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The Scole Experiment


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Article № 6.

 The 5 Ways in which we Communicated Directly with Our Spirit Team at Scole

5 different methods of Communication we enjoyed with our
Spirit Team and ‘Drop-In’ Spirit Communicators
during the ‘The Scole Experiment’.

by Robin Foy

Germanium TDC Receptor

1. Method:   Deep Trance

      This form of communication was the most common one used during the whole of the Scole Experiment. From the moment we had our very first direct communications with members of the ‘Scole Spirit Team’ and ‘Drop-In’ Spirit Communicators, this form of communication happened at EVERY sitting thereafter. Both of the Scole Mediums – Alan and Diana Bennett – would fall into deep trance almost as soon as each individual session started, and would remain in that altered state until the very end of the sitting.

    Personal voices with accurate regional accents via mediums Larynx! 

During this Deep Trance State of the mediums, the various Spirit Communicators would speak – each in their own individual and personal voices (which never varied from sitting to sitting) that included accurate regional accents (and occasionally foreign languages) – through the human larynx of the medium concerned. This happened both with Alan, through whom ‘Patrick’, ‘Raji’, ‘William’, ‘Edward’, ‘Joseph’, ‘Edwin’ and others would regularly converse, and with Diana, through whom ‘Manu’, ‘Hoo’, ‘Emily Bradshaw’ and several others communicated with us all the time.

    Information extremely ‘evidential’ to each of us

Throughout every session, members of the ‘Spirit Team’ remained ‘In Situ’, constantly chatting happily with us as though they were physically with us; making observations as to what phenomena would occur next (and inevitably did!); issuing instructions wherever necessary for a specific experiment; generally ‘compering’ every sitting or giving us a ‘running commentary’ on what was happening behind the scenes and – in the case of Emily Bradshaw, additionally providing us with amazing personal ‘Evidence’ of ‘Life After Death’, with fantastic and clinically accurate details from our own friends and ‘Loved Ones’ in the Spirit World; details – that is – that were totally unknown to either of the mediums, but proved to be extremely ‘evidential’ to each of us.

The other methods of communication we developed in co-operation with our ‘Spirit Team’ often occurred together with, or at the same time as the trance conversations.

    2. Method:   Extended Voice

     This was the first type of different communication phenomena that was developed by the Spirit Team, and was – to describe it accurately – a ‘Spin-Off’ from the trance messages we were already receiving. The ‘Extended Voice’ was unique, and – as a seasoned researcher – I had never come across instances of it before, although it has since been developed by other Physical Circles and Experimental Groups. At Scole, we witnessed this form of communication on January 24th, 1994. The first Spirit Communicator to use it was ‘Edward’ and – to begin with – it seemed that his voice was coming from mid-air, and that it might have been a form of ‘Independent Voice’. ‘Raji’ explained to us, however, that – in fact – this was not an Independent ‘Energy Voice’, but had been achieved in a totally different way.

         We named it:  “The Extended Voice Phenomena”

The ‘Spirit Team’ was using the medium’s (Alan’s) own vocal chords for communication, just as they did in normal trance conversation. The medium’s vocal organs were actually being physically ‘stretched’ or ‘extended’ in a psychic way by the Spirit Team to a point well outside his body, from where we could hear the voice as though it was coming directly from his larynx. As none of us had ever come across this form of communication before, we named it ‘The Extended Voice Phenomena’. Shortly after this first successful attempt to speak to us in this way, several other ‘Drop-In’ communicators such as ‘Arnold’ and ‘White Cloud’ practised the technique until they were perfect in using it.

    “The Extended Voice Phenomena”… coming from WITHIN the walls…

Interestingly, once the ‘Extended Voice Phenomena’ had been perfected by the ‘Spirit Team’, its effect on the listener reminded us of the illusion that a Ventriloquist is able to ‘throw their voice’, as our ‘Extended Voice’ in Scole could come from different parts of the room – moving from one place to another instantaneously and even, occasionally, coming from WITHIN the walls!

    The Voice is still coming from the larynx of the Ventriloquist!

However, our phenomena all occurred in total darkness, and a Ventriloquist is NOT (in fact) actually able to literally ‘throw their voice’, as happened during our sessions. A Ventriloquist needs the light to perpetrate their illusion – and the presence of a ‘Dummy’ to distract the attention of the audience with its moving mouth to make them believe that the sound is coming from the mouth of the dummy whilst – in reality – the voice is still coming from the larynx of the Ventriloquist!

3. Method:   Independent Energy Voices

     In the case of ‘Ectoplasmic-Based’ Physical Psychic Phenomena, the ‘Independent Direct Voice’ is regarded as the ‘Crème de la Creme’ of communication with the Spirit World; the ULTIMATE form of communication since it is heard totally independently from – and in a different location to – the Medium themselves. Where ‘Independent Direct Voice’ is achieved in an ‘Ectoplasmic-Based’ way, the Spirit Team of the Medium creates the replica of a human larynx out of ectoplasm in mid-air. This ‘Voicebox’ is connected to the medium by means of an ectoplasmic umbilical-style cord (or psychic rod) of ectoplasm. When activated by a Spirit Team, the Independent Voice created within the replica larynx is heard clearly, coming from the replica larynx. Because the source of the voice is totally independent from the physical medium (and bypasses the human larynx of the medium), it normally sounds similar – or identical to the voice of the Spirit Communicator during their Earth Life. My own experience of this type of independent communication is quite vast, and I was fortunate enough to have some 25 private sittings with the famous Voice Medium – Leslie Flint, during his latter years.

    Voice-Box produced by blend of 3 different Natural Energy as “Creative Energy”

The ‘Independent Energy Voices’ we developed in cooperation with our ‘Scole Spirit Team’ sounded very similar to those that are produced through the mediumship of an ‘Ectoplasmic-Based’ Physical Medium such as Leslie Flint. The name we gave it itself reflects the fact that it was certainly not the same in its production or operation. The difference was in the ‘mechanics’ and ‘technicalities’ of the Voice production. Our ‘Energy Voices’, like those of Leslie Flint, for instance, were also heard from a source in mid-air (although frequently moving about the room instantaneously from one place to another, ‘jumping’ up to 20 feet whilst doing so), but there was NO ectoplasm whatsoever involved in the process. The voicebox – in the case of Scole, was produced by the use of ‘Creative Energy’ – a blend of three different sorts of natural energy that – once created by our Spirit Team – could then be used to produce all sorts of different physical phenomena. Since there was NO umbilical-style cord connecting our mediums to the source of the voices, the content of the messages and conversations delivered in this way was as pure and original as possible in the way that it was delivered, without physically passing through either of the mediums.

    Energy-based phenomena in few months contra Ectoplasm during many years

Typically, when developed by a single medium (such as Leslie Flint) in the ‘Ectoplasm-Based’ way in the past, the time taken for the ‘Independent Voice’ to be perfected by a Spirit Team has been in the region of 10 to 15 years. In this modern era, extremely dedicated weekly sittings by a single medium and their supporting ‘Circle’ (as has always been necessary for this wonderful type of communication) is very difficult to achieve, because of the drastic changes to our lifestyle in the 21st Century. However, with the newer ‘Energy-Based’ phenomena such as we helped to pioneer at Scole, we discovered that the period necessary for the development of Physical Phenomena is much less. Our Spirit Team told us that good results could be achieved in ‘just months’, rather than the ‘years’ needed for the Ectolasmic-Based method. They went on to prove that point to us, with the demonstration of amazing phenomena right from the start. The real ‘Breakthrough’ came on July 3rd 1995 (less than two years after our first ‘proper’ physical phenomena’.

    Clear and Audible Independent Generated Energy Voices

We were treated to our first clear and audible independently generated ‘Energy Voices’ that we heard coming from mid-air near the ceiling, and from various other places in the room. During the session that night, there were at least three (and possibly four) Spirit Communicators with different voices and accents, who addressed us in this way. The first attempts were quite faint until the communicators got used to this new process. But then – when they got the hang of it – there was no stopping them!!! The first voice – giving his name as ‘John’ levitated the ‘Tupperware’ pot that was sitting on our central table, and started to speak into it. This made his voice louder, clearer and more audible; giving it extra ‘depth’, and ‘John’ said he would tell the other communicators to do likewise. The second voice introduced himself as ‘Jimmy’, and admitted to us that it was his whistles we had occasionally heard in before whilst we were sitting. he treated us to a series of melodic ‘whistles’ to prove his point. As these, and other ‘Energy Voices’ spoke to us, they also gave us a running commentary of their actions, such as: ‘I am standing on the table’ or ‘I know where the chair is – I’ll sit down!’ or ‘I am now sitting down’ or ‘I am just going to ring the bells’ etc.

    Many “Drop-In” Spirit Communicators

Every different type of phenomena that was developed for us by the Spirit Team and witnessed at Scole had its own ‘department’ of the Spirit Team with ‘experts’ on a particular subject who were involved in the work. After the first demonstration of the ‘Energy Voices’, this method of communication with us went from strength to strength with rapid progress. It was not long before the voices were loud and clear enough without the need for the ‘Tupperware’ pot. Over the weeks and months ahead, dozens of ‘Drop-In’ spirit communicators came to talk to us via the ‘Independent Energy Voices’, and we made lots of new Spirit Friends at Scole. Eventually, we regularly had the privilege of speaking to and conversing with a Spirit personality who was called Reg Lawrence. He had been an engineer in his lifetime, and rapidly became our own resident ‘Expert’ communicator where the ‘Energy Voices’ were concerned. Whenever speaking to guests at our public demonstrations, Reg became a real ‘character’ who kept everybody (and especially the ladies!!) laughing during the sittings.

On May 31st 1996, one of the ‘Energy-Voices’ conversed with two German guests who were sitting with us at Scole in perfect and fluent German, as our guests were able to testify afterwards. Neither of the mediums knew the language, and out of the rest of the Scole Group, there was only me who had a very simple and basic knowledge of the language. Furthermore, I am far from fluent myself!

4. Method:   Conversations through a Tape Recorder

     This new method of direct communication with our Spirit Team was – as far as I am aware – exclusive to the ‘Scole Experimental Group’ at the time. When it first manifested, it did seem a bit ‘bizarre’ to us, but we soon realised the potential for ‘Evidence’ that existed in this direct method of communication with us, as there was no connection whatsoever to either of the mediums, or to the rest of the Scole Group.

     ‘Edison’ department of the Spirit Team conducting experiments

On February 14th 1997 (St. Valentine’s Day) we experienced a very odd phenomena. As usual, I was using a cheap and simple cassette tape recorder to play the background music during the session when, all of a sudden, screeches and weird noises started to come from the cassette tape player. My first thought was that the tape player was about to malfunction (or possibly even burn itself out!!), but our Spirit Team member ‘Edwin’ – who was in situ at the time – told us that what was actually happening, in fact, was that the ‘Edison’ department of the Spirit Team were experimenting here with yet another form of communication. The weird sounds constituted an attempt to speak directly to us (although they were difficult to understand), but the German Engineer who was sitting with us explained that the frequency of this communication was only a little out of synchronisation.

    Spirit Team’s successful result of speaking through amplifier of a tape-recorder

Despite this, the first effort by the Spirit Team was sustained, and lasted over a half hour in total. Interestingly, although (at the request of the Spirit Team) I had turned down the volume of the background music to its lowest level, the volume of the attempted communication remained the same. For weeks afterwards, the Spirit Team continued to work on the ‘Conversation through a Cassette Tape Recorder’ experiment, but it was not until 6th July 1997 that this special Communication experiment was totally successful. During that session – a public session with 11 guests – and a short while into the sitting, odd noises were heard coming from amplifier of the cassette tape recorder. These developed into slight whispers that were not understandable because they were too faint. All the delegates were, however, able to hear these attempts and – not long afterwards, we started to hear the odd word clearly, through the amplifier of the recorder.

    Silicon chip was the point of entry for Spirits

Emily Bradshaw asked guest Peter Smith to speak up and encourage the voice that was coming out of the cassette machine, which he then did. This really helped, as the male voice became totally clear and audible. Peter recognised the communicator’s voice immediately, and a worthwhile conversation between the two ensued. Peter then confirmed later that it was his father-in-law, who had passed to Spirit just a few months before. Further voices communicated after this first Spirit ‘Visitor’, and the communication was sustained for a very long time. Other communicators were recognised by our guests. One of the Spirit communicators explained to us that the Silicon chip in the tape recorder was their ‘point of entry’, and that they were finding this mode of communication easier at this point.

    German Spirit lady spoke through the amplifier of a cassette tape recorder

At a seminar  for German people in Dublin, Ireland on 27th July 1997, a young German Spirit lady spoke to us quite clearly in German through the amplifier of a cassette tape recorder run on batteries, with its microphone removed. The Spirit lady then played us some music from Spirit that sounded as though it was being played on either Pan Pipes or a Block Flute.

5. Method:   The TDC (Trans-Dimensional Communication) Device

     Of all the different types of communication with our Spirit Team we enjoyed throughout the whole of the Scole Experiment, this method was the most amazing, and was quite unique to the Scole Experimental Group at that time. Whilst the device and its original design has since been copied many times by enthusiastic researchers and experimental groups, I have never yet heard of any of these groups successfully receiving similar results to those we achieved at Scole in cooperation with our beloved Spirit Team.

TDC Device

The Trans-Dimensional Communication (TDC) device Thomas Edison portrayed on unopened 35mm Polaroid Film.

     The Trans-Dimensional Communication (TDC) device was portrayed for us on an unopened 35mm Polaroid Film by Thomas Edison (in Spirit), who added his initialled signature ‘TAE’ to the schematic of the device he drew for us on the film. When this initialled signature was checked by the three SPR scientists (who sat regularly with the Scole Group for some time) against a similar initialled signature obtained from the ‘Edison Institute’ in the USA on a copy of a Memo Edison wrote in 1926 during his lifetime, the initialled signature proved to be virtually identical to that on the film we had received psychically by way of physical photographic phenomena.

Thomas Edison signature on unopened 45mm Polaroid Film.

TDC Film

Copy of a Memo Thomas Edison wrote in 1926 during his lifetime.

TDC Thomas Edison Signs

Thomas Edison spoke directly, via TDC, to the Scole Group.

Thomas Alva Edison

Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931)

We basically had a technically-minded friend build the device for us (just a little larger than the average matchbox), using two coils and a germanium chip, as per the schematic on the film which d been drawn for us by Edison. It took many months of sitting with the device (which was connected into the microphone socket of a cheap cassette tape recorder to utilise its amplifiers; and therefore clearly hear the results) during Scole Group sessions to achieve even a ‘white noise’ background effect, and many more months before we started to receive excellent and positive results. Eventually, and on many occasions afterwards, we were treated to clear, loud audio messages reaching us through the TDC. The very first clear message (which we naturally recorded!!) lasted almost 15 minutes, and was spoken by Thomas Alva Edison himself, directly to the Scole Experimental Group!!!

    Entities from “Other Demensions” spoke directly to the Scole group via TDC.

What was interesting (and unique) as time passed and the TDC device was successfully used more and more, was the fact that not only did we receive clear, concise messages in this way from the Spirit World itself, but also, we started to receive more and more audio messages from personalities who were from ‘Other Dimensions’ (including some from various geographical points in Space throughout the universe). The specialist ‘Communication Department’ of the Scole Spirit Team’ who worked exclusively with this TDC device created a ‘grid’ situation, where messages from ‘Other Dimensions’ could be passed between (whilst also being enhanced) different ‘Way Stations’, who would frequently refer to their own link in the chain as ‘Delta 1’; ‘Foxtrot 5’ or ‘Gamma 3’, amongst other names.


‘Inter-Dimensional-Oral-Language-Interpretation-System’  (I.D.O.L.I.S.)

Communicators from these ‘Other Dimensions’ would normally speak with ‘robotic’ voices. This, we learned, was because the ‘Technical Wizards’ who had devised the TDC had incorporated an I.D.O.L.I.S. system into the network. I.D.O.L.I.S. stands for ‘Inter-Dimensional-Oral-Language-Interpretation-System’. This meant that whatever language was being input into the TDC network by the relevant communicator (and especially those from Outer Space) could be heard by us to be speaking in English – albeit of a mechanical nature.

    Science spend “Billions” to try, while Scole have conversations with Spirits and ET’s 

Germanium TDC Receptor

We were often highly amused by the thought of these communications from ‘Other Dimensions’, when we considered the ‘Billions’ of Dollars being spent by the scientific community all over the world to ‘listen’ for messages from other worlds. In the meantime, here we were at Scole, with a cheap device and cheap amplifier, sharing real-life clear communications and conversations with beings, both from the Spirit World, and from ‘Other Dimensions’, on a regular basis.

    Rachmaninov played special piece of music for “Monty” Keen through the TDC device.

Veronica And Montague Keen

Mrs. Veronica and Montague Keen.

At the very last session we shared with the three SPR Investigators, on August 16th 1997, A special treat was arranged by the Spirit Team for Monty Keen. He had never told his colleagues (let alone us) that he had a special “ce heart” for a piece of Rachmaninov piano music. Nevertheless, Spirit knew about this, and during the session, the ‘dead’ composer Rachmaninov played this special piece of music on the piano (through the TDC device) for Monty himself, and he was able to take the recording away.

Sergej Rachmaninov

Sergej Rachmaninov (1873-1943)

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