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The Scole Experiment


New series of articles, written 
by Robin Foy

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Robin P. Foy and Sandra Foy

Robin Foy and his wife Sandra have the benefit of 41 years intimate involvement in the field of Psychic Research. This includes their prominent roles as Co-Founders (with Eileen Roberts) of the ISM Link of Home Circles in the 1980’s, together with the New Spiritual Science Foundation (during the Scole Experiment). Robin was also the sole Founder of the Noah’s Ark Society (to save, preserve, and spread international interest in Physical Mediumship) in 1990. Robin and Sandra both have unique specialist knowledge – and vast practical experience – of Physical Mediumship and its extremely rare phenomena. Such Physical Psychic Phenomena is very real, as it can be seen, heard, felt and witnessed by everybody present when it occurs during and Experimental Session. These real events can also be recorded and filmed for posterity when permission is given by the Guides and Spirit Teams of the Mediums and Experimental Groups concerned.


Article № 1.

The Scole Experiment and 
Energy-Based Physical Psychic Phenomena

by Robin Foy

All of us who live a physical life on this Earth are basically spirit personalities who temporarily inhabit a physical body. We all survive death when we return to our natural home – The Spirit World. That is a fact!

The possibility of communication between the Physical World, the Spirit World and ‘Other Dimensions’ (ET’s etc.) is also a fact – as we were able to prove during the Scole Experiment. I will shortly be adding articles to this site to describe the different phenomena that we experienced over the 5-year duration (and more than 1,000 hours of physical communication and phenomena) of this important (and now well-known) experiment.

However, the means of communication is a complex conundrum. It requires dedicated development between experimental groups such as the Scole Experimental Group, and Spirit Teams formed especially for the purpose of that development.

Mental Mediumship

There are basically two different forms of mediumship that are used for the purpose of communicating with spirit personalities. The first of these is known as ‘Mental Mediumship’, because communication occurs on a mental level. The medium, in that case, can mentally ‘see’ the communicating spirit personalities (clairvoyance) whilst the ‘sitters’ or ‘audience’ cannot. The medium simply passes on to the sitters what he – or she – is seeing. Likewise, the medium can ‘hear’ or ‘sense’ the communicating spirit personalities (clairaudience or clairsentience) whilst the ‘sitters’ or ‘audience’ cannot. Again, the medium passes on to the ‘sitters’ or ‘audience’ what he – or she – is hearing or sensing.

There are well over a million people around the world who have successfully developed ‘Mental Mediumship’ to the point where they are able to give off accurate and evidential messages from spirit personalities. Their development as mediums usually takes several years to perfect. This is the usual form of mediumship that the public are familiar with.

Physical Mediumship

Physical mediumship is totally different, and  these days, occurs in two separate ways. When physical phenomena takes place in a room, everybody present can see and hear it (plus sometimes interact physically with it). In other words, it is real – and can be witnessed by everybody.

Physical mediumship is – and has always been – very rare. From my own 40-year intimate knowledge and vast experience of this specialist subject, my belief is that there are less than one hundred fully developed physical mediums throughout the world today who are able demonstrate their physical phenomena publicly. Their development frequently requires absolute dedication over many years (with the exception of EVP, which can be developed by most people who are interested, and is a mild form of physical phenomena).

“Ectoplasm-based” Physical Mediumship

Physical phenomena takes place in two different ways. The first can be referred to as ‘ectoplasm-based’. This is the long accepted traditional way of producing physical phenomena that has occurred since at least 1848. It usually requires just one physical medium to enter a ‘trance state’. He or she is supported by a ‘Spirit Team’ who help to exude a physical substance known as ectoplasm (that is produced by ‘Spirit Scientists’ and ‘Technicians’ within the medium’s Spirit Team) from any (or every) natural orifice of the medium’s body whilst they are in a fully unconscious state (deep trance). The ‘Spirit Team’ is than able to use this physical substance to build up an animated facsimile of a spirit person’s physical body whilst on earth (which can be seen by everybody present – usually in a red light). This is known as ‘materialisation’. Likewise, the spirit team are able to build up the facsimile of a human larynx in mid-air out of the ectoplasm, which allows a spirit person to converse audibly with the ‘sitters’ or ‘audience’ in a way totally independent of the medium, and from a point in mid-air. This is known as ‘Independent Direct Voice’.

“Energy-based” Physical Mediumship

The second way that physical phenomena takes place can be referred to as an ‘energy-based’ way. This concept is more modern, and was partially pioneered by us, during the 1990’s, working together (and in cooperation) with our dedicated Spirit Team, during the Scole Experiment. Energy-based phenomena had been tried by spirit teams in the past (as far back as the 1920’s) but the spirit teams then had been unable to sustain it over a prolonged period. In this case, three types of natural energy are combined by the spirit team to form a ‘Creative Energy’. The creative energy can then be used by a Spirit Team to produce physical and real phenomena that can be witnessed by everybody.

Early “Energy-based” Physical Mediumship

One of the first circles that I am confident worked with their Spirit Team in an energy-based way, was the Clive Chapman circle in Dunedin, New Zealand, around 1926. Clive Chapman’s niece – the very young Pearl Judd – was the medium. The circle’s phenomena is recorded in Clive Chapman’s classic book ‘The Blue Room’. The circle enjoyed Independent Direct Voice in lighted conditions, but there was no hint or mention of ectoplasm; the medium was not entranced, and no ‘cabinet’ was used by the spirit team.

My first physical circle – in Leicester in the UK during the early to mid 1970’s – was the ‘Elmer Browne’ circle. The leader – Elmer (nicknamed ‘Bill’) – ran the circle using the same basic principles as those used by the Clive Chapman Circle, and achieved several examples of physical phenomena, many of which I witnessed. Bill discouraged trance amongst his sitters, and never used a ‘cabinet’, but there were examples of apports, partial materialisations and independent direct voice.

I am personally convinced that the physical circle run by Rita Goold in Leicester in the 1980’s (where materialisations were witnessed) was also an example of ‘energy-based’ phenomena. As was the ‘Streatham Theatre School Circle’ in the early 1990’s. Sandra and I attended that circle at their request for some months, and their phenomena was definitely ‘energy-based’. Nobody went into trance during sittings, and it was months before they had any idea of who the medium was!!!

At Scole, our spirit team carefully explained to us the ‘energy-based’ principles of achieving phenomena (and how these were different to the ‘ectoplasm-based’ methods, as they developed the different types of ‘energy-based’ phenomena for us, and then demonstrated these to us, as well as to those members of the public and scientists who shared some of our sessions with us. It was made very clear that all of the phenomena we witnessed at Scole was achieved in an ‘energy-based’ way.

“Trans-Dimensional Portal”

‘Materialisations’, however, were different in this case, when created in an ‘energy-based’ way. A ‘Trans-Dimensional Portal’ was created by the ‘Spirit Scientists’; ‘Spirit Technicians’ and ‘Spirit Engineers’ in the room, and the etheric bodies of spirit personalities who visited the Scole Group were ‘teleported’ into the room (in a similar way to that which was used in the fictional TV series ‘Startrek’. Once present amongst the ‘sitters’ or ‘audience’, these spirit persons were – with the help of the spirit team technicians – able to mentally increase the ‘density’ of their etheric bodies (using the creative energy that had been produced) until they were partially or wholly solid.

This same ‘energy-based’ Spirit World Technology has since been used very successfully by other groups after the ‘Scole Experiment’ finished. Notably, the ‘Freedom of Spirit’ group in Glasgow, Scotland, whose physical phenomena was quite amazing when Sandra and I experienced it several years later. Other Physical Circles today are developing their phenomena in a similar ‘energy-based’ way.

In the articles to follow, I will go into detail about the unique phenomena we experienced as members of the ‘Scole Experimental Group’.

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