, you may have noticed a theme… You will be very aware too of the Rochester church problem.

Spirit are fighting very hard to keep the church open, partly funded by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. It is not only a historic building because of that, but because of the multitude of very famous mediums that have demonstrated there. Pictures of levitation in daylight amongst them.

It is also a historic building in its own right and in a conservation area too.  You would think, wouldn’t you, that an organisation built from the ground up to promote spiritualism would have the vested interests of Spirit, Spiritualism and Spiritual people at heart wouldn’t you?

On that, you have to make up your own minds. I have as I mentioned, come across this link below. If you as a church member or a church under siege, or perhaps as a member that has had your church taken away from you, be interested in the video below.

It cites that the SNU tried to get the case dropped on the reasoning that what was happening was “Detrimental to the image of spiritualism”? I simply ask at this point, with what is going on perhaps in your church, perhaps you yourself as a medium that has come across it and I have heard of this from many, intimidation by the SNU, why do they not understand what is happening that they are also  acting “Detrimental to the image of spiritualism”?

I think that the former members of the Rochester Square church should reform, the church belongs to them. It does not matter that it has been wrenched from their grip. They owned it.

As the video explains, If someone buys a car and you register it, drive it, tax etc YOU DONT OWN IT. The person who bought it owns it and in this very important way the members, former members who were ousted, own the church. The SNU does not.

Perhaps we can suggest spirit and I, that the former members get together and assert their rights? After all, we all want whats best for spirit, don’t we?

Pass this video around. Look and listen carefully. Get your deeds back if the SNU holds them. If you have had what you consider to be extreme and unreasonable behaviour from the SNU when trying to act for your church or yourself as a medium, then this will be of interest to you. If you start to get new members in that alienate others and work to get on the committee then you may have a problem.

If for any reason you have a problem viewing this video, it seems to have been unavailable if you put in “corruption at the SNU” Rather than “ corruption at the Spiritualists Nation Union” which so many would do, Interesting huh? Then you can find it here. What you should know about the SNU.

Listen carefully. It has some great information that would surprise you. If you are especially in the midst of a struggle with the SNU.

I talk to and am contacted by many mediums there is so much disillusionment there. You may feel as I do that there is something terribly wrong. Last week, we had a chat on my radio show “The voice of spirit” gaining some insight as to what is happening to the beautiful Rochester Square church in Camden. Highly prized land in London. Fair to say worth a great deal of money.

You can download the episode.

You can also tune into on the 22nd of November (2017) to hear what is also being done from another point of view. We have a former President Helena Breen on the show. 10 – 12 pm GMT and 5 – 7 EST if you live in the USA. Callers will be welcome.

Light to all