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The Scole Experiment


Article № 5

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Article № 5.

 Levitation during
The Scole Experiment

by Robin Foy

One of the most basic types of physical phenomena that occurs in most successful experimental groups and circles fairly early on in their development (and through both the ectoplasmic-based method and the energy-based method) is Levitation. During the Scole Experiment, between 1993 and 1998, once it started to occur during our experimental sessions, it became a regular part of the phenomena we experienced at Scole.

The first indication at all of Levitation occurred on April 26th 1993. At that time, none of us was remotely aware that our Spirit Team intended to work with the Scole Group in a ‘different’ way from the traditional ‘ectoplasmic’ Modus Operandi that had been used and recognised in modern Psychic Research since 1848 (when Modern Spiritualism came into being). Furthermore, we had not had ANY controlled communications whatsoever from our Spirit Team and in the early days – like most developing physical phenomena groups – we included an aluminium séance trumpet in our sittings, which we stood upright on our central table.

    Gentle controlled movement of Seance Trumpet

During the sitting on Monday 26th April – in the middle of our session – the séance trumpet fell off the central table onto the floor, without any of us touching it. The following week, on May 3rd, the trumpet fell off the table again. This time, however, its movement was slower and gentler than the previous week. When the trumpet gently landed on the lap of one of the sitters, it was obvious to us all that its ‘flight’ had been carefully controlled by Spirit. And so began the physical phenomena of the Scole Experimental Group!!

Scole Equipment 1

It was actually during the Scole session on December 13th 1993 – by which time we had full and constant communi-cation from our Spirit Team – that we were told that the pheno-mena which was being developed in the Scole Experimental Group by our Spirit Team was to be of a ‘Pioneering’ nature, and that every-thing we were witness-ing was produced in an ‘energy-based’ way. There would be NO ectoplasm used by Spirit in our Group.

Trumpet movement by Mental Energy

Having explained to us that our developing phenomena at Scole was to be pioneered and produced in the ‘energy-based’ way, it was at this same session in December 1993 that our Spirit Team went on to demonstrate their amazing versatility with Levitation that was controlled ONLY with energy. This started when the ‘trumpet’ gracefully moved off the central table (we were able to chart and follow its progress in the darkness by virtue of the luminous bands round both its narrow and wide ends), and floated gently up to the ceiling. The trumpet then went on to circumnavigate the whole room with ease. We were told by the Team that its movements were being controlled mentally by two young Spirit People. Certainly the complicated manoeuvres it was achieving appeared to be amazingly skilled – and not restricted in any way. In all, the trumpet stayed aloft for a full 8 minutes before it completed its perambulations by passing through the legs of the entranced Alan’s chair and legs before being placed back – carefully, softly and accurately – in an upright (and identical) position on the table, within the outline drawn on the table to mark where it originally stood.

        Spirit-energy = Free course and manoeuvre

The complicated manoeuvres that it had made during its movements showed how free its course had been. When levitation of a trumpet is achieved through the ‘ectoplasmic-based’ method, the levitated object is generally held aloft by a ‘pseudopod’ (an ectoplasmic ‘gripper’) on the end of an ectoplasmic psychic ‘rod’. The ectoplasmic rod is at all times still connected to the deeply entranced medium like an umbilical cord, and is not versatile enough to weave in, out, round and through a myriad of obstacles in the same way we had just witnessed here at Scole.

        No more “Ectoplasmic” phenomena needed!

Having thus demonstrated their ability to levitate a séance trumpet, our Spirit Team told us that – now a regular ‘ectoplasmic’ phenomena of ‘Trumpet Levitation’ had been duplicated for us to witness in an ‘energy-based’ way – they wanted (in the Scole Group) to move away entirely from the idea of ‘ectoplasm’ and its accepted phenomena. For the future, they explained, we were to shortly dispense with a ‘trumpet’ altogether in the Group, as it would not be used again after their next demonstration during our experimental work. Other pieces of useful equipment would – from time to time – be requested by the Spirit Team, often for specific experiments. For the purposes of their immediate needs and levitation experiments, we were asked to make some alterations, such as supplying them with lightweight ‘ping pong’ balls; balsa wood cube; small box covered with silver foil, and cardboard tubes such as were found in the middle of kitchen rolls, each with small luminous tabs to identify their movements in the dark.

    Entranced Medium, Alan Bennett levitated 180 degrees

As a one-off, on December 27th 1993, our medium Alan, whilst deeply entranced, was silently levitated in his chair, and turned round by a full 180 degrees. So silent was this levitation, that it was not until the lights were restored at the end of the session that we realised this had happened. It would not have been possible for the medium to have instigated this movement himself without all of us having heard it at the time.

    Gracefully controlled movements!

On January 3rd 1994, our heavy central table was levitated to a height of about one foot off the ground; tilted, then moved right around the circle before coming to rest. For a final time in the Group, the ‘trumpet’ levitated for a considerable period of time. Its movements were extremely graceful, and completely controlled. In fact, this megaphone-like object visited EVERY part and corner of the room on its travels, instantaneously striking the high-up hanging string of cowbells in the room the moment we suggested that it might do that. Travelling right up to the highest part of the ceiling on several occasions, the ‘trumpet’ then lightly touched group members as it passed them by. This display finally finished when ‘Goodbye kisses’ were heard to be blown to the excited sitters through this now ‘redundant’ piece of equipment.

    Levitated camera takes photos and wind itself 

For many weeks afterwards, the Spirit Team experimented successfully – levitating and manipulating the objects we had provided, as well as a tambourine which one of the sitters had brought along. However, there was a significant development with the Levitation of a 35mm camera on February 28th 1994. We had (at the instigation of the Spirit Team) brought a fully loaded 35mm camera into the ‘Scolehole’ (our nickname for the cellar in which our sessions took place). One of the sitters held the camera, and a Spirit Light ‘posed’ in front of her. Bernette took a couple of pictures of this ‘posing’ Light in total darkness. She then placed the camera back on the wooden chair beside her where the Spirit Team had requested she should leave it. Shortly afterwards, the camera was heard to levitate from the chair. It then heard to move around the room in total darkness, taking pictures by itself and winding itself on until the full roll of 35mm film had been used up.

    Spirits continue to take pictures with stunning results!

When the 35mm film was developed the next day, the results were startling. So much so that it was difficult at first to believe that they were actually from our film!! The first shot, however, did confirm that it was ours, as when we loaded films to use in our sessions, we always took a picture out of the window to use as a standard picture, and there were two great pictures of the Spirit Light. Additionally, there were a further 11 frames on the film depicting all sorts of different subjects. On March 28th, we put two loaded 35mm cameras on spare chairs whilst we sat. Again, these were levitated, and proceeded to take pictures by themselves and wind themselves on. When developed, each of these films contained 11 pictures of different subjects all over the world.

    Central table levitates at “Rocket speed”, in a split second!

At this same session, the heavy central table levitated from floor to ceiling in just a split second! This happened so quickly, it almost seemed as though the table had rockets on it! Although quick, this had been accomplished totally silently, and we were only able to observe it by virtue of the luminous tabs that were firmly attached to the underside of the table. Finally, after a period of more than 10 minutes, the table gently descended to earth in front of our very eyes – in a movement that was quite obviously totally and carefully controlled by the Spirit Team who controlled it. Similar examples of Levitation continued regularly during our sittings. On April 24th 1995, a chair was levitated and placed on our central table – astride the Glass Dome we used for our experiments. Furthermore, a ‘teleported’ Spirit Child SAT on the chair. All without any noise, or any damage to our expensive Glass Dome!!

    First time Independent Direct “Energy Voice”

On July 3rd 1995, we experienced the first proper example of an Independently Generated ‘Energy Voice’. For this to be achieved, we had started to put a small, round, open Tupperware pot on our central table, at the request of the Spirit Team. The Tupperware pot was levitated by the Spirit Team, and the Energy voices were generated within the Tupperware pot, as they spoke to us from mid-air. When each communication finished, the Tupperware pot was gently replaced by the Spirit Team on the central table. It was explained to us that the Team were using the levitated Tupperware pot to concentrate the Creative Energy in so they could enhance the volume.

    Spinning table at great speed without crystals on moved…

Perhaps the most spectacular example of Levitation we experienced during the Scole Experiment occurred during our public sittings in the USA in 1997, in Los Angeles, California. At several of our sessions there, the central table we were using had a selection of no less than 5 crystals (including our ‘Travelling  Crystal’ set out on its surface. The central table was levitated, turned on its side, and spun round like a cartwheel for two minutes or so, before being gently righted and softly returned to earth. Whilst the ‘spinning’ had taken place at great speed, EVERY item was in its right place at the end of the session, and NOT ONE of the crystals had fallen off!!!  Amazing!!!

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